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Communications Committee - December 2018 Edition!

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." 

~Pablo Picasso

It's a known fact that for all the well-intended goals people set at the beginning of the year, only about 8% make it to the finish line and achieve their goal. An overwhelming 80% of those that start out strong are quickly terminated by mid-February. Well I, for one, don't want that to happen to you. Not this year. Not ever.

People create New Year's resolutions or goals in general because they want a better life for themselves. When we create goals in our brain, we hand them over to our subconscious mind, which plans and seeks out ways to accomplish the goal. The subconscious mind is a very powerful force, but it's only as powerful as the thoughts we think and the habits we create. Sometimes, the very techniques we are currently using aren't the ones we should be using for new goals. And maybe, for the past goals, you've been using some techniques that are wearing you out or just aren't working for you to help move you closer to your goal. Well, I don't want you to give up. And your future self doesn't want you to give up either.

So, I thought I would jot down a few techniques to help keep you in the game towards achieving your goal.
1. Hire a coach  - A coach or accountability partner is someone that can help ensure you believe in yourself and your goal. Many times self-limiting beliefs get in the way of people living into their full potential and reaching their goals. A coach can help you get rid of negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. They will also ensure the goal is meaningful and will be a fulfilling achievement once completed. Every goal should align with a purpose in your life. If you're not sure about your purpose or how to align goals with your purpose, a coach can be very helpful. They can also help you develop healthy habits to maintain a work-life balance while pursuing your goal. Very often, people get off balance, having the pursuit of the goal take priority over everything else in their life. Ultimately, this can lead to lost relationships and poor health.  Instead, an accountability partner can help ensure balance is maintained throughout the achievement of the goal.
2. Eat that elephant   - I'm sure you've heard that saying, 'How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.' Well that saying applies to your goal as well. That elephant is your goal, and I'm sure it's something you really want as part of your life. And in order for it to actually become part of your life you have to eat that elephant one bite at a time. This means that you've got to break the goal down into smaller goals or milestones. With smaller goals you won't be overwhelmed by the big goal and you have something to look forward to in a shorter amount of time. When you achieve the smaller goals, be sure to take a time-out to celebrate the victory and then keep going.
3. Time-block  - If you're having a hard time getting around to working on your goal then it's time to implement time-blocking. Time-blocking is a high productivity tool used to keep a person focused, uninterrupted and on task for a certain amount of time. Determine how much time each day or each week you need to work towards your goal. Then plan out your day or week to have a block of time carved out just to work on the goal. It may not always work out perfect but at least you are being deliberate about making time to reach the goal that's important to you - and that will build your intrinsic motivation to keep time-blocking it into your schedule.
4. Fail forward   - As the new year is right around the corner, some of you may already be fully motivated to jump right into those resolutions.  However, there may be a time, as you move forward, you become close to getting off track.  I want you to know, that it is ok. The key is to not give up at the first sign of failure. Instead, take a time out and reassess why you got off track or why it's not going as planned. Failure is not a bad thing as long as we get back up, learn why we failed, adjust accordingly, and keep moving forward. It's called failing forward. Elon Musk says, "If you're not failing, you're not trying." Don't be afraid of failure. Use it to focus on what does work and move forward.
5. Be gentle  - I want to stress that achieving goals is a wonderful and powerful thing. It motivates you to strive for even higher achievements. But in the midst of this goal that you want to achieve, be sure to be gentle with yourself during the process. You have set out to reach this goal for a reason and you're pursuing it with your mind, body, and soul. Find little moments within your day to sit quietly and listen to your inner voice. Ensure that you are talking to yourself in a positive manner; no negative self-talk allowed. Positive affirmations about who you are and where you want to be, by pursuing this goal, are ways to gently reassure yourself that you are headed in the right direction and will achieve the results you are looking for.
With these five techniques I'm confident you can achieve not only your New Year's resolution or goals you might have, but any task or challenge that comes your way. You CAN be a part of the 8% that reaches their goals this year. Be sure to hire a coach, eat that elephant, time-block, fail forward, and be gentle on yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Fellow Homeowners,

The Board of Directors, which consists of 5 elected members, has a vacancy that we are looking to fill. Under our Bylaws the remaining Board members are to vote on a replacement to serve until the next election at the Annual Meeting on April 18, 2019.

