December 7, 2018
Welcome to this edition of The Westminster Weekly, where you will learn about what's been happening recently at Westminster School! We welcome story suggestions from parents, students, teachers, and alumni. Please email your news to Mrs. Nancy Schuler .
Mark Your Calendars
Upcoming Events

December 12
6th Grade FT to Hillwood Estates

December 13
Kindergarten FT to Discovery Theater

December 18
Builders Club Caroling at Leewood

December 20
K-8 Music Program
"It's a Wonderful Night"

December 21
Cookie Party
12:15 Dismissal

December 21-January 6
Winter Break
School News
An Invigorating Hike at Lake Accotink Park
Initiating a new effort on the part of the PE department, the first of several after-school physical fitness events took place on Wednesday, Nov. 28. More than 40 students in Kindergarten-4th grade braved the cold to take a brisk hike along Lake Accotink. During the one-mile hike, the students had the opportunity to build a sense of community, interact with students in other grades, improve their physical fitness and observe nature. A big thank-you to Mrs. Connell and Mr. Roetruck for organizing this event and to Mrs. Mock and Miss Grant, who came along as chaperones.
7th Grade Visits the Folger
On Monday, the seventh-graders visited the Folger Theatre and Shakespeare Library. They learned about the history of this incredible Elizabethan-style theater that houses the world’s largest Shakespeare collection before being invited to perform on the stage itself! Students acted out scenes from various plays, including Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream , including their own stage directions and employing various props! They ended the trip by gathering around Shakespeare’s first folio and honoring him with the famous words from Ben Jonson’s eulogy, “Thou art a monument without a tomb, and art alive still while thy book doth live.” Having just performed The Taming of the Shrew , the students were all the more appreciative of this experience. Thank you to Mrs. Le Moigne for arranging this memorable trip for the students!
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Alumni News
Appreciation of Westminster Comes with Age
This week, we feature Burak Esen , graduate of the Class of 2010. After graduating from Westminster School, Burak attended Lake Braddock High School and then earned a bachelor's degree in Economics at Penn State. He just graduated from college in May of this year.

What have you been doing since Westminster?

Aside from having been at school and a student, I have been discovering and exploring my interests and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to grow and experience life. I have been reading a lot and have become involved in mentorship programs to help younger people, especially first-generation college students because I am one.

How did Westminster impact your life?

Westminster gives its students another dimension and provides tools and tricks that most people never realize or receive. Westminster makes its students well- rounded and ready to tackle life challenges. I remember the dance instruction that I received from Ms. Glazier and Mr. Glover; in fact, it helped me “let go” at a wedding I attended. Those in attendance were amazed and they asked me where I had learned to dance the way I did. I told them it all was from my private education at Westminster School. Another useful lesson I recall being taught is how to properly tie my tie, which I feel is an art lost on many of my peers outside of the Westminster community. I took a philosophy class in college and I found that I had already learned many of its topics when I was at Westminster, which led to my receiving a good grade with much less effort than others in the class. Westminster exposes its students to many useful and often overlooked life tools and helps you excel in life more smoothly and quickly. The extemporaneous speaking class I took with Mr. Glover is a very useful tool that has already proven to be a useful asset in my current work and future career path .

Message to future parents:

As an alumnus, I cannot wait for you to realize how your investment into this school will pay off in many big ways as it will ensure a better future for your child. Your child will be taught to speak and act in ways that makes them stand apart from others and will make you proud. Students will be exposed to things at Westminster that they will not be able to experience anywhere else. The level of French and Latin learned at Westminster will place your child in much higher levels their freshman year in high school and college, which saves you money, and your child time and effort, later in his/her education.

Message to the current students:

Going through the school with the rules and discipline might not seem easy at times, but looking back at it later will be a joyful, fulfilling and fun experience that creates strong bonds between you and your classmates. The shared experiences and stories you will be able to share, the successes in education and tests taken will be the highlight of your childhood for a long time to come. Your Westminster story will be an amazing part of your life. 

Thank you, Burak, for your kind words and for your ongoing support of your alma mater. You make us very proud and we look forward to hearing about what are sure to be many successes in your life! Thank you to Mrs. Moghaddam for conducting this interview with Burak.
Word of the Week

noun:  aplomb

self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation."Diana passed the test  with aplomb. "



Origin: (French and Latin)
In the 19th century, English speakers borrowed aplomb, meaning "composure," from French. "Aplomb" can also mean "perpendicularity" in French and comes from the phrase a plomb, meaning "perpendicularly or literally "according to the plummet." A plummet is a lead weight that is attached to a line and used to determine vertical alignment.

Not surprisingly, "aplomb" and English words like "plumber" and the verb "plumb" ("to measure depth" and "to explore critically and minutely") ultimately trace back to the Latin word for lead, "plumbum."
Food for Thought
President of Purdue University and former governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, addresses the impact of "grade inflation" on college admissions and notes, "Places determined to stretch and challenge students, aiming to help them achieve their full potential, will have to take on the trickier task of identifying and fostering true grit, providing quality counseling everywhere it's needed without worsening what is already an overly therapeutic culture."
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