January 24 , 2019
D ear Pastor/Friends,
These are busy and exciting days on our district. This past week, our Credentials and Ministerial Studies Board interviewed 48 district license and ordination candidates! The interviews spanned over three days in Amarillo and Fort Worth.  I am so very grateful for their wisdom and servants' hearts! Especially, I admire and appreciate the amazing group of men and women who have accepted the Lord's call and are progressing toward licensure and ordination on our district. What a privilege it is to be associated with them!
Last weekend, I had the thrill of participating in the long-awaited  grand opening and dedication service for the new clinic (the Well Center) at the  Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Center in Cactus. What a great day! There was a large crowd, an anointed service, and a fun reception. On Monday morning, their very first patient arrived.  She gave us permission to put her picture in the
newsletter.  WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING! This is a
tremendous answer to prayer! I am so grateful for Dr. Stephanie Diehlman's staff, Dr. Shawn Fouts and his staff,  and many volunteers  and generous churches and 
donors for the countless hours, weeks  and months, and 
dollars that have gone into this project. 

I want to congratulate Pastor Todd Derbyshire and his wife, Anna, for  the outstanding four-year pastoral review I recently conducted with his church board. The  Derbyshires have been serving the Fort Worth Crosspoint congregation for six years and, among many other things, led them through a very successful relocation and building program. If you haven't yet seen their beautiful facility, located on I-820W, you should visit. It is beautiful!
Congratulations are also in order for Licensed Minister Gobran George, of our Arabic church in Euless. It was just announced that he was named "High School Teacher of the Month" for the very large Arlington School district. We are very proud of him. Incidentally, Gobran's Arabic language evangelism videos continue to go out regularly, now also translated into English. You can view the most recent by CLICKING HERE .  This one has already been viewed by 1800 people over the past five days. This past year there have been over 800,000 viewings! Maybe by the district assembly, that number will surpass one million viewers! Praise God! Gobran's production team members are Basem, Moody, and Kokie Mankarious. Thank you!
Finally, Susan and I had the privilege of visiting Vancouver, BC, recently, where I was the
speaker for the Canada Pacific District pastors and spouses retreat. It was a really great experience, primarily because, as I hope you know, we love pastors. God seemed to direct the services and the fellowship they shared. It certainly prepped my heart for our upcoming Shepherds' Sabbath. Vania reports that we have another outstanding preregistration. The music will be over the top again this year...and we know Dr. Carla Sunberg will encourage and inspire us. I can't wait to be with you!
For you and with you,
David Downs

Please see the update below on where to send budget allocations and other offerings.
Click here if you wish to download this information. 


The Lifelong Learning Registry provides Nazarene ministers the opportunity to record and report their efforts to develop and maintain a pattern of lifelong learning to enhance the ministry to which God has called them.
  1. Go to https://learning.nazarene.org/location
  2. When you arrive at the Website, you will be asked to choose your language.
  3. You will then be directed to a page that will have a "Sign Up" button to click.
  4. The sign-up page will then appear. Fill in the requested information and click on the "Register" button
  5. When you register, it will take you to a screen where you click on the "Add Record" button.
  6. When that screen appears, you will be asked to enter an Event Code.
  7. The Event Code for MinistrySafe Training: 13376
  8. Once you enter the event code, click on the "Submit" button. The number of hours will need to be filled in.
  9. Breakdown of hours relating to the training you took:
            a. Sexual Abuse Awareness only - 1.5 hours
            b. Skillful Screening - 3.5 hours
            c. Sexual Abuse Awareness & Skillful Screening - 5 hours
* If you have already registered, login and use the above Event Code.
Earl Robertson
Assistant Superintendent