In accordance with the VWOA Bylaws, paragraph 7.04, "vacancies on the Board of Directors caused by death, resignation, or disqualification...shall be filled by vote of the majority of the remaining Directors...and each person so elected shall be a Director until a successor is elected at the next annual meeting of the Association."

If you are interested, please submit the following information, along with a brief resume (200-300 words), to Board@villagesofwestcreek.com by December 31, 2018.    
  • Name:  
  • Address:  
  • Phone: 
  • Email: 
Each volunteer will be considered and interviewed, prior to the Board making an appointment.

VWOA Board of Directors

Jacob Fey

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome a new face to our VWOA Team.  Mr. Jacob Fey, from Spectrum Association Management, will take the reins as Community Manager, effective January 1, 2019.  Jacob is already spending time on site with our outgoing manager, Mike Hunsucker, to get the "lay of the land" and be ready to "hit the ground running" with the start of the New Year.    

Jacob brings a wealth of experience in management of large communities such as ours.  We look forward to working together as we continue on this journey to keep the Villages of Westcreek a community we can all be proud to call home!  Next time you drop by the office, please feel free to introduce yourself and welcome Jacob to our team!
As we welcome Jacob to the Villages of Westcreek management team, we also say farewell and thank you to Mike Hunsucker for his management these last two years.  Best wishes to you, Mike, as you embark on a new path. 

Submitted by:  Judi Cannon, VWOA Treasurer


In accordance with the VWOA Bylaws and Administrative Resolution 48, the Board President appointed Board Member Judi Cannon to chair the Nominations Committee for election year 2019.   The committee will consist of at least 3 homeowners to serve as voting committee members, also appointed by the Board.   Anyone interested in serving may join the committee after being appointed by the Board.  

The primary responsibilities of the Nominations Committee are:
  1. Determining the number of nominations needed.
  2. Ensuring that deadlines for nominations are met.
  3. Overseeing the posting of nomination forms using the prescribed form.
  4. Ensuring the accuracy of the information when it is presented to the community.
  5. Reporting to the Board monthly updates on the candidates.
  6. Assisting the Board in conducting two Meet the Candidates meetings 60 and 30 days before the Annual Meeting.
With the 2019 Annual Membership meeting coming in April, the committee must begin its work very soon to ensure a smooth nomination and election process.    Therefore, we will hold an informational meeting for all potential committee members on Tuesday, January 8th, at 6:00 PM in the Community Center Conference Room.  

If you wish to serve and assist with preparations for our 2019 Board Election process, please join us.  The names of those who wish to serve will be presented to the Board for appointment at the January 18th Board meeting.  If you cannot attend the meeting on January 8th, you may still be appointed to the committee by attending the Board meeting and expressing a desire to participate.
Submitted by: Judi Cannon, Nominations Committee Chairperson     

Community Updates.  Mike Hunsucker


The Board of Directors approved a new " Billing and Payment Policy" on November 15, 2018.  Notable changes are as follows:
  • The Hand Delivery fee was reduced from $60 to $50. 
  • The Escalated Collection fee was reduced from $150 to $120.  
CLICK HERE to view the Billing and Payment Policy!

The VWOA Office will be closed on the following dates during the month of December.
  • Closed - December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and January 1st
  • Open - December 27th and 28th (9:00 AM till 4 PM)


The Villages of Westcreek Owners' Association will be sponsoring our Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 8, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the Community Center.  If you are a vendor and would like to participate in this event, contact the VWOA Office at 210-679-8761. 

  • Only one vendor per product type will be allowed
  • Space is on a first come first serve basis 
  • Spots are $25 each
Vendors will be offering  a wide variety of arts and crafts, jewelry, candles, food and much more!!

Hope to see you there!
Lilly Photography will be available to take professional photos at Santa in the Park!

The Holiday Lighting Contest is open to all residents of the Villages of Westcreek Owners' Association who are members in good standing.
  • Starting on Monday, December 3rd, you can turn in your Holiday Lighting Contest Applications form.
  • All Holiday Lighting Contest applications must be turned in to the office by 6:00 PM on Wednesday, December 12th.
  • Judging will take place on Thursday, December 13th, between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.   Please make sure your lights are on during this time. 
  • Judges will announce winners during Santa in the Park on Friday, December 14th! 
  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  Please contact the office at 210-679-8761 if you have any questions.


