November 21, 2019
Dear Pastor/Friends,
Susan and I had the wonderful privilege of traveling with our NMI president, Amanda Pettit, her husband Steve; our Disaster Response coordinator, Calvary Callender, his wife, Ceresa; and our Assistant District Secretary, Zack Smithson, and his wife, Corrie, to visit Pastors Jerry and Toni Porter, where they are serving as pioneer workers on an exciting creative access field. It was such a blessing to travel around the field on boats, trains, busses, and cars (and camels), and to meet with the precious nationals to whom they are ministering. The Porters are members of our district, so it was a special blessing to witness, first hand, their exciting work. I deeply admire their courage and resolve as they study Arabic daily (they seem to be doing very well at it!) and as they build bridges of friendship with their neighbors. Of course the highlight of the trip was the privilege of meeting the courageous believers in this creative access country.  Whenever we would meet with them they would tell us the story of how Jesus sought them out and transformed their lives.  Often their stories included great challenge and persecution.  We would ask the same question of each of them, "What would you have us tell our churches back home?"  Their response was always the same;   "Tell them to be grateful!" ..."Be grateful for peace and safety. Be grateful for the freedom to worship.  Most importantly, tell them to be grateful for their church...and for the ability to pray with others." One we spoke with was virtually alone, as a believer.  She would see us praying together and exclaimed..."Oh, what I would give to have others to pray with!"
As we move into Thanksgiving week we have so many things to be thankful for...material things...and family and friends, but this year especially I will be thankful for the Church, for those with whom we share ministry and our Christian experience, for those who pray for us, and with us. I hope you've heard this from me many times before...but I am so very grateful for the privilege of sharing ministry with our great WT team!
Incidentally, many of you have heard that Susan and I had to return to DFW one day early because she experienced a torn retina in her left eye.  We hurried home and rushed straight to the surgeon from the airport after an eleven-hour flight. Early the next morning she underwent eye surgery to repair a torn/detached retina. She is now undergoing the lengthy and uncomfortable recovery process. She asked me to be sure to thank you for your many, many prayers and kind expressions this past week.  (I know that most of you are just hearing about it now for the first time.) We are truly grateful.
There are many wonderful new ministries starting around the district!  This past Saturday, I attended the first board meeting for the new Upchurch Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Center on East Park Row in Arlington, near the site of the first compassionate ministry on our district, which was started by Rev J.T. Upchurch and his wife in the late 1800s...the "Berachah Home for Erring Girls." Upchurch and his congregation of rescued and delivered human-trafficking victims joined the Church of the Nazarene at Pilot Point in 1908 and their congregation later became Dallas First Church of the Nazarene, which I had the privilege of pastoring 90 years later. It is so appropriate that UNMC is named after Brother Upchurch, for many reasons. I am pictured here with their new board, and co-directors Steve and Amanda Pettit. Pictured here are (left to right) Ashley Rao, Karen Davisson, Calvary Callender, Amanda Pettit, Steve Pettit, Clint Benn, Roberto Matos, Richard Schneberger, and Josh Alvarez.
Pastors, it's time to preregister for Shepherds' Sabbath. We are delighted to welcome our new Jurisdictional General Superintendent, Dr. Fili Chambo, and his wife, Samantha, as our special guests this year. I'm anticipating a great registration, so I encourage you to preregister as soon as possible.  You can  CLICK HERE to access preregistration, or, visit our website at www.westexnaz.org
Susan and Kai and I wish you a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Gratitude is the key to happiness.
For you and with you,
Pastor David Downs


Our district treasurer, Dan Davisson, has prepared the West Texas District 2019-2020 "Funding The Mission" report as of November 21, 2019. Pastors, please pay close attention to your church's contributions so far this year. Please make every effort to encourage your people to faithfully maintain their giving for others. Click here to download the report.



Pastores, tendremos una reunión de pastores hispanos para convivir, orar, planear, y soñar juntos en el retiro de pastores.  ¡Ore y anímese a asistir al retiro de pastores! Será un tiempo de descanso espiritual para usted y su cónyuge. 

Fecha de la reunión:  Sábado, 11 de enero, 2020
Lugar:  MCM Elegante en Abilene 
Hora:  por determinarse

Queremos compartirles información del próximo curso ministerial que se impartirá en el área de Fort Worth. Si a usted o a alguien en su congregación le gustaría preparase para ministerio pastoral, apóyeles en registrarse en los cursos ministeriales distritales. Para registrarse, por favor visiten la siguiente página y llenen el formulario: https://sites.google.com/site/wtnazed/getting-started/registration-form 

Ya que haya completado el formulario de registro, comuníquese con el profesor del curso para informarle que usted estará tomando el curso. Puede enviarle un mensaje de texto o llamarle.

Curso: Un Pueblo Santo*
Lugar: Por determinarse
Profesor: Rev. José I. Palacios
Teléfono: 956-650-2450
Fecha de inicio: Martes, 21 de enero, 2020
Hora: 7:00 pm
Costo: $125(puede hacer su pago por medio de la página distrital http://www.westexnaz.org/give.html )
* Este curso es pre-requisito para continuar en los cursos ministeriales y obtener la licencia distrital.
Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor comuníquese conmigo o con la Pastor Palacios. 

