February 2020
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Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. —Psalm 127:3
Leap Year Party | February 29
It’s a leap year, we have an extra day, so let’s spend it partying together! The Brenner’s will be hosting a Leap Year Party at their home on February 29.

Make sure to save the date.
29 Ways to Say I Love You
Leap Year fun! Simple ideas to infuse love into your family - one for each day of the month!

I do not believe you can over-love people. Sometimes it’s quiet and subtle, and other times it’s loud and, in my case, obnoxious. The ever-inspiring Bob Goff, author of Love Does, says, “Do not save up love like you’re trying to retire on it. Give it away like you are made of it.”

These 29 gestures are simply fun, memorable ways to infuse love into your family. Combine them with quiet, intimate moments of intentionality to fill your loved ones’ love tanks this month.

  1. Tell your children how much you absolutely adore being their mommy.
  2. Enter your child’s world for an afternoon. Let him teach you how to master Minecraft or perfect a cartwheel.
  3. Prioritize one-on-one time letting them know you adore being with them.
  4. Refer to your husband or wife as your boyfriend or girlfriend in front of your children. Watch them giggle.
  5. Leave love notes for your children on their pillows.
  6. When you are in the line to drop your child off at school, keep driving. Have a parent/child day doing all of your favorite things.
  7. Do something out of the ordinary with your child.
  8. Have your children write a list of what they love about their siblings, then exchange lists.
  9. Playfully tackle your little ones and smother them in kisses.
  10. Throw in some tickles for some extra fun (even if they are “too cool”).
  11. Look your loved ones in the eyes every time they speak.
  12. Accept their tea party invites.
  13. Talk about unconditional love. Explain that nothing your children ever do can make you love them any more or less than you do now.
  14. Leave “I love you” sticky notes in unexpected places.
  15. Call your mom or grandma, and thank her for the ways she has been a role model for you.
  16. Show up at school unexpectedly with a special lunch treat.
  17. Give them random “sneak attack” hugs.
  18. Have a girls’ day with your daughter and get your fingernails painted together.
  19. Leave sweet notes around your child’s room for them to discover.
  20. Share bed time “heart to hearts”. Climb into bed with them and say, let’s talk a bit. Let them ramble about anything and everything that crosses their mind.
  21. Tell your kids funny stories about when they were babies.
  22. When your child is talking back, model gentleness, kindness, grace and, most of all, love.
  23. Leave an encouraging note on your spouse’s laptop.
  24. Add a memorable touch to activities you are already doing together. 
  25. Suddenly stop everything and have a dance party.
  26. Send text messages throughout the day that each start with, “I love you because …”
  27. Ask your child what specific thing she would like you to do or say to fill her love tank.
  28. Send notes in their lunchboxes so they know you are thinking about them and excited to see them again.
  29. Love extravagantly, even when it’s hard - whether through a gentle whisper or heartfelt action.