Our goal is to help ensure that all Westcreek residents and New Beginnings Children's Home have a wonderful holiday.  These children need some holiday cheer, so please help them by adopting an angel this year.


Residents wishing to Adopt an Angel can visit the office. Simply, choose a tag from our Angel Tree, turn it around and you will see items needed for girls and boys, from tops and bottoms, to personal items.  All gifts must be returned to the office, wrapped, no later than Monday, December 17, 2018. For our Westcreek children and families, the gifts brought in can be picked up in the office by the families, or the office staff will deliver to homes.

If you have any questions please call the VWOA office at 210-679-8761.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Payments are now accepted over the phone for all our Painting Parties.  Call the office at 210-679-8761.

The San Antonio Food Bank reports that their shelves are at historic lows, with only weeks of nonperishable food left in their inventory for this Holiday Season. 

Their non-perishable supply is made up of what we commonly call their "12 Most Wanted" items like peanut butter, cereal, tuna, beans, rice, macaroni and cheese, chili, canned stew, canned soups, canned lunch meat, complete meals in a box or can, and pop top foods.

Currently, they are rationing donations, as there is not enough food for everyone's need. But your gift means more food, less rationing, and a healthier community.

In response to their call for action, the Villages of Westcreek Owners' Association is sponsoring a "Food Drive" thru the end of the year. 

  • Drop off your donations during regular business hours at the VWOA Community Center located at 12395 Military Drive West.
Your First Quarter Assessment of $99.00 is due on January 1, 2019.

As of January 29, 2019, all accounts with outstanding balances begin incurring a late fee of $20.00, plus a delinquent interest charge.

CLICK HERE for more information about how to pay your assessments and our Billing/Collection Policy .
NOTE : The Office is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding holidays.  In addition, the Office is open on the 2nd Saturday each month from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

  • Payments can still be made here at the VWOA onsite office during business hours.
  • Payments may also be mailed to our office, made payable to VWOA, at 12395 Military Dr. West, San Antonio, TX 78253.  You can also mail your payment directly to Spectrum Association Management, P.O. Box 299008, Lewisville, TX 75029. Mailed payments are processed electronically; please do not send cash! 
  • You may drop off cash (in a sealed envelope), check, or money-order at the drop box, located to the right of our front entry doors at the business office. Make sure you include your address on your check/money order.
  • Cash is accepted in the office.
  • Card Payments will be accepted only after the homeowner is registered with Spectrumam.com.
  • Pay by Phone- 1-877-342-6233 (your account number needed).

If you need extra time to pay your assessments, fill out the form below to see if you qualify for a payment plan. Payment plan requests are reviewed within two business days, and if approved, a payment plan agreement will be emailed to sign and return to our office within five business days.


The Villages of Westcreek launched an experiment to see if there was enough interest and support within the community for us to host local Food Trucks.  What started with just two food trucks serving the community on Friday, Saturday and Monday evenings, has now expanded to several additional trucks offering their cuisine throughout the week. The support we received from community members and the Food Truck vendors has made this a successful venture.

If you know of a Food Truck that you think would be interested in joining the "StrEATS of Westcreek," have them contact the VWOA Office at 210-679-8761 during our normal business hours. There is a small $25 fee for each truck that participates in the program.  We only allow one truck per evening.

CLICK HERE to view the StrEATS of Westcreek Food Truck schedule and menus!

Our next scheduled Community Yard Sales will be held on December 8, 2018 .  Community Yard Sales listings will be posted on the VWOA website, the day prior to the event.  If you wish to add your yard sale to the listing, please call the VWOA Office at 210-679-8761 by 12 noon on the Friday before the scheduled yard sale.
Submitted by:  Melissa Garcia, Administrative Director

Sign up during "Early Bird" registration and SAVE $10!