Bundle Up Cactus 2019
On November 10th Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center held its annual winter clothing giveaway. A great team from the West Texas District Church of the Nazarene came on Thursday to help prepare for the Saturday event. Coats, hats, gloves, scarves and blankets were donated from individuals and churches from all over the US, as well as our local partners JBS and CareNet. Items were collected all year in anticipation to get the citizens of Cactus Texas warm for the winter months.
Usually on beautiful warm days, people would not think about needing heavy winter coats, but the 70-degree sunshine didn't deter 545 people from coming to wait for their turn to shop. 530 coats and countless pairs of gloves and hats were given away along with drinks, popcorn and candy. The Well Health Center provided blood pressure and blood sugar screening and we even had Lawyer Erin Lands (who teaches Civics and is one of our new board members at CNMC) come and provide goody bags to all the kids. It was a great day to meet people and offer the warmth of coats and gloves and the hope of Christ to so many.
CNMC would like to thank the West Texas District team, led by Pastor Mike Davis, for their hours of work in preparing the center, going through the hundreds of coats and sorting by size and quality, then working all day Saturday making popcorn, walking with each family to make sure they received the coats needed for each person, and simply being Jesus to people through your actions, words, and hospitality. This insured the event was a success! Thank you, thank you, to each person who came representing their church and the West Texas District!
We also want to thank our local partners JBS & Cassie Hataway, CareNet Crisis pregnancy center for their donations, work, and hospitality to the people of Cactus. We love our local partners and the impact they have on the community. And also, thank you to Pastor Ted Taylor and Tony Frausto from Hereford CotN for coming up and presenting the Gospel through the wordless book.
It's these kinds of events with this kind of help, that will help Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the many cultures and nations represented in Cactus, Texas. Praise be to God!



Thanksgiving Offering
The Thanksgiving Offering has been a part of the Church of the Nazarene's history for nearly 100 years!  This offering goes toward the World Evangelism Fund which supports the global church to fulfill its mission worldwide.
Here are a few examples of ministries that the World Evangelism Fund makes possible:
NCM 2019 Christmas Project

This Christmas, you can help empower women and create opportunities for hope. In Liberia, only 17 percent of girls receive secondary-level schooling, and 36 percent are married before they turn 18. Churches of the Nazarene in Liberia have joined together to create the Empowering Women With Dignity project to offer another option with dignity. For more information, visit.  www.ncm.org/christmas.




Thanksgiving Offering due for the WEF
Coats for Cactus
November 2
Camp Board Meeting, Arrowhead Camp
November 6-10
West Texas Work and Witness Trip to Cactus
November 7-8
SNU Board of Trustees Meetings, SNU
December 3
District License Application Packets Due
December 7
SNU Winter Commencement
Dec. 27-Jan.2
Commission to Mexico (Chihuahua)
January 7
Ministerial Credentials/Education Committee, Amarillo First
January 10-12
Shepherds' Sabbath, Abilene, TX
January 13-14
Ministerial Credentials/Education Boards, Fort Worth Northside
January 24-25
NMI District Council Planning Retreat, Arrowhead Camp
Alabaster Offering to General Treasury
February 7-9
Brighter Girls Conference, Lubbock, TX
February 23-29
Nazarene World Week of Prayer
February 27-29
Regional Children's Leaders Training, Camp Bond-Oklahoma
February 26
Vision Conference & District Assembly Planning Session
February 27
District Nominating Committee Meeting

12/19 Dan Sommers
12/19 Lawrence Gulley
12/20 Andrew & Emily Taylor
12/20 Trace Hewitt 
12/22 Jonna Jones
12/23 Eugenio Chavez
12/23 Jim & Genell Knisley
12/23 Tyler Frazier 
12/25 Chares Parker 
12/26 Brian Frazier
12/27 Linda Lennon
12/28 Mark Hewitt
12/28 Corey & Beth Ann Jones
12/28 Crystal Lewis
12/28 Todd & Raquel Forrest
12/29 Charles Gibson
12/29 Larry Dunlap
12/29 Randy Anderson
12/29 Sydnie Newton 
12/30 Mae Lynn Parker
12/30 Mark Lofton
12/30 Sherry Seigman
12/31 Selah Diaz

12/1 Morgan Callender
12/1 Travis Zachary
12/2 Frank & Grace Mensah
12/3 Jesus Espinoza
12/5 Peggy Lewis
12/6 Amanda Pettit
12/7 Angalique Parker
12/8 Christiana Sesay
12/8 Micah Boice
12/8 Olivia Boice
12/8 Sheree Hayes
12/9 Gaylord & Sheree Hayes
12/9 Lowell Schmidt
12/9 Paul Lee
12/10 Melissa Newton
12/11 Sandra Porter
12/12 Jose Perez
12/12 Paul Prentice
12/13 Josh Boice
12/14 Earl & Betty Robertson
12/16 Chris & Kelly Branigan
12/16 Mandy Hewitt
12/17 Marvin & Ruth West
12/18 Greg & Martha White

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