We are here for you! As a local, independent wholesaler, our team is ready to serve your and your insureds' needs more than ever. In the past week, we’ve made a few adjustments as our colleagues began to work from home to comply with social distancing guidelines. We've worked together to provide outstanding levels of teamwork, service, and creativity. We greatly appreciate the phenomenal agency and carrier support along the way.  Please reach out to our team if you have any new business, renewal, or servicing needs. Of course, feel free to just say “hello” as well.

Now for some fun. Below you’ll see some of our team members in their new “office” environments. Try to match the names of the team member with their picture below. Reply to this email with your answers. The first three (3) correct responses will win a Starbucks gift card in the mail.

We’ve always been a casual office, but we certainly encourage casual office attire in our new offices! We’ve also enlisted some help from a few fury friends and kids (interns)!

Thank you again to all for your continued trust and confidence in WestPac and Virtus, your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Employee List

  • Sonya Surrett - Customer Service Representative, Virtus
  • Lisa Clink - Account Assistant, Virtus
  • Amber Bredsnajder - Customer Service Representative, WestPac
  • Eric Richter - Virtus President; VP Marketing, WestPac/Virtus
  • Steve Brown - Marketing, WestPac/Virtus
  • Emily McDaniel - Broker, Virtus
  • Jankeith Gatewood - Broker, Virtus
  • Kennedi Christensen - Underwriter, Virtus
  • Susan Gore - Underwriter, Virtus
  • Julie Tedder - Accounting, WestPac/Virtus
  • Nick Bredsnajder - Risk Management, WestPac/Virtus
  • Carlie Genova - GM/VP Operations, WestPac/Virtus
  • Darlene Peterson - Associate Underwriter, Virtus
  • Gabby Stegner - Account Manager, WestPac
  • Kaylyn Van Ackeren - Customer Service Representative, WestPac
Contact Us
  • Jared Boring, Construction Broker - jared@westpacins.com
  • Tony Mancuso, WC/Construction Broker - tony@westpacins.com
  • Bobbie Sagan, Construction Underwriter - bobbie.sagan@westpacins.com
  • Hunter Slaton, Construction Underwriter - hunter.slaton@westpacins.com

  • Rick Richter, President/CEO - rick@westpacins.com
  • Eric Richter, Virtus President; VP Marketing - WestPac/Virtus - eric@westpacins.com
  • Jake Goin, COO/CFO - jake@westpacins.com
  • Gloria Jimenez, Executive VP - gloria.jimenez@westpacins.com
  • Carlie Genova, GM/VP Operations - carlie@westpacins.com

  • WestPac/Virtus - 303.904.3777