Dear Friend of the Horse Show

As promised, I am staying in very close contact with West Vincent Township Supervisors, attending every meeting (and some committee meetings as well) to learn what their next plan of attack may be.  Although they promised never to go after LCHS again, we all know they should not be trusted.  Since my new part time hobby is WVT politics, I thought it may be fun to drop you a note or two when something of interest pops up at these meetings.  As fun, fast facts come along, I will share them with you, however I invite you to attend the meetings with me.  I can promise you, they are more entertaining than Reality TV.  You just can't make this stuff up.

First Fact:  Last week, was the annual budget approval meeting,  the $4 million + budget was presented, and not one supervisor had a question to ask of Jim Wendlegass Township Manager.  I came prepared with 28 questions, none of which could be answered by Wendlegass.  The most interesting of the questions was:

Question:  "Can you show me where the rental income from Mr. Miller's lease of the Griffin farm shows up in other income; under "interest, rents and royalties, you budgeted a ZERO"  
Answer:  "ahhh.....I'm not sure?  It must be there somewhere?  I'll have to get back to you on that"
.........Still waiting.  Be assured, I am following up with these questions and will keep you posted regarding the truth.  

Second Fact:  At tonight's meeting,  Clare Quinn requested that the township now pay her health benefits.  If you remember, Clare was fired from her position at French and Pickering Landtrust due to her hand in the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show Eminent Domain debacle.  Now the lucky residents of West Vincent Township get to pay 100% (yes you read that correctly) of her health benefits.  I ask you, does your employer pay 100% of your benefits?  West Vincent Does!  

I invite you ALL to attend next week's meeting (1/9/12) at 7:30 p.m.  This is the meeting they didn't want to have with you there in December!  If you remember, they would not throw the gavel down while we were all there.  There was a reason.   It is a zoning hearing that changes the zoning to accommodate Clare Quinn's friend's zoning violations. The zoning changes can be found on the WVT website, if you want to read up, or just show up -- It is promised to be action packed.  Plan on attending and crashing their meeting.  I'm sure they will love it!  

Thanks for caring!

Maria Jacobs
Friend of the Horse Show