November 19, 2018

Dear Pastor/Friends,
It was a thrill to be with Pastors Greg and Lori Key and our Renewed Life church for the dedication of their recently purchased church building which is on Division Street in Arlington. The RL congregation has put countless hours of work into preparing the older building for use. I think it is going to be very functional! Renewed life was organized in 2001 with Pastor Greg Key as the founding pastor. They specialize in ministry to the underserved in the Arlington and Mansfield area.  Over the years they have never had a building of their own, worshipping in numerous rented areas.  For many years they have been praying for a humble building from which to operate their numerous ministries.  We rejoice with them and expect great days of anointed ministry are in their immediate future!
We enjoyed another outstanding Discovery Weekend recently with our newly District Licensed ministers and spouses. We had about 20 in attendance in Abilene for the event. Again, Dr. Linda Cantrell was our resource person and she did an outstanding job leading us through our Strength Finders. Special thanks to Assistant Superintendent, Pastor Earl Robertson, who organizes this important annual event for us.
Congratulations to our precious Snyder congregation upon the arrival, this week, of their new pastors, Reverends Martha and Phil Patalano, who are coming to them from our Nueva Vida Church in Dumas.  We are especially excited about the Patalanos' ministry in Snyder because the Lord is leading them and their congregation to begin a new Spanish language ministry there. We are confident in the Lord's providential direction in the transition!
Finally, it was wonderful to see many of you at the Awakening Prayer
Conference in Arlington two weeks ago.  Again, countless people received inspiration and  encouragement.   I want to commend Pastor Jones and his OUTSTANDING team for all of the work they put into this annual event.  
The emphasis of prayer and the ongoing empowering and anointing of the Holy Spirit has spoken deeply into our district and to people from all over the world. Thank you!  
For you and with you,
Pastor David Downs




11/1 Carol Mixon
11/1 Jackie Miner
11/4 Jimmye Cole
11/4 Tony Jang
11/4 David Jang
11/6 Danny & Dreanna Dyer
11/8 Amanda Kleeb
11/10 Lawrence & Deborah Gulley
11/10 Zoey Fredlund 2009
11/10 Alvin & Melissa Newton
11/11 Tony Maldonado 
11/11 Phil & Martha Patalano
11/11 Nathan Awasarmal 
11/12 Deborah Gulley
11/12 Jim Knisley
11/13 Angelica Banda
11/13 Phillip Griffin
11/13 Han Lih Thang
11/14 Terry & Sandra Porter
11/14 Tiffany Frazier
11/16 Kathleen Baskett
11/16 Harvey Baskett
11/17 Scott Jimenez
11/17 Shawn & Rochelle Fouts
11/20 Brycin Newton
11/25 Blanca Perez
11/25 Timothy & Rachel Oh
11/26 Steve Swanson
11/28 Jim Graham
11/29 Lynn Nichols
11/30 Daniel Diaz
11/30 Jeff Kleeb


Dec. 27 - Jan. 2  Commission Unto Mexico (Guadalajara)
January 8   Ministerial Credentials/Education Committee, Amarillo First
January 14-15  Ministerial Credentials/Education Boards, Fort Worth Northside
February  Alabaster Offering to Global Treasury Services
February 1-3   Shepherds' Sabbath Retreat, Abilene, TX
February 24  Vision Conference and District Assembly Planning Session
February 28  District Nominating Committee Meeting
Feb. 24 - March 2  Nazarene World Week of Prayer
March 2-3  Kids Fest and District Quiz Quiz, Lubbock First
March 12  Annual Pastor's Reports Due
March 15-17  Man Camp, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center
March 16  Arrowhead Camp Board Meeting, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center