Westborough Responds to Recent Hate Crimes
Westborough is a community of inclusion
Westborough is a community of acceptance
Westborough is a community of kindness
Westborough is a community of caring
Westborough will not accept anything less

T he events of last week left many of us wondering how we can come together and show that we are a community united in our hope for peace, love and justice for all. The murders of Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh and of African Americans in Louisville, and the pipe bombs sent to various public figures serve as stark reminders that we need to be vigilant and deliberate in our support of our neighbors and in our rejection of hate in all forms.

Our first act in this community commitment will be a showing of support for our brothers and sisters in the Jewish faith.

As a community, how can we respond?
As a show of community strength and solidarity, we will greet our Jewish community members with a Community Friendship Circle outside of the Congregation B’nai Shalom as they enter for evening services on Friday, November 9th.

In conjunction with this, we ask community organizations, individuals and students to offer messages of faith, love and kindness through handwritten notes and letters. The letters will be handed out to congregation members as they enter the synagogue.

How can you be a part of this important show of support in Westborough?

  1. Written Messages of Support: We invite you to write paper letters that offer thoughts of support, friendship and kindness for Westborough residents of the Jewish faith. Feel free to use your creativity. We ask that people complete these by Wednesday, November 7th at 5pm. Drop-off boxes will be located at the Westborough Public Library or you may email Kelley Petralia at kelley_click@hotmail.com to arrange pick up of the letters.
  2. Join the Community Friendship Circle: Please join your Westborough neighbors on Friday, November 9th to greet worshipers as they enter for temple at Congregation B’nai Shalom located at 117 East Main Street, Westborough. Community members interested in participating should gather at 7:00PM in the parking lot of Hastings Elementary School right next door to the temple . We will greet each other, and then proceed over in unity to form a greeting circle. Community members of all faiths are invited to join the congregation for Shabbat worship. Community leaders will also offer some words during the service. Community members of all faiths are invited to join the congregation for Shabbat worship. The congregation also invites the community to join them for a dessert reception immediately after the service.

We will also look forward to a broader effort to show that we, as a community, will not tolerate hate directed towards anyone. If you have ideas pr suggestions you would like to share, please email us at westboroughconnects@gmail.com.

Thank you.