December 1, 2017
Dear Pastor/Friends,
I had the privilege of worshiping in Burkburnett this past Sunday morning where the congregation celebrated the ministry of their retiring pastor, and his wife, Phillip and Linda Kenedy They are pictured here with family members and close friends who were present for the fellowship time after the service. The Kenedy's are retiring from the pastorate after ten years of faithful service in Burkburnett and many years in Oklahoma before that. My heart was filled with appreciation as many within the congregation shared remembrances of love and service.  We wish Pastor Phillip and Linda the very best during this new season of their lives. Pastor Coleen Scott, who lives in Burkburnett, will be serving as interim pastor.
Our Lantana congregation has elected Pastor Calvary Callender to be their new pastor.  Calvary, and his wife Ceresa, have been serving in Big Spring for the past eight years and the congregation there has seen dramatic growth and health under their leadership.  They will be moving to Lantana in early January. We pray for the Callenders, and for these two wonderful congregations.
I want to congratulate Pastor Carlos and Janet Diaz, of Ebenezer Iglesia del Nazareno in Stephenville on the birth of their new daughter, Aslinn. Here is a picture of the proud father and daughter! 
I am very delighted that Susan and I will be able to attend almost all of the Zone Christmas Parties this year.  We will bring the annual tree ornaments with us and mail them to the one event we will miss.  Many of you have heard that I had a significant neck surgery scheduled for December 2nd and it looked like we would have to miss the Christmas events.  However, the doctors have decided to monitor the situation for a few more months before for now, at least, I will be able to avoid the surgery and try to handle the situation with physical therapy twice weekly.  However, the doctor did say that it is important, as a precautionary measure, that everyone be very nice to me and do whatever I ask in the coming months.  Seriously, I do want to thank so many of you who have expressed prayer and concern.  Particularly we were praying for wisdom regarding the timing of the surgery.  I am confident of the Lord's leading in this.  He definitely answered our prayer.
Finally, we said farewell to one of our veteran retired ministers this past week as Rev. Earl Harris of Cleburne went to be with the Lord.  I had the wonderful privilege of attending his funeral and joining with four other pastors as we sang "Redeemed" for the congregation. Pastor Tommy McNutt did a great job of leading the service and preaching an outstanding sermon. Brother Harris was 93 years old and had a strong legacy as a wonderful, and very evangelistic, pastor.  We continue to remember his wife, Dorothy, in our prayers. 

For you and with you,
Pastor David Downs 

In This Issue

Dear Pastors and NMI Leaders,

December is Compassionate Ministries Emphasis month to encourage a spirit of compassion and personal involvement among Nazarenes everywhere.  Please consider taking a special December offering for Compassionate Ministries. Find resources at 

Following the example of Jesus, NCM partners with local Nazarene congregations around the world to clothe, shelter, feed, heal, educate, and live in solidarity with those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. NCM exists in and through the Church to proclaim the Gospel to all people.

Remember NCM functions effectively because it works with local ministries supported by the World Evangelism Fund. Your special offering for Compassionate Ministries goes further because of your faithful, consistent WEF giving.

Commission unto Mexico - Pray for West Texans participating in this regional Work & Witness trip in Monterrey, Mexico from December 27, 2017 to January 2, 2018. They'll participate in outreach, VBS, basic construction projects, community development, mobile medical units and worship teams.

Exciting changes have taken place in our NMI District Council as we seek to serve you better:

Amy Spigelmyer, Educating Coordinator. Amy is passionate about educating for missions and she's already worked with many of you on deputation tours for visiting missionaries.

Serina Nelson , Conference Coordinator. Serina is currently planning next April's Vision Conference!

Amanda Pettit , Director of Communications. Amanda brings strong skills and a mission background to our group.

Yvette Alvarado , Children's Representative. Yvette does an excellent job with missions at camp and will add the Children's mission offering to her responsibilities.

Jake Page , Young Adult representative. Jake is already dreaming of mission trips for the young adults of West Texas as well as other ways to encourage mission passion in this vital age group.

Chris Brannigan, Discipling Coordinator, will oversee our Children's, Youth, and Young Adult reps as they encourage members of our district who feel called to missions and seek out opportunities to engage these age groups in opportunities to give, pray, and serve.

These bright young leaders are part of our larger council of gifted, faithful missions leaders. What a great group of people eager to help your church engage in missions!


Cheryl Crouch, WT NMI President

March 15-17, 2018
Speaker: Selena Freeman
Worship: Chad Dorough
Cost & Deadline Schedule:
Early Bird Deadline - Friday, February 9
Teen - $45, Adult - $25 Meal Card - $35
Registration Deadline - Thursday, March 8
Teen - $55, Adult - $25 Meal Card - $45
Must be registered by March 8 - No walk ups.
For more information go to

We are sad to announce that SNU is no longer hosting a specific West Texas College Days. However, the general SNU College Days will take place on March 2-3, 2018. Registration begins in January. Go to for more information. Please encourage your students to get on the campus of SNU and be a part of College Days.