El registro para el Aprendizaje de Toda la Vida ofrece la oportunidad para que ministros Nazarenos registren sus esfuerzos de establecer y mantener un hábito en el aprendizaje a fin de capacitarse mejor para el ministerio al cual Dios le ha llamado.
  1. Visite la pagina web https://learning.nazarene.org/location
  2. Escoja el idioma: español.
  3. La página lo llevará al sitio de registro. Presione el botón "Regístrate".
  4. Llene la información requerida y presione el botón "Registrar".
  5. Cuándo usted se registre la página abrirá la pantalla de Unidad de Educación Continua. Haga clic en "Agregar Registro".
  6. La nueva página le pedirá el código de evento.
  7. El código para la capacitación de MinistrySafe es: 13376
  8. Ya que escriba el código haga clic en "aplicar". Usted tendrá que agregar el número de horas del evento. Haga clic en "crear" en la parte baja de la página.
  9. Este es el desglose de las horas de las capacitaciones:
a. Concientización de Abuso Sexual: 1.5 horas
b. Capacitación de Selección Experta: 3.5 horas
c. Ambas capacitaciones: 5 horas
* Si usted ya se ha registrado al Apredizaje de Toda La Vida solo tiene que ingresar a la página y agregar el código de evento.
Earl Robertson
Superintendente Asistente

Our district treasurer, Dan Davisson, has prepared the West Texas 2018-2019, "Funding The Mission" report as of January 23, 2019. Pastors, please pay close attention to your church's contributions so far this year. Please make every effort to encourage your people to faithfully maintain their giving for others.

Our District Kids Fest and Quiz will be held March 1-2, 2019 at Lubbock First Church. Click here to download the Kids Fest Church Leader's Packet with all the details you will need to prepare your kids for this great event!  This is also be available online at www.westexnaz.org on the children's ministry page and on our Facebook Page.  
  • Church leaders register your kids online between February 2-15 - www.westexnaz.org
  • Zone competition deadline date - February 16
  • Talent and Quizzing Spreadsheets are due - February 17 
Save the Date!
ACTIVATE-kids camp will be July 15-19, 2019 at Arrowhead Camp
  • Scholarship applications due - May 1
  • Regular online registration - June 1 ($220)
  • Late online registration - July 7 ($260)
Our goal is to share 3 different promos with you over the next 6 months.  These are being created for you to share in your churches.  For this first one I did a simple power point and keynote slide show (both avaliable on the website) including pics from last year's camp and giving you this year's theme. "Even If,"  taken from the story in Daniel with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace.  Hope these will bless you and your congregations as you begin to prepare them to send your kids to ACTIVATE 2019!

WTX Kids Director



1/1 Elizabeth Gatkek
1/1 Mabure Atak
1/2 Amy Scarlett
1/2 Joseph Perez
1/3 Michael & Amy Scarlett
1/3 Rick & Julie Calvert
1/4 David Downs
1/4 Luz Reyes
1/4 Zack Smithson
1/4 Adam & Natasha Hasenbein
1/5 Misael Levi Alvarado
1/6 Joseph Ricenbaw
1/7 Alfredo & Candy Alvarez
1/9 Gerardo & Luz Reyes
1/9 Larry & Lori Dunlap
1/9 Caleb Cisneros
1/9 Cori Fouts
1/9 Randy & Joy Anderson
1/10 Ezekiel Atak
1/11 Julia Benn
1/11 Matthew Carte
1/12 Peggy Burnside
1/12 Peggy Harper
1/15 Adam Perry
1/16 Montaba Peirce
1/17 Grace Anderson
1/18 Martha Patalano
1/20 Emmanuel Gatkek
1/20 Madison DeLuna
1/21 Kenneth Book
1/22 Lillie Smithson
1/26 Debbie Edwards
1/27 Michael Davis
1/29 David Kessell
1/29 Tonda Wallace
1/30 Pedro Cruz
1/30 Rachel Mensah
1/31 Rick Calvert
1/31 Blessed Charis Thang

February  Alabaster Offering to Global Treasury Services
February 1-3   Shepherds' Sabbath Retreat, Abilene, TX
February 27 Vision Conference and District Assembly Planning Session
February 28  District Nominating Committee Meeting
Feb. 24 - March 2  Nazarene World Week of Prayer
March 2-3  Kids Fest and District Quiz Quiz, Lubbock First
March 12  Annual Pastor's Reports Due
March 15-17  Man Camp, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center
March 16  Arrowhead Camp Board Meeting, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center
March 23
District Assembly Finance Committee Meeting (Tentative)
April 10-12 Vision Conference & District Assembly, Lubbock First
April 28 SNU Sunday
May 9-10 SNU Board of Trustees Meeting, SNU
May 11 SNU Spring Commencement
June 9-14 Family Camp, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center
June 17-21 CRAVE Teen Camp, Arrowhad Camp and Retreat Center
July 15-19 ACTIVATE Kids Camp, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center