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Safety Tip: Assured Electrical Grounding Program & Quarterly Testing & Inspections
Each quarter, a new color code is provided to mark electrical tools and equipment after testing, inspections and evaluation for electrical safety and/or hazards. Use today's color code guide and ToolBox Talk to train, inspect and ensure safety at your job sites and for all employees.
Many transitioning service members and veterans find apprenticeships offer a pathway to a great career with competitive wages. 

As employers, consider an apprentice program to assist with hiring and training for your workforce. For more information click HERE
Grappling with the maze of marijuana laws and your company policy? On this episode, Bill Judge of Drug Screening Compliance Institute talks about considerations for employers to create and enforce drug-testing policies that are consistent with the laws in all of the states in which they operate – as well as best practices for addressing safety-sensitive roles.
AGC Awards & Recognition Programs
You've already earned it. Apply to the industry's most prestigious awards programs and get the recognition you deserve.
AGC's awards programs recognize the nation's most pioneering projects as well as talented and community-minded contractors, innovative and successful AGC chapters, student chapter achievement, and contractors implementing outstanding safety programs.  Awards include:
  • Construction Innovation Awards
  • Build America Awards
  • Safety Excellence
  • Construction Safety Professional of the Year
  • Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence Award
  • Diversity & Inclusion
Click below to read about the opportunities. Most deadlines are October 24th!
Managing Subcontractors: BEST PRACTICES
Working with subcontractors is an integral part of being a contractor. Depending upon your business model, project type and scope, your workload may be primarily handled by subcontractors, or they may only perform limited and specialized tasks. In any case, when the work is complete, the client and the ultimate beneficiaries of the project will not differentiate self-performed work from subcontracted. Because of this, your reputation and level of perceived success and quality of the project is directly linked to the success of your subs.
In a perfect world, we would all be blessed with subcontracting partnerships where issues are few and far between. But your world may not be quite that perfect. If you are having issues with your current subs or you are moving into an unfamiliar market, what can you do to garner a more predictable level of success with them?
One approach is to consider how you would potentially remedy an underperforming subcontractor, and then work backwards from there, making those tasks part of your standard approach to your relationships with all of your subcontractors. What follows are some of today’s best practices to consider.
2022 Texas AGC Wage & Compensation Benefits Survey - Now Available!
The AGC survey covers the Austin, Houston, TEXO (Dallas and Fort Worth), Southeast Texas, and West Texas chapters' contractor firms and it is conducted by a 3rd party firm, Lane, Gorman, Trubitt, PLLC.
This year, there are 33 survey participants covering 1,707 employees in 41 positions. Austin is represented by 5 companies, Central Texas (Waco) is represented by 3, Houston by 9, West Texas by 1, and TEXO (DFW) by 15. Of the 33 participants, 18 are General Contractors, 13 are Subcontractors and 2 are Other.
Survey Result Details Include:
·   Revenue & Employment Data 
·   Salary Administration
·   Salary Ranges
·   Formal Merit Budget & Increases
·   College Graduate Hiring Rates
·   Retirement Plans
·   Automobile Allowance
·   Medical & Dental Coverage
·   Vacation & PTO
·   Holidays
Cost for a copy of the final survey results is $250 for participating firms, and
$650 for non-participants. Contact Cassie Hughes at West Texas AGC to purchase a copy.
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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Forum
October 12, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT
Value of Telling a Story - Construction Marketing for
Business Growth
October 26, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT
Save Time & Money this Fall AGC Edge Virtual Training
Whether you're an HR & training manager looking to unlock the full potential of your team or a go-getter striving to take the next step in your construction career, AGC Edge has you covered.
From BIM and Lean Construction to supervisor training and more, AGC's virtual courses provide the same high-quality learning experience and expert instruction as in-person programs.
New dates are added on a regular basis. Be sure to check out the virtual training hub to find a course that fits with your project calendar.
Take a bold and visible step towards creating a diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive construction industry.
Commit & lead the way.

Further your commitment to Culture of CARE by participating in the 2022 Construction Inclusion Week, October 17-21, 2022!
Each day there is a theme for your company to plan activities around. Culture of CARE is supporting Construction Inclusion Week by offering Culture of CARE-specific resources for pledged companies to utilize each day. Resources for your company to utilize during the 2022 Construction Inclusion Week can be found at www.constructioninclusionweek.com.

Use Construction Inclusion Week to continue building on efforts by your company to create a Culture of CARE where everybody feels valued, safe, welcome and included.
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