Sports Registration Dates
  • Early Bird - July 1, 2018 ~ March 17, 2019
  • Regular - March 18, 2019 ~ April 6, 2019
  • Late - April 7, 2019 ~ April 20, 2019 
  • Early Bird - November 11, 2018 ~ December 31, 2018
  • Regular - January 1, 2019 ~ January 19, 2019
  • Late - January 20, 2019 ~ February 9, 2019 
  • Early Bird - July 1, 2018 ~ March 17, 2019
  • Regular - March 18, 2019 ~ April 6, 2019
  • Late - April 7, 2019 ~ April 27, 2019 
  • Early Bird - December 17, 2018 ~ August 17, 2019
  • Regular - August 18, 2019 ~ August 31, 2019
  • Late - September 1, 2019 ~ September 21, 2019
  • September 24, 2018 - January 27, 2019

Since the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meets on Tuesdays, meetings will not be held during the Christmas holidays on December 25 and January 1. 

Any Property Improvement Application (PIA) submitted for ARC approval after December 14 will not be acted upon until January 8.

Standards Review


In the August 2018 edition of "Westcreek Living," we ran an article regarding the use of sidewalks.  It basically stated that blocking the pedestrian's use of sidewalks and driveway aprons is unlawful.  

Any object including motor vehicles, trailers, RV's, trash/recyclable containers, basketball hoops, tree limbs, etc. that blocks pedestrian usage of any portion of sidewalks, is subject to ticketing by law officials.  Violations are a Class C Misdemeanor with a fine not to exceed $500.00.  Now that there is a shortage of school buses for our area, there is a greater need to keep the sidewalks clear for students walking to and from school. 
Most objects that continually block the sidewalks and driveway aprons are motor vehicles and trash/recyclable containers.  Placing trash/recyclable containers in the street next to the curb for scheduled pickup would solve one of the violations.  This picture above shows how a portion of a driveway apron serves as a sidewalk and an entrance to the home.
Residents may report violations to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office on their non-emergency number:  210-335-6000.
Submitted by:  Gene Hopkins, Chair, Architectural Review Committee

Per Section 8.5 of the Standards, unless a fire ban is in effect, fireworks are permitted outside the City Limits, but not on:
  • Utility easements;
  • Grassy and weeded areas; 
  • Military Drive West; 
  • Westcreek Oaks Drive;
  • Westcreek View;
  • Grosenbacher Road; and 
  • Any common properties within the Villages of Westcreek.
All trash/debris, must be removed from the streets/lawns by 9:00 AM the following day .
CLICK HERE to view the Standards.
The Bexar County Fire Marshal's website addresses additional rules as outlined below:

A person may not: 

a.  explode or ignite fireworks within 600 feet of any church, a hospital other than a veterinary hospital, an asylum, a licensed child care center, or a public or private primary or secondary school or institution of higher education unless the person receives authorization in writing from that organization;
b.  sell at retail, explode or ignite fireworks within 100 feet of a place where flammable liquids or flammable compressed gasses are stored and dispensed; 
c.  explode or ignite fireworks within 100 feet of a place where fireworks are stored or sold; 
d.  ignite or discharge fireworks in or from a motor vehicle; 
e.  place ignited fireworks in, or throw ignited fireworks at, a motor vehicle; 
f.  sell, store, manufacture, distribute, or display fireworks except as provided by the rules adopted by the commissioner; or 
g.  manufacture, distribute, sell, or use fireworks in a public fireworks display or for agricultural, industrial, or wildlife control purposes without an appropriate license or permit.  Fireworks manufactured, distributed, sold, or used without an appropriate license or permit are illegal fireworks.
  • A violation of a, b, c, d, e, and f that results in property damage in an amount of less than $200 and does not result in bodily injury or death, or a violation of Section 2154.254 (a) or (b), is a Class C misdemeanor.  
  • A new state law enacted in September also gives fire professionals and law enforcement the ability to charge a person with arson if they recklessly cause a fire that damages a structure or other property such as a motor vehicle. If a person is found guilty under this law, the penalty can include fines up to $10,000 and incarceration.

