Volume 05 | April 29, 2020
Your Weekly News & Updates
´╗┐Hello colleagues, committee members, volunteers, and friends!

We are hearing from our coalition family that many people in our communities are struggling to have their basic needs met - things like food, shelter, financial stability, and safety. These insecurities and worries can cause stress and anxiety. Within our mission of promoting behavioral health and enhancing quality of life at every stage, we need to do our part to help.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Starting next Wednesday, our weekly update will focus on helping those in our service area connect to services for these basic needs. Please be patient with us as we take this week to pull together the resources for Region 5.

If anyone has any feedback to share about these weekly updates - what you want to see more of or what is missing, please let us know. You can email Dawn at admin@wctcoaltion.org or Kathy at khanley@wctcoaltion.org . Any feedback is welcome.

Be well and stay safe!