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Safety Tip: 13 Tips for Improving Safety
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AGC Safety Resources
An effective safety and health training program is one of the best ways that a contractor can improve their overall safety and health management program for workers of all experience levels especially those new to the construction industry. Research shows that this particular group of workers has a higher rate of injuries and illnesses than more experienced workers. Over the past several years, AGC has developed training materials for contractors covering a wide range of topics. 
OSHA is increasing inspections for heat-illness
New National Emphasis Program directs OSHA to increase jobsite inspections on heat-related illnesses within 70 specific industries. Learn how to pass an inspection to avoid your company being cited and publicly known as an OSHA compliance violator.
What are the timeframes? The NEP is effective on April 8, 2022, and will remain in effect for three years unless canceled or extended by a superseding directive.
Clarity on OSHA Heat Hazard Enforcement?
On June 8, AGC sought clarification from OSHA on its enforcement of heat-related hazards under its National Emphasis Program (NEP). Due to the absence of specific guidance clarifying how compliance safety and health officers (CSHOs) will evaluate a contractor’s implementation of protocols to address heat exposure, fair and consistent enforcement will be significantly impacted across all regions. In addition, the NEP’s ambiguities may ultimately put workers at further risk of injury or illness.
Based on AGC’s review and analysis of the NEP, it is unclear if following the principles of Water. Rest. Shade. under OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention Campaign will be deemed acceptable. It also raises questions as to whether current best practices that go above and beyond these principles meet NEP requirements.
As previously reported, OSHA issued the first NEP addressing outdoor and indoor heat-related hazards to further focus on heat-related hazards. Under the NEP, each OSHA Region is expected to have a fiscal year goal of increasing their heat inspections by 100% above the baseline of the average of fiscal years 2017 through 2021. Given the potential for aggressive enforcement under the NEP, AGC is demanding that the agency provide clear guidance to ensure consistent enforcement across OSHA, while also allowing AGC to provide the necessary resources to contractor members to protect workers and avoid citations.  
401 (k) Retirement Plan for West Texas AGC Members
Benefits to Hire and
Retain the Best
West Texas AGC employers can participate in one of the best 401 (k) retirement MEP plans in the country with no fees, minimal costs and liability. Plans can be customized for each company. Discover how to improve from your current plan or start a retirement program for your employees.

OSHA provides free stickers to remind workers of trench and excavation safety
Slope It
Shore It
Shield It
Get your stickers at: https://www.osha.gov/trenching-excavation
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The National Utility Contractors Association is hosting the seventh annual Trench Safety Stand Down June 20-24. The event aims to raise awareness of trenching and excavation hazards as well as promote safe controls. The organization is providing free resources and encourages involvement from businesses in the utility, residential and highway construction, and plumbing industries.
In July, OSHA unveiled a free sticker intended to remind workers of the three primary protective systems:
  • Sloping (or benching). Cutting back the trench wall at an angle inclined away from the excavation.
  • Shoring. Installing aluminum hydraulics or other types of supports to prevent cave-ins.
  • Shielding. Using trench boxes or other supports to prevent cave-ins.
A Discussion on Liquidating Agreements (Do disputes occur between GC's and Subs?)
During a construction project, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise between a general contractor and a subcontractor. Frequently, these disputes involve claims for extra work and delay damages that can be attributed to the owner of the project due to deficient design or unforeseen conditions. When these occasions arise, the parties can often resolve these claims without the need for litigation or arbitration by entering into a “liquidating agreement.”
Podcasts for the Construction Industry | Hiring | Legal | Worker Impairment
Struggling to find enough workers? On this episode, three young construction professionals share their insights about how they made a decision on a full-time position and why their selected firms stood out. Click HERE or picture for podcast.
AGC fully embraces diversity within its membership. People of diverse backgrounds, opinions, perspectives, experiences, and ideas bring creativity and vitality that maximizes member engagement at all levels of the association. Click HERE or picture for podcast.
Save Lives by Addressing Impairment
Impairment is often a hidden risk that prevents someone from being at their best and able to perform safely. On the roadway and at work, impairment can kill. Impairment negatively affects safety in both seen and unseen ways, including impacting the business bottom line. According to a recent employer survey conducted by the National Safety Council. More than half said impairment is decreasing the safety of their workforce.
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