May 2014
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The Recommended Preferred Alternative features general information about the recommended preferred alternative for the Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements project with a detailed history of the process used to reach this alternative provided on the WCTID website. After a Public Involvement meeting was held in July of 2013, project planners developed an Interchange Modification Study (IMS) for the Western Row Road interchange, consistent with ODOT's project development process.

Based on the feedback received throughout the public involvement process, and traffic data from the IMS, project planners determined that the addition of a loop ramp from eastbound Western Row Road to northbound I-71 will improve the level of service for traffic moving through the Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive intersection. Therefore, the Recommended Preferred Alternative presented at the public involvement meeting was revised to include a loop ramp, and this configuration has been approved as the new Recommended Preferred Alternative. Maps and a video showing the new interchange configurations are available at
More details of the public involvement process can be viewed on the WCTID website at

Western Row Road Interchange Improvements Project Partners Unveil New Website offers information about transportation projects, current construction, 
closure updates and more 
The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (WCTID), along with other project partners of the Western Row Road Interchange Improvements, have announced the launch of a new website, The website provides information about the three projects that will work together to increase mobility, improve safety and expand access to business and recreational destinations in the area. It also features a project overview page, as well as a history and status page of each of the three projects of the Western Row Area Improvements. Separate pages are dedicated to construction updates and employers in the area. 

The first two projects, which are being managed by the WCTID, are phased, and together make up the I-71 Interchange Improvements at Western Row Road:
  • Phase 1, the Columbia Road Relocation, will allow travelers to move more easily through the area by improving turn lanes and extending the distance between the I-71 off ramp intersection and Columbia Road. 
  • Phase 2, also known as the I-71 Interchange Modifications, will provide a new I-71 southbound off ramp and on ramp connecting directly to Innovation Way, as well as the addition of northbound I-71 on-ramps from Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive to improve access. 
The third project, Kings Island Drive Improvements, is being managed by the City of Mason and will widen Kings Island Drive to better support incoming traffic off of I-71.

About the Western Row Road 

Interchange Improvements 

Located in Mason, Ohio, Western Row Road is a key access point along the I-71 business corridor. This popular destination for recreation and business is an important hub for economic development and job creation. An increasing number of businesses and residents are calling the Western Row Road area home.

A regional partnership that includes the Warren County Transportation Improvement District, the Warren County Engineer's Office, the City of Mason, the Ohio Department of Transportation, Deerfield Township, and Warren County is working together to plan and implement transportation improvements to accommodate Western Row Road's growing development. 
The Western Row Road improvement projects will improve mobility and safety, as well as expand access to business and recreational destinations in the area. This initiative will further a thriving, inspired community. For more information, visit