September 15, 2022

We welcome Pastor Jeremy Page, his wife Lynette, and their son Luke to our FW Westridge congregation. The Pages are cross-cultural servants and come to the West Texas District after serving on the mission field. Pastor Downs will participate in their installation on October 16. 

In order to accommodate next year's General Assembly dates, there will be some date changes for Family Camp and CRAVE next year.

CRAVE: June 19-23, 2023
Family Camp: June 25-30, 2023

Dear Pastors and Children’s Ministry Leaders,

The Board of General Superintendents of the Church of the Nazarene has made a formal statement regarding our policy regarding sexual misconduct. “The Church of the Nazarene has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior with minors. All workers, leaders, and pastoral staff are to be above reproach in their conduct and to act in the best interest of others. This requires not only that they themselves refrain from engaging in any abusive or suspicious behavior involving minors; they will also be required to report without delay to the proper authorities anyone seen engaging in such behavior.” The Board of General Superintendents (statement from M11 conference in Louisville)

The West Texas Children and Youth Ministries partner with MinistrySafe for our online sexual abuse training. MinistrySafe is a tool to help churches begin the process of protecting the children and youth in their ministries. The West Texas Ministry Safe Training Team (MST) will be working with each church on the district that ministers to children to begin (or update) this process at their local church.

We will be taking the following approach.

Step 1 – Every Senior/Lead Pastor communicates with the West Texas Ministry Safe Training Team (MST) a list of pastoral staff, leaders, or volunteers who minister with children or youth (18 years of age or younger). All Senior/Lead Pastors are required to complete the training regardless if they directly minister to children/youth or not.

  • Provide First/Last Name, working email, preferred language, and identify if Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (AWT) or Skillful Screening Training (SS) is required.
  • Please note, Skillful Screening is required for all senior/lead pastors and anyone who screens/hires/fires staff or volunteers who will be ministering to children/youth.

Step 2 – The MST will send a training email to each person’s email provided from Step 1. This email will include a link for each individual to complete the training. If there are individuals who do not have a working email, the senior pastor (or delegate) can contact the MST to discuss an alternative approach for training.

Step 3 – Each individual will open the link provided (open the link only once). They are to watch all seven videos and then complete the online quiz. This will take approximately one hour to complete the entire process for Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. (Senior Pastors are provided a separate link to complete the Skillful Screening Training).

Step 4 – The MinistrySafe system will notify the MST that the training is completed. The Team will update records and notify West Texas Kids Treasurer to initiate payment from local churches.

Step 5 – West Texas Kids Treasurer, Candace Clem (, will coordinate with each local church to pay for the training. (Training costs $5 per MinistrySafe Awareness Training; $50 for Skillful Screening Training).

The MST is prepared to work with you as you conduct this process on the local level. See team contact information:

Mary Brewer - 817-915-5034 Zones: Fort Worth, Lamesa, Metro Mid-Cities, Wichita Falls

Connie Lincecum - 817-240-4474 Zones: Abilene, Amarillo, Arrowhead, Denton, High Plains, Lubbock

Jennifer Sommers – 817-919-8078



Jennifer Sommers

West Texas District Children’s Director

Our district bookkeeper, Griselda Sierra, has prepared the West Texas District 2022-2023 "Funding The Mission" report as of September 14, 2022. Pastors, please pay close attention to your church's contributions so far this year. Please make every effort to encourage your people to faithfully maintain their giving for others. 

Click here to download the report.


Curso Ministerial: La Teología de Juan Wesley

Fecha: 20 de septiembre - 25 de octubre

Profesor: Rev. Jose Palacios

Para inscribirte al curso o para más información comunícate con el pastor José Palacios -

Youth Summit!

