April 13, 2018
Welcome to the fourth edition of The Westminster Weekly! We welcome story suggestions from parents, students, teachers, and alumni. Please email your news to Mrs. Nancy Schuler. .
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8th Graders Delve into the Constitution
In history class, the 8th graders have spent two weeks delving deep into the U. S. Constitution. As a culmination of their study, Mrs. Jacobson assigned them a project for which the eighth graders took on the role of designers for a marketing firm that had been hired to promote Constitution Day, September 17, nationwide. 

Each student was assigned one of the three branches of government and had to propose an advertising campaign to educate Americans about what the Constitution says and means, how it organizes the structure of our government, and how various powers are distributed throughout our government. They had the option of presenting in the form of a magazine print ad, an Internet advertisement, a bus stop billboard, or a television commercial storyboard. Lastly, each student crafted an essay opening with a detailed discussion of his/her assigned branch, followed by an analysis of the selection of symbols and wording in the advertisement itself, and a concluding summary addressing why it is essential for Americans to understand the U.S. Constitution.

Examples to the left are: a bus stop billboard by Nora, and a magazine ad by Shalini. Watch the video above to see an internet ad created by Damilola.

1st Grade Presents Where the Wild Things Are
The Class of 2025 put on a great show just before Spring Break. They presented the classic children's book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are. All members of the cast brought out their wild streak and did a great job enunciating and acting. The 1st-grade parents created an absolutely magical set. Mrs. Hannaway (1st grade mom and Westminster grad) and Mrs. Bravo created professional-quality costumes and headpieces that would surely rival anything seen on Broadway. Congratulations to the teachers/directors, Mrs. Basir and Mrs. Kagan, to the student actors, and to all who helped bring this production to fruition. Well done!
Camp Griffin Rocked During Spring Break
Spring Camp 2018 was full of great fun and adventure​s! Campers let their creative juices flow to make beautiful original artworks. They had their head in the clouds exploring the Udvar-Hazy Museum and had a great time checking out the planes, helicopters, and the Space Shuttle Discovery. To end the week, Camp Griffin splashed the day away at Cub Run indoor pool. Registration is now open for Summer Camp 2018. Don't miss out on all that Camp Griffin has to offer!
Senses were Reeling during Spring Break
Whether our families stayed close by or traveled afar, they seem to have enjoyed their spring breaks! In keeping with our theme of "Heightening the Senses," they certainly were reeling with a sensory feast! Thank you for sharing these great pictures with us!
The SIGHT of cherry blossoms in full bloom in DC
The TASTE of a dolphin's kiss at Atlantis
The SMELL of tulips in Amsterdam
The FEEL of the sand between your toes in the Bahamas
The SOUND of maccaws in Mexico

Alumni News
We recently caught up with Amanuel Shitaye , alumnus of the Class of 2007. Amanuel is also a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and holds a BS in Chemistry with a minor in Public Health from William & Mary. He is now enrolled at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

His educational goal was to combine a discipline with fundamental scientific principles with an understanding of the health-related problems affecting populations both nationally and globally. He is not 100% sure on his future field of medicine; however, if he had to choose a specialty right this moment, he would lean towards either Family Medicine or Internal Medicine specializing in Cardiology. Whichever specialty he does decide to go into, one thing will remain true: he wants to "serve in an under-served community, reaching those disenfranchised and without access to health care."

Amanuel had this to say about his Westminster education:
"As a graduate of Westminster, I now know more than before how instrumental and useful it was to practice and learn the organizational skills and keep myself in order; engage in team work with others, especially now in my medical school work, allowing me to have more structure in life. The required high standards of the school help one learn and exercise respect for others, practice good manners, and build strong character, which in turn results in people respecting and receiving a Westminster graduate more readily. I truly believe that the teachers are always in the students’ corner and carry them through life. The great balance of academics, arts, and sports helps one build character, team dynamic, motivation, collaboration, and selflessness. Westminster is the only school I know with the unique opportunity for its students to benefit from strong academics along with a great art and theatre program. The Shakespeare and musical upper-school plays help build perspective and enable the students to enhance their character and public-speaking ability, which distinguishes them from their peers in high school, college and in life."
When asked what his message would be to current students--
"Make the most of what is presented to you and do not take it for granted. Take advantage of your time and form strong friendships with your classmates, and build memories beyond the classroom."
And his message to current parents--
"Westminster provides a respectful environment, allowing kids to push their limits and find their passion. It is a place for your child to find himself/herself and what he/she is capable of. It is a school where emphasis is put on every student for who they are, and the child means more than a name, or letter grade."
Thank you to Amanuel for these kind words! We know that he will do amazing things!

Don't Miss West Side Story !
Mark your calendars now for April 27 and 28, when the Class of 2018 will present the exciting musical, West Side Story. This award-winning Broadway musical features music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. The Romeo and Juliet story set in late 1950's New York brings humor, tragedy, and fantastic choreography.

This show is likely to sell out, so get your tickets ahead of time. The Book Fair will be in full swing, so plan to dress up in your finest and come out for a great evening at the Gryphon Theatre! Curtain is at 7:00 P.M. Please join us to support this talented class and spend a wonderful evening at the theatre!
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