May 2, 2019

Dear Pastor/Friends,
It was wonderful to be with you at the district assembly last month.  I want to thank  Pastor Mike Page and the entire staff at Lubbock First Church for their gracious hospitality. Particularly, I want to congratulate our ordinands, pictured here with Dr. Sunberg, from left to right (Rev. Tyler Parson, Rev. Joshua and Natasha Fredlund,  Rev. Susan and Sam
McPhearson, Rev. Lawrence and Debbie Gulley, Rev. Brian and Amanda Malloy, Rev. Sherry and Kevin Seigman).  

Congratulations, also, to those who were elected by the assembly to positions of service on committees and boards.  You will see the election results posted in an article below.
We are very excited about our upcoming Family Camp (June 9 - 14) with Evangelist Jeremiah Bolich and morning Bible study leader, Dr. Mark Lail.  Jeremiah will  be preaching in the evening services and Mark will be teaching each morning.  I've asked Mark to teach regarding a biblical view of money and stewardship. 

Also, we are excited about Mandy Hewitt as she organizes and  leads the  music. I am confident we are going to have a great week.   Please notice the  informational flyer  and registration link, below.

I am very excited about the progress of The Well...our health clinic connected to the Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center.  They have recently expanded their outreach to surrounding counties. There was a wonderful news segment on one of the  Amarillo TV stations this past week about The Well.  Please CLICK HERE to access the link.
Todd and Raquel Forrest

Mike and Brenda Murphy
Congratulations to Co-Pastors Todd and Raquel Forrest, of Abilene Trinity Church, who were recently elected as the new pastors of  Borger First Church. They will begin their new assignment on May 19th. Also, we congratulate Pastor Mike Murphy and his wife  Brenda, on his election as pastor of our Hamlin Church. We are excited for both of these great pastoral couples and their congregations. 

Finally, this past Sunday, Susan and I had the opportunity of worshiping together at Ft. Worth  Crossroads Tabernacle where they celebrated the 20 th anniversary of their  restart under the leadership of Pastor Corey and  Beth Ann Jones. The  congregation celebrated by showering Pastor Corey and Beth Ann with many generous expressions of love and appreciation!

For you and with you, 

Pastor David Downs


2019 District Assembly Election Results

Advisory Board
CB Glidden
Amanda Pettit

Lay Members:
Jeff Crouch
Loretta Martin

Board of Ministerial Credentials
Jimmye Cole
Noe Diaz
Amanda Pettit
Zack Smithson

Trustee to SNU
Mark Ramsey

Camp Arrowhead Board
Misael Alvarado
Curt Plaxco

Lay Members:
Clarence Hawkins
Jerry Tucker

SDMI Chair
C.B. Glidden - re-elected

SDMI Board
Michael Davis
Amanda Hewitt

Lay Members:
Renae Fowler
Loretta Martin

NMI Secretary
Karen Davisson - re-elected

NMI Treasurer
Zack Smithson - re-elected

Family Camp is just around the corner!

For more information and to register online click on the flyer above or visit www.westexnaz.org

To download the registration form and flyer, please click on the links below.


West Texas Kids

Family Camp nursery workers needed.  They must be 16 years old and already serving in your churches or have served as babysitters in your congregation.  We cover their room and board for the entire week.  Please contact Jennifer Sommers to recommend students.  Our goal is have 10-15 workers for our nursery. 

I mportant Info:
  • To receive the regular price, you must be registered by June 1st at midnight.  Prices will go up after June 1st.
  • ALL campers need to upload their Shot Records when they register for camp online.  Have them saved on your computer so you can upload them when you register.  If you choose to not immunize your children you must upload a written letter stating that with a parent's signature and the date signed.
Kids Camp Registrar - Mail all Background Checks, Ministry Safe Certificates, and Pastoral Recommendations
Renae Fowler
401 Brasenose St.
Crowley, TX  76036

Kids Camp Treasurer - Mail ALL Counselor,Intern, and Staff Fees

Candace Clem
5437 46th St.Lubbock, TX  79414

Please click on links below for more information or visit the district website


May 3-4               Hispanic Women's Conference
May 9-10             SNU Board of Trustees Meeting
May 11                SNU Spring Commencement
May 31                Young Adult Retreat Early Registration
June 1                 Kids' Regular Camper Registration
June 9-14            Family Camp
June 17-21          CRAVE Teen Camp
July 7                  Kids' Late Rate Camper Registration
July 15-19           Activate Kids Camp
July 25-27           WOW (Women of Worth) Retreat
July 31                Young Adult Retreat Late Registration
August 9-11        Young Adult Retreat
September          Alabaster Offering
September 1       Children's Mission Project Offering
September 7       Children's Council Meeting
October 17-19     The Awakening
October 25-26     Discovery Weekend

5/1 Alfredo Alvarez
5/1 Amir Ngong-Atak
5/2 Marvin West
5/4 Ephraim Schneberger
5/7 Rafael & Erminia Cordero
5/8 Clayton Rose
5/8 Cooper Young
5/10 Ashtyn Ricenbaw
5/10 Elise Schneberger
5/10 Greg Johnson
5/10 Mark Ramsey
5/11 Santiago Rueda
5/13 Cormac Branigan
5/13 Charis Van Thang
5/14 David Marquez
5/14 Justita Cruz
5/15 David Hollon
5/15 Lowell Clark
5/15 Michael & Elizabeth Gatkek
5/15 Steve Pettit
5/15 Tom McNutt
5/17 Tabitha Zachary
5/19 Richard & Sara Schneberger
5/20 Dan & Jennifer Sommers
5/20 Jacy Townsley
5/20 Kathy Kessell
5/22 Calvary & Ceresa Callender
5/22 Eric & Teresa DeLuna
5/23 Coleen Scott
5/24 Curt & Heather Plaxco
5/25 Daniel Dyer
5/26 Cailyn Pepper
5/26 Lauren Grimes
5/27 John & Karen Donnerberg
5/27 Josh & Leah Boice
5/28 Luri & Han Lih Thang
5/28 Marvin & Becky Pepper
5/28 Wesley & Becky Adams
5/29 Piper Ramsey
5/30 John & Peggy Lewis
5/31 Hugh Hays

Click on the links below to download district resources.