Are you planning on attending youth summit this year? If not I definitely think you should! SNU hosts this awesome events for youth pastor each year. The past several years that I have been able to attend we have had some awesome speakers who have not only given us great information but been a huge support to those involved in Youth Ministry,

This year they have it planned a little different where Youth Summit and Pastors Forum is happening at the same time. We are able to participate in the Forum as well as have specialized breakouts just for us as Youth pastors. Eric Samuel Timm is one of the key speakers during the forum as well and the breakout speaker for youth ministers. This is a time for us as pastor to connect together but also to discover new ideas on how we can do youth ministry. I’m not that far removed from our high schoolers but I feel like I am lightyears away with how things have been changing and attending summit these past 4 years has been a huge encouragement for me in my ministries and I also love the time of fellowship with my fellow youth pastors/ ministry workers! I love Youth Summit so much I attended last year with my 3 week old son! It is a conference I never want to miss and I am excited that this year it is being partnered with the Pastors Forum!

The West Texas NYI will cover the registration fee of those who attend and we hope you will join us this year! I will include a couple of links to hotels that I have stayed at or that are close to SNU for you to take a look at! I hope to see you in Bethany on Monday Sept. 19th!

Pastor Rebecca Aleman
Northside Church of the Nazarene
West Texas District VP
West Texas we are going to Tampa Bay, Florida for Nazarene Youth Conference in July summer of 2023!!!

I’m your NYC Coordinator for West Texas and I wanted to try to get you all the details! 

Believe it or not we will be flying to Florida for NYC! With the cost of travel right now it is actually cheaper for our group to fly rather than drive. With this I know you will have so many questions. Know that we are still in the planning phases and can not even purchase our flight tickets as we are too far out. Know that you can not use your own mileage / flight rewards for this trip. We work with someone who helps us find group rates as this is such a large trip and we will be keeping the planning all together. Please note that there is no requirement to be vaccinated to fly. Since we are flying if you have students who are going to be the younger age; they will need to start planning to get their student a Texas I.D. card as they will not have a drivers license to be used for flying. (A passport will work fine too). 

Nazarene Youth Conference 2023 is for students who have completed 8th - 12th grade by time of event; July 2023. (So teens who are going into 8th grade fall of 2022 and Senior class of 2023 are eligible to attend as a student!)

This is a big question. Please note that NYC Headquarters are very strict about our Student / Sponsor ratio. This is going to come down to each church’s number of students they have attending. Please be aware that it is recommended that the Youth Pastor / Spouse are the first two chosen to attend as sponsors for their group. Our ratio is 8-10 Students to every Sponsor. You must be at least 23 years old to attend as a sponsor. 

Right now the most important thing is to start TALKING about NYC ’23 to your students, parents and your church!! I suggest you plan a Parent / Student meeting to go over all the things and get them talking about NYC. Have former students come and share their experience. Some parents/teens are going to know exactly what this is. For some this is going to be the very first time they hear about this event! Please get posters / make postcards / flyers anything to spread the word to your church!


Register by October 15th 2022 to lock in the $450 registration price.
Registering October 16th 2022 - January 15th 2023 price is $550.

Must be registered by January 15th to attend NYC ’23.

Must have at least $650 paid towards trip by January 15th 2023. 

Trip must be paid in full by May 15th 2023. (Student + Sponsor prices are the same $1,550 total)

In this email you will notice there are a few documents:
- West Texas NYC ’23 Links (registration, payments and website)
- WT NYC ’23 Letter to Parents 
- Price of NYC Breakdown
- NYC Promo Video
- NYC23 Flyer
- QR codes for Registration, Payment + website
- A flyer with QR on them for your printing purposes
- NYC Payment Plan (EXAMPLE! Please note this is an example to try to help stay on top of payments for NYC. The only two dates that are non negotiable are: getting registered by January 15th, 2023 and having at least $650 paid towards trip by this date. May 15th 2023 trip must be paid in full.)

If you would like to get some of the design elements for your own designs purpose please let me know. This will be for your advertising / communicating materials. Know that as a whole district at the event we will have Gear / Shirts made to wear during the conference. 

I hope this gets you off on the right start and you are excited!! I encourage you to please spread the word to your church leaders! We want to make sure everyone is aware and ready for this once in a lifetime experience!

I ask that you ask your Youth Pastor / Leader questions first. And then if they are unsure you can always reach out to me.

Thank you kindly, 

Kelsea Gale Beville
Communication Director | Graphic Designer
Lubbock FCN


Our West Texas churches have been so faithful to give to the Alabaster Offering over the years.  Thank you for your support of this important ministry!


