June 1, 2023

Dear Pastor/Friends,


It was a great privilege to install Pastor Luke (and Betty) Lotara as lead pastor of our Mid-Cities African Community congregation this past Sunday. Luke and Betty are pictured here with me and Pastor Michael Gatkek. Pastor Michael and Elizabeth Gatkek planted this church six years ago, and Michael has been directly involved in Pastor Luke’s training. 

Pastor Luke has been an exceptional associate pastor and received his district license two assemblies ago. I am very grateful to Pastors Lori and Greg Key, of Renewed Life Church, for hosting Mid-Cities African Community, and especially to Luke and Betty for accepting this assignment!

Congratulations to Pastor Steven (and Mary) Kochersperger on the occasion of his very successful regularly scheduled pastoral review. Steven is a wonderful example of a highly dedicated and successful minister serving as a co-vocational pastor. He is a full time chaplain at BSA Hospital in Amarillo.

Please join me in prayer for the important selections of two new general superintendents coming up at the general assembly in Indianapolis…which begins next week. We are trusting the Lord for His anointing of this important decision…as well as for all of the business of the general assembly. 

Pray, also, for our upcoming summer camping ministry. Each of our camps are so vitally important to the life of our district family. I am praying for many spiritual victories to be won at Kid’s Camp (ACTIVATE), Teen Camp (CRAVE), and Family camp!


Finally, I am developing my church-visit schedule for September through December. If I haven’t visited your church in a while and you would like to invite me to come and preach, I would be delighted to do so. Just shoot me an email or text and we’ll set it up.


For you and with you,


Pastor David Downs

Our district bookkeeper, Griselda Sierra, has prepared the West Texas District 2023-2024 "Funding The Mission" report as of May 31, 2023. Pastors, please pay close attention to your church's contributions so far this year. Please make every effort to encourage your people to faithfully maintain their giving for others. 

Click here to download the report.

Click Here for More Information


ACTIVATE-kids camp - July 17-21 - Early Bird and Sponsor registration links are up and running! All the details are on the district website at www.westexnaz.org/childrensministries 

Camp Promo Video

Family Camp - June 25-30

Volunteers are needed for our Nursery, PreK and Elementary children's ministry services. Please contact Jennifer Sommers at jsommers@gen-church.org to recommend a teen (16 or older), young adult or adult from your congregation to come and serve at Family Camp. We offer meals for the week and sometimes even rooms for the entire week for those that serve in children's ministry. All volunteers will be MinistrySafe trained and background checked before Family Camp.

Family Camp Promo Video

Mission Offering 2022

I am excited to announce that in 2022 the West Texas Kids raised over $10,000 for Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center! Check out our video to see how that money was used for our camp.

Mission Offering Highlight for 2022 -  https://youtu.be/AhisNYKBe0E

Mission Offering 2023 - DUE September 1

"Camping with Jesus" the Kids Reaching Kids Mission Offering for 2023. All of the details and resources are available on the district website at www.westexnaz.org/childrensministries

Mission Offering Video


We are thrilled to announce an amazing opportunity to make a lasting impact on the way we do ministry. We are launching a donation campaign to acquire a bus that will revolutionize our ability to assist and support the incredible individuals of our community. But here's the truly remarkable part: We have secured a generous donor who is committed to matching every dollar raised, doubling the impact of your contribution. Imagine the incredible difference we can make together! Every dollar you donate will be met with an equal contribution from our donor, effectively amplifying the value of your generosity. This is a rare chance to maximize the impact of your donation and be part of something truly transformative. We invite you to join us in this crucial endeavor by participating in this donating campaign. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will have a profound impact.

You can donate online by clicking here or send us a check to:

PO Box #990 Cactus, TX 79013

Please make sure to earmark your donation as "CNMC Bus" For more information, check the CNMC Facebook and website in the following weeks or contact us at info@cactusministries.org.




June 11-16                         General Assembly, Indianapolis, IN

June 19-23                        CRAVE Youth Camp, Arrowhead Camp & Retreat Center

June 25-30                        Family Camp, Arrowhead Camp & Retreat Center

July 4-9                             Nazarene Youth Conference, Tampa Bay, FL.

July 17-21                           ACTIVATE Kids Camp, Arrowhead Camp & Retreat Center

July 27-29                          Women of Worth Retreat and Conference, Wichita Falls 

September                        Alabaster Offering - send to Global Treasury Services

September 9                     WTX Kids Council Meeting Lubbock First & Zoom

September 18-19               SNU Ministers’ Forum

2023 Report Booklet
New: 2023 Where to Send Budget Allocations
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