October 26, 2018
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Builders Club Cleans Up Streets of Annandale
Since the year 2000, the Westminster School Builders Club has been walking twice a year on a route in Annandale to pick up trash and debris. The 2.4-mile route goes from Hummer Road to Maple Ave. and from Gallows Road to Columbia Pike, then back to Maple Ave.  The permit for the Builders Club to do this job has been renewed three times by the state because they have done their duty as promised.

Typically, the students collect between 12 and 18 bags of trash made mostly of glass, paper, parts of cars, and signs from businesses. This year, 39 students and seven parents volunteered to help. Citizens often stop and thank the children for keeping the roads clean.  Mr. Miller reports that, after the job was complete this year, one of the seventh-graders told him that he did not realize that there was so much trash along the roads. "I think the Adopt-a-Highway Program is a great way for the children to give back to the community and it highlights why the Builders Club is so important to the total education of our students," says Mr. Miller. Thank you to these wonderful students and parents and to Mr. Miller for all of the good work they do.
Kindergarten Studies Landforms
In social studies, the kindergarten has been learning about types of landforms and bodies of water, including mountains, plains, and oceans. Recently, the students were given Play-Doh to apply their knowledge by sculpting these features. They integrated literacy and fine-motor skills into this lesson through the use of labels, which the students cut out and placed next to corresponding sculptures. All the kindergartners enjoyed this hands-on opportunity to apply their learning and, of course, to work with Play-Doh!
5th Grade Wows with "Frozen"
The Class of 2022 started off the drama season in a big way, taking the popular show, "Frozen," to the Gryphon stage. This very talented class came together and bonded and supported one another through rehearsals and weeks of preparation. The two 5th-grade homeroom teachers, Mme Cagua and Mrs. O'Brien, are new to the world of directing a Westminster play. What a great job they did! This class is packed with singers and actors who are far beyond their age when it comes to confidence and talent. What an amazing group! We can't wait to see what you do next! Congratulations to all!
Soccer Season is a Kick
The varsity soccer season was successful in many ways, but also somewhat disappointing in that many games cancelled and could not be rescheduled due to the vast amount of rain that fell during the month of September. Nevertheless, the players worked hard and had a lot of fun in the games that were played.
The varsity girls played with only eleven players and when someone was absent, they played down a person. However, without subs or in some cases, even playing a man down, they battled through each game and ended the season with a third-place finish in the tournament. Mr. Miller reports, "It was a wonderful team to coach as they were very supportive of each other and each member improved their skills from game to game." The varsity girls played Langley in the semifinal game of the tournament and this game was tied with three minutes to go. Both teams had played well, with a lot of intensity, but with great sportsmanship. Langley won 2-1, but it was the best game played by the team all year. In the consolation game of the tournament, Westminster defeated ICS 1-0.

The varsity boys finished their season 2-2, losing in the first round of the tournament. The boys played every game without a full line-up as we had only ten players on the team. Despite this disadvantage, the team enjoyed playing and defeated Langley and ICS in the regular season. The boys' team deserves a great deal of credit for their positive attitude and playing hard in every game.
As is typical of Westminster students, these young ladies are cheering on the boys' team while also knocking out some homework. Westminster kids know how to manage their time and responsibilities!
2nd Graders Learn French Names for Body Parts
Here's some cuteness for your Friday afternoon. Thank you to Mme Peev for this clip of some of our 2nd graders singing the French version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes."
100% Participation in Dimes-4-Drama
The Dimes-for-Drama program is alive and well at Westminster School. For the first quarter of the year, a whopping $2,479.86 was collected! This accounts for 37% of this year's goal of $7,000. With 100% participation in EVERY GRADE, it is no wonder! The grade with the highest amount collected per capita was the 2nd grade, which brought in $51.90 per capita.

What a great start to the campaign! Thank you to Mrs. Lees for serving as the parent sponsor for the Dimes-for-Drama program and for all of the parents who helped count coins this time: Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Nemiro, Mrs. Hannaway, Mrs. Bredbenner, Mrs. Damiani and Mr. Gustafson. Let's keep the ball rolling for the next collection, which will take place at the end of the 2nd quarter. Lots of great end-of-the year prizes to come, but most importantly, this program helps to support Westminster's amazing theater program! In fact, the seats in the theater were purchased with money raised over several years from Dimes-for-Drama. So, that loose change can make a big difference!
In Search of Babysitters/Mother's Helpers
We often get requests from parents for babysitter referrals. We would like to gather a list of Westminster Upper School students and graduates to provide to interested parents.

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Food for Thought
How fortunate we are to live in an area where we actually experience the change of the seasons! The temperature is finally starting to drop a bit and the autumn colors are beginning to show. This link provides lots of suggestions for getaways and family-friendly activities. Let's get out and enjoy this beautiful time of the year in our great state of Virginia.
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