We want to thank everyone who attended last night's public meeting to discuss the proposed communications tower in Westlake. Representatives from the Town as well as those involved in the planning of the project were on hand to talk more about the proposal and to address concerns from residents.

Members of the panel included:

  • Sean Kilbride: Westlake Mayor
  • Troy Meyer: Assistant Town Manager
  • Charles Hall: Vertical Bridge
  • Dana Holland: Site Acquisition Manager (Allpro)
  • Ryan Madlock, Sr: Engineer of Record (Allpro)
  • Raul Ramos-Quintana: Verizon R.F. Engineer

Here's a recap of what was discussed as well as the answers to many of the questions raised at the meeting.

Mr. Meyer began by providing background on the timetable of the proposal as well as what the tower would provide the Town in the future.

Mr. Ramos-Quintana explained the differences in coverage between a 100-foot tower versus a 150-foot one.

The Mayor shared resident concerns such as property values potentially decreasing, how home construction standards may serve as a natural barrier for cell service regardless of the tower, and why the existing bell tower in Entrada couldn't be used for communications. Mr. Ramos-Quintana said the Entrada tower is too close to an existing communications tower and wouldn't be beneficial for those who need better service.

Mr. Ramos-Quintana also said a series of smaller devices built into light poles throughout Town would not be as effective as a single tower.

One resident who lives in Vaquero directly across the street from the proposed tower opposed the plan saying it would be an eyesore and would drive down property values. She provided photos of the view from her home of the proposed site. Another resident opposed to the tower talked about the aesthetics as being a drawback. A third resident was also opposed but did acknowledge there is an issue with cell service but is hoping for a more viable solution other than a 150-foot tower.

One resident in attendance was in support of the tower saying his current service was inadequate and that the tower would drastically improve it.

So what are the next steps? Now that Town staff has heard from and will continue to gather input from residents, the proposal will now head to our Planning & Zoning Commission for discussion. If approved by P&Z, it would then go to Town Council for a final vote.

If you were not able to attend the meeting, you can watch the archived version here. If you have any questions that were not answered at the meeting or wish to provide feedback, please let us know at communications@westlake-tx.org. In the meantime, please click here to read previous communications about the proposed tower.

Thank you!

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