A report on the West Texas SDMI trip to the Master's Plan Conference in Cali Colombia:
I love this trip, and have since my first time. But this time, being my third trip to Cali, things were different, in an incredible way. There were no break-out sessions or individual times of teaching as in previous years. But woven throughout each speaker was an anointing that the Holy Spirit used to pierce into the very heart of what was going on in my life. I went with no personal expectations, but rather with heart yearning anticipation of what the Lord might do in the lives of others that traveled with us. Little did I know that the Holy Spirit would speak directly into my heart, confirming things I have been wrestling with for months, while in the meantime showing me how to incorporate the Master's Plan of making disciples into the ministry assignment I am currently fulfilling as well as other areas of ministry the Holy Spirit seemed to be prompting me towards.
I had been wrestling with some personal reservations over what i felt the Holy Spirit asking of me, but during our time in worship I knew the Holy Spirit spoke to me about being obedient to His call and leaving my reservations in His hands as His responsibility. Such a burden was lifted as Jesus spoke peace into my soul and the Holy Spirit imparted a new confidence and clarity.
Cali 2017 was not what I expected, but in so many ways was so much more than I could have ever expected or anticipated. Ensuring the message of Jesus is passed from one generation to the next permeated the conference as a theme and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal how to make that happen in our individual ministry context.
I am personally grateful that the conference did not "hand feed" us on the Master's Plan and how to implement it. It forced me to seek the Holy Spirit's revelation for my specific ministry context. Each time I go I come away with more than I can process. I would love for every pastor in America, especially our district, to experience The Master's Plan Conference.

"Plan an inexpensive youth mission trip next summer that's close to home at 
Renovation Community in Fort Worth! 

Summer 2018 will mark the 5th year Pastor Chris and the church open their doors for a 9-week summer day camp and feeding program. You and your teens can stay on-site for a 7 day trip serving the campers and doing outreach projects in the community.  You pay your own food/travel/entertainment. Renovation Community asks you pay $5/day/person to cover lodging and utility expenses. 

To learn more, contact Chris Branigan ( or Associate Pastor and Camp Director, Jordan Buchner (

November - Compassionate Ministries Emphasis
Dec. 1 - High Plain Zone Christmas Dinner
Dec. 2 - Amarillo Zone Christmas Dinner
Dec. 4 - East Side Zones Christmas Dinner
Dec. 4 - Lamesa Zone Christmas Dinner
Dec. 7 Lubbock Zone Christmas Dinner
Dec. 27 - Jan. 2 - Commission Unto Mexico
January 19-21 - Shepherds' Sabbath, Abilene, TX
February - Alabaster Offering to GTS
February - SNU College Days
February 4-18 - Rob & Cindy North (Kenya) on Deputation
February 22 - Vision Conference and District Assembly Planning Session
Feb. 23-25 - District Man Camp, Arrowhead Camp
March - Kids Fest
March - Extravaganza at SNU
March 2-4 - PK Retreat, SNU
March 12 - Annual Pastor's Report Due
March 17 - Arrowhead Camp Board of Directors Meeting
April 11-13 - Vision Conference & District Assembly, Fort Worth First
May 19 - June 3 - W&W Trip to Papua New Guinea
June 3 - 8 - Family Camp at Arrowhead Camp
June 11 - 20 - SDMI Trip to Holy Land
June 18 - 22 - CRAVE Teen Camp at Arrowhead Camp
July 16 - 20 - ACTIVATE Kids Camp at Arrowhead Camp


12/1 Morgan Callender 12/19 Dan Sommers
12/1 Travis Zachary 12/19 Ismael & Erika Mora
12/2 Frank & Grace Mensah 12/19 Jairo & Chrissy Maldonado
12/3 Jesus Espinoza 12/19 Jason & Kim Powers
12/5 David Lee 12/19 Lawrence Gulley
12/5 Peggy Lewis 12/20 Andrew & Emily Taylor
12/6 Amanda Pettit 12/20 Trace Hewitt
12/6 Molly Pettit 12/22 Jonna Jones
12/7 Angalique Parker 12/23 Eugenio Chavez
12/7 Terra Edwards 12/23 Jim & Genell Knisley
12/8 Christiana Sesay 12/23 Tyler Frazier
12/8 Micah Boice 12/25 Chares Parker
12/8 Olivia Boice 12/26 Brian Frazier
12/8 Sheree Hayes 12/26 Moises Marquez Jr.
12/9 Gaylord & Sheree Hayes 12/27 Linda Lennon
12/9 Lowell Schmidt 12/28 Mark Hewitt
12/9 Paul Lee 12/28 Corey & Beth Ann Jones
12/10 Melissa Newton 12/28 Crystal Lewis
12/11 Sandra Porter 12/28 Todd & Raquel Forrest
12/12 Jose Perez 12/29 Charles Gibson
12/12 Paul Prentice 12/29 Larry Dunlap
12/13 Josh Boice 12/29 Randy Anderson
12/14 Earl & Betty Robertson 12/29 Sydnie Newton
12/15 Mark & Angelica Banda 12/30 Mae Lynn Parker
12/16 Cheryl Crouch 12/30 Mark Lofton
12/16 Chris & Kelly Branigan 12/30 Sherry Seigman
12/16 Mandy Hewitt 12/31 Selah Diaz
12/17 Marvin & Ruth West
12/18 Gabriel Mora
12/18 Greg & Martha White