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Safety Tip: Drywall Safety

Today's weekly safety tip in both English and Spanish provides guidance and reminders for new and experienced drywall workers from lifting, working in teams, housekeeping, when to where masks, etc.

Make weekly safety meetings a part of your
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The New Year
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We are looking forward to a terrific year with you as our members in 2023!

Each member company was recently mailed a notice requesting Data Update information in order for the West Texas Chapter to have correct information for contacts, email addresses, mailing addresses etc. Please recomplete and return your company information as soon as possible.

A reminder that the chapter is transitioning to electronic invoices. Please verify we have the correct email to receive invoices or if mailed invoices are preferred, let us know that preference. Thank you for your membership. Together we make a strong industry for our communities.
Top 12 Trends in the Construction Industry for 2023
These construction industries will make a big impact in 2023. Find out what you need to know about them now.

Staying abreast of the trends in construction industry discussions can help decision-makers more effectively respond to changes and limit the associated disruptions of major shifts. Keeping informed of what’s new is also an excellent way to maintain competitiveness in an ever-challenging industry.

Many innovations in the construction industry require people to go outside their comfort zones and use new technologies and tools. Doing things differently often causes anxiety in the beginning. However, when business leaders know their peers have gotten great results with updated methods, they’ll be more open to following suit. Here are some of the most prominent construction industry trends that will shape 2023. 
2023 Construction Trends: 23+ Experts Share Insight
This past year has been an interesting one for the construction folks, to say the least. In 2022, we kicked off strong with four consecutive months of increased construction spending. However, supply chain bottlenecks, inflation, and labor shortages all remained significant challenges for the construction industry. A 2022 study by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Autodesk found that 93% of construction firms have unfilled positions. 
Challenges will certainly flow into the coming year, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. To gain even more insights into the exciting opportunities and transformations in the year ahead, we asked more than 20 construction industry thought leaders and insiders to share their trends and predictions for 2023. This year, we’ve broken down their insights into three main focus areas:
Click below to read what they have to say. 
AGC Releases a Series of Mental Health PSAs to Combat the High Suicide Rates in Construction
Construction has one of the highest suicide rates of all major industry groups. AGC of America is launching a new effort to combat the silent epidemic of suicide and other mental health issues plaguing our workforce. As part of this effort, we are releasing a series of videos telling the stories of real industry professionals who have struggled with mental health.
We hope that in sharing their stories, others will know they are not alone, and it is okay to seek help when it is needed. For more information and resources, visit agc.org/mental-health-suicide-prevention.
For nearly three years, the U.S. construction industry has been buffeted by unprecedented increases in material costs, supply-chain bottlenecks, and a tight labor market. AGC’s Construction Inflation Alert is intended to help owners, public officials, and others understand what contractors are experiencing. The December 2022 edition—the 9th since early 2021, outlines steps owners and contractors can take to adjust to the fast-changing market conditions. Chapters and members are encouraged to forward the latest information about conditions, such as supplier newsletters and “Dear Valued Customer” letters, to Chief Economist Ken Simonson at [email protected]. AGC will continue to update the Alert as needed. 
Time to submit for NASA - National AGC Safety Award
Participation in the NASA Awards Program is for EVERY
West Texas AGC General Contractor and Associate/Sub-contractor
What it can mean for your company!
RECOGNITION of a company’s safety record by a NASA award from AGC and subsequently Safety Excellence from AGC-TBB, lets employees know you value who they are and provides excellent marketing tools to place in a bid packet (RFP, RFQ) response. The history and reports provided through participation, allows your company to excel along with others across the State and Nation in safety excellence.  
Divisions include
  • Building
  • Highway
  • Federal and Heavy
  • Municipal/Utilities
  • Associate/Specialty
Participation is simple. Transfer the information from your OSHA 300A form to the form provided, include work hours, contact person and send this form to the West Texas AGC Chapter.
Let this award participation be part of YOUR Safety Program.
Return attached form by February 13, 2023 to [email protected].
STP-1 Supervisory Training Program - Register Now!
An affordable opportunity delivered to your office in January 2023!
The kick-off of the new STP, Supervisory Training Program with Unit 1 on Leadership and Motivation. starts soon.
  • Unit 1 - January 16 - February 20 | 5:30 PM
  • Cost $395 per person - AGC Member
Additional units will be routinely scheduled. To register, review the list of units and more details of this excellent program led by known instructor, Bob Segner, retired from Texas A & M Construction Science Department read flyer below.
Now is the time for early registration for rooms and the best registration rates for the premium conference to network with others in the commercial construction industry!
Click the Banner to go directly to AGC registration and information website for hotels and conference agendas.

New Virtual AGC EDGE Training Opportunities are Now Available
As temperatures drop across the country, there's never a better time to squeeze in some virtual training for your team.
From BIM and Lean Construction to project management and supervision fundamentals, AGC's live, instructor-led virtual education courses are the perfect way to invest in your team. And with code $EDGE2023, you can save 10% at checkout!
Here's a look at what's ahead: 
 Construction Supervision Fundamentals
Jan. 9-11 | 10 AM - 6:30 PM ET ( 8 AM-5:30 PM CT)
Classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Construction Supervision Fundamentals
Jan. 23 - Feb. 3 | 9 AM - 1 PM ET (8 AM-12 PM CT)
Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Project Manager Development Program
Jan. 10 - Feb. 9 | 2 PM-6 PM ET (1 PM-5 PM CT)
Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday

Building Information Modeling Education Program
Jan. 11 - Feb. 3 | 11 AM - 3 PM ET (12 PM-4PM CT)
Classes are held on Wednesday and Friday

Mar. 7 - Apr. 6 | 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET (1:30 PM-5:30PM CT)
Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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