Submitted by Gene Hopkins, Chair, Architectural Review Committee

T he Holidays are here!  The spirit of the season is joyous, bringing cooler weather, more time spent indoors, and gift exchanges.  Here are some holiday safety tips to remember in keeping you and your loved ones safe:

Toy Safety:
  • Be aware of small toys or parts of toys that may be choking hazards for young children. This includes button batteries that can cause great damage if swallowed.
  • Consider ornaments that may serve as choking hazards if accessible to small children as well.  
  • Don't forget the protective equipment (helmets, pads) with wheeled gifts.
  • Apply necessary barriers to keep young children safe who may grab at ornaments or pull on trees (barriers are easily removable for quick pictures).
  • Use appropriate barriers in front of fire places to prevent injuries to people and pets as there may be additional objects on the floor (think cords and presents).
Travel Safety:
  • Do not leave heavy jackets on small children in car seats.  Puffy or bulky jackets do not allow straps to be secured properly and can cause children to become injured in the case of a collision.  Instead remove jackets and tuck a blanket over secured car seat straps.
  • If venturing out of town, do not broadcast that your residence will be vacant.  This, unfortunately, may identify an easy target for potential break-ins. 
Look out for one another!
  • As family and friends gather this time of year, it is particularly important to look out for those who have experienced loss, change, or are alone during this season. 
  • Reach out via phone call, text, or quick drop in (depending on comfort level) to check on those who may be feeling sad or alone this season.
  • If you are feeling down, sad or lonely this season, please reach out to someone you trust and let them know how you are feeling.  If you feel you do not have anyone to talk to and feel in distress, please call (24/7, free and confidential):
    • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • For Deaf or hard of hearing, there is also an online chat available at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ (1-800-799-4889)

Submitted by: Jacqueline Khalaf, RN, CPST


Winter holidays are a time for families and friends to get together.  But that also means a greater risk for fire. As you deck the halls this holiday season, be fire smart.  A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly.  Following a few simple tips will ensure a happy and fire-safe holiday season.

  • Be careful with holiday decorations. Choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant.
  • Keep lit candles away from decorations and other things that can burn. 
  • Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both. 
  • Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Read manufacturer's instructions for number of light strands to connect. 
  • Use clips, not nails, to hang lights so the cords do not get damaged. 
  • Keep decorations away from windows and doors.
  • Use lights that have the label of a recognized testing laboratory. Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Read manufacturer's instructions for number of light strands to connect. 
  • Never use lit candles to decorate the tree. 
  • Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.
  • Test your smoke alarms and tell guests about your home fire escape plan.
  • Keep children and pets away from lit candles.
  • Keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet. 
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stovetop. 
  • Ask smokers to smoke outside. Remind smokers to keep their smoking materials with them so young children do not touch them. 
  • Provide large, deep ashtrays for smokers. Wet cigarette butts with water before discarding.
By following a few simple practices and precautions, you can create a fun and perfectly fire-safe holiday for you and your loved ones! And remember, have working smoke alarms in your home and create a home escape plan. Practice it with your family so everyone knows what to do if a fire does occur.


Best ways to avoid porch pirates is to have your package rerouted to only when you're there, have it sent to a neighbor that is going to be home, change your package delivery for signatures only, or have it sent to where you work.

Get permission to ship all your packages to work. That way, they aren't left unguarded at your doorstep for hours while anyone walking by could snatch them. If this arrangement works out, be sure to tell all your friends and family members to ship packages to your work address.

Ask a friend or neighbor to receive your packages for you. You might not be home on workdays, but plenty of people are. Trusted friends who are retired or who work at home might be happy to let you have packages delivered to them for safekeeping.

If a neighbor can't receive your packages and you can't get them at work, another option is available. Try a service that lets you arrange for a package to be held at a warehouse until you arrive home. Then you can arrange delivery for evening hours that better suit you.

Set up a live recording video camera aimed at your porch. That could allow you to spot a theft as it happens and alert law enforcement officials, or at least provide you with video that might help identify the thieves.
Submitted by:  Patrol Administration Deputy Meyer, Bexar County Sheriff's Office

We respectfully invite you to our next Civilian Response Workshop Surviving Active Shooter Events
  • Date: Monday, December 10, 2018 
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Location: Temple Beth-El, 211 Belknap Place
The training is open to the public and you are highly encouraged to attend to learn valuable life saving information and techniques. No registration is necessary. 

Submitted by:  Sheriff Javier Salazar, Bexar County Sheriff's Office


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