Pucca, a nine-year-old male Shih Tzu / Poodle in our care recently received an "extreme makeover" thanks to Westgate Dental Clinic, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic and a local groomer!

Westgate Dental Clinic is partnering with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to provide bright smiles for some of the pets that require some serious dental work.  

Through a generous donation p provided by Westgate Dental Clinic, the Shelter's medical staff determines when a dog or cat need dental cleaning or tooth extraction.  The pet is then sent to Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic where Tiffany Healey, DVM,  performs the service.

"Of course, we love helping humans get their best smiles, we also love animals here at Westgate Dental," said Benjamin Harrell, MBA, DDS. "When the opportunity came up to partner with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to help some of the pets who might not otherwise get adopted due to the costs associated with pet dentistry, we were thrilled to be able to help!" 

Pucca is just one of the pets that will benefit from this special partnership.  Not long after his procedure, a kind woman from Nebraska noticed his beautiful smile and promptly adopted him into her heart!

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter recently received 20 Kuranda pet beds from Animal Rescue Aid. Animal Rescue Aid is a non-profit organization. Its TheBlueBed Donation Program started in 2010, with the mission of giving quality beds to shelters across the country. Founder of Animal Rescue Aid, Tracey French, says, "The importance of the bed goes beyond the immediate comfort of the animal. The beds are important in the adoption process. When animals are comfortable, their true personalities can shine through to potential adopters, and that helps give them a better chance at being adopted!"

Cheyenne Animal Shelter's President & CEO, Bob Fecht, applied for the grant this summer. However, it was awarded to another shelter. Recently the Cheyenne Animal Shelter received news Animal Rescue Aid gained additional funding, and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter would be receiving 20 pet beds. Fecht says, "This is great news. Having a short platform bed that can be easily cleaned will provide all of our adoptable dogs with a cleaner, safe environment."

On Thursday, October 27th, Airman first class Yakim, Llorens, and Hun from the 90th SSPTS helped assemble the beds. Hun says, "The Cheyenne Animal Shelter helps so many animals each year. We're happy to help out an organization that helps improve the lives of so many animals and people in the community."

Some of the older beds at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter will be sent to Casper, who currently does not have beds.


Raechelle Powell's 15-year-old cat Jordan recently passed away and her family was feeling the effects. Feeling lonely and sad,  they decided to get a new cat from a rescue. 

Raechelle lives in Weld County, Colorado, and they visited several shelters in Colorado.  She says at one humane society she found a cat she wanted but couldn't get in to see him. They left feeling disappointed.

After several weeks of searching, Raechelle visited the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. She says, "I was so impressed. I could walk around and get up close to look at the cats. The staff were eager to help. They didn't make me feel rushed or like my experience wasn't important."

After visiting with a few kitties, she still couldn't find what she was looking for. Then Raechelle spoke with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter's Behaviorist, Brooke Byelich who helped her find just the "right guy!" 

Brooke says, "We interact with the animals everyday. So, we get to know the animals personalities pretty well. When a family comes in looking for something specific, we can usually help find that match. It's very satisfying seeing the perfect pair go out our doors."

Raechelle says when she first brought Harley home from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, he was a little skittish. However, now that Harley has been home for a few weeks,  he has become loving and happy. "He runs around and loves to play." Raechelle says, "It seems like the cat is so thankful to have a home and we couldn't be happier!"

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