Although this offering can be taken locally and sent to Global Treasury Services at any time of year, September is a popular month for Alabaster.

The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots."


Alabaster funds are used for new churches to:

  • Purchase property or a church building
  • Purchase or build a church parsonage
  • Build a church building
  • Convert property into a church gathering space
  • Meet initial costs for renting a church meeting space for a limited period of time. 
  • Alabaster funds may also be used to: Purchase or build missionary homes
  • Purchase or build regional or field mission facilities
  • Build or repurpose buildings on Bible college campuses.  

Pastors and NMI Presidents -- Are you looking for videos to show to your congregation about the Alabaster Offering? They are available here in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Korean: 

NMI - Alabaster | Church of the Nazarene


Just a reminder that the Alabaster Offering is one of the TOP FIVE AREAS OF IMPACT for Nazarene Missions International along with Prayer, World Evangelism Fund, Mentoring Children & Youth, and supporting our LINKS Missionaries.


Church treasurers can submit the Alabaster Offering through your church’s Funding The Mission account or by mailing a check made out to “General Treasurer” and designated for “Alabaster Offering” to:



   P O BOX 843116

   KANSAS CITY, MO 64184-3116

Hello friends on the West Texas District!

Well, we have arrived back in Amman after our 3 month home assignment in the states and are (mostly) over our jet lag at this point, yay!

We just wanted to reach out and thank you all again for having us back in June. We know it was a bummer that we had to do mostly online services, but our family was so blessed by our time in Texas and your support, encouragement, and generosity! Hopefully we can make it back again in the future and make up for the fellowship (and food!) we missed this time! In the meantime though, if there is anything we can do to help you all in your support of missions at your churches, please don't hesitate to reach out, we are happy to partner however we can!

Blessings to you!

Joel, Kristin and Jackson Burchfiel 


We are gathering coats at Lantana Community Church to be brought up to Cactus. 

You may drop off coats at the church

M-F from 9:00 am -3:00 pm

Contact Kaye Wheatley about weekends drop-offs  

C-972-567-4273 or  

Deadline for coat drop-off is Monday, September 26

This November, from the 21st until the 29th, we are joining once again with a number of other organizations in the Panhandle to raise funds through the Panhandle Gives. This campaign is centered around Giving Tuesday which is November 29th. Last year, you, our friends, and a host of your friends, helped CNMC raise nearly $40,000! This year, we would like to reach our goal of $100,000! This amount will enable us to continue the ministries currently offered though the wonderful staff we have and will have but also, help us to grow and expand the CNMC ministry to help meet even more people's needs in 2023.

Another way you can partner with us during the campaign is to become a fundraising hero yourself; you can have your own fundraising page on the Panhandle Gives website with CNMC and direct all of your friends and acquaintances to your page to give to the ministry of CNMC. If you, as a Peer to Peer fundraising hero for CNMC, raise the most money for the campaign there is a special prize from CNMC. If you are interested in in helping CNMC as a fundraising hero, please contact Phil Anderson at to get you signed up.

Also, would you consider praying specifically about what God would have you give to CNMC this November and donate through the Panhandle Gives? The more we raise, the more we receive through the Amplification Fund. Money donated to the Panhandle Gives Amplification Fund is distributed to organizations by percentage of total money they raise over $250. Every dollar helps us reach our goal!

The ministry really needs a very good to good midsize 4 door travel car, such as a Hyundai, Kia, Toyota etc. This car would be used for travel back and forth to the bank in Dumas and meetings in Amarillo and the West Texas District. We would also use it to deliver Meals on Wheels have it available for interns, and other in-town ministries in which walking is not an option. Right now, most of us use our own vehicles to run errands and do ministry for CNMC. This car would be a great blessing to help staff not have to use their own vehicles or drive the large 15 passenger vans we have for teams.


If you are willing to donate for a car, just earmark your donation ‘car’. If you have a car that you would like to donate that is reliable and fits our needs, please call Rev. Olbin Visagie through our office number: 806-421-0160. 



2022 Report Booklet
NEW: Where to Send Budget Allocations
[806 Airport Fwy., Suite 206, Hurst, TX 76054 ]  [817-479-8611]  []