June 8, 2018
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June 11
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August 3
Griffin Soiree/Alumni Reception

7th & 8th Grade Students Rock Out at the Sock Hop
On Friday, June 1, when the 7 th  and 8 th  graders finished the last of their six final exams, they traded in their weary pencils for some rock’n’roll garb and hit the dance floor to celebrate the end of the academic year.  The Sock Hop is a long-standing, beloved tradition at Westminster School.  It’s the last of three dance parties hosted and DJ’d each year by Mr. Glover and Ms. Glazier.  
After a series of fall dance classes, the upper-schoolers are invited to the Fall Ball.  The students are surprised by a theater transformed into a haunted house, including plenty of delicious, spooky refreshments.  Next comes the Spring Fling, when the students dress up in their finest (8 th  grade boys even don tuxedos!), the 8th graders are featured, and photo opportunities abound.  All three dance parties include dancing the Jitter-bug, Waltz, and Fox Trot (all taught in dance class), popular line dances, and free dancing to tunes selected by the students.  Prizes are given for best costumes, dance skills, and general enthusiasm.  It’s a wonderful part of the Westminster program, which helps young teenagers gain confidence with dancing and learning how to party—in a joyous and wholesome way—with their peers.
2018 Dance Contest Winners

Waltz Queen & King: Devin and Michal
Jitterbug King and Queen: Akasha and Daphne
Yearbook is Dedicated to Mrs. Fowler
The Class of 2018 produced a beautiful yearbook that will remain a precious keepsake for the whole community for years to come.

It is customary for the 8th graders to dedicate the yearbook to a staff member who has made an impact on them during their time at Westminster. This year's class chose to dedicate the yearbook to Mrs. Fowler.

It is no wonder that the class feels close to Mrs. Fowler as she taught them math for four years. She also worked on four plays with them. After teaching them in the 3rd and 4th grade, she moved up to work with the 5th and 6th graders, which is the position she still holds today.

Mrs. Fowler has just completed her 16th year at Westminster School. We congratulate her on this honor and thank her for her love and dedication to her students and the school.
A portion of the dedication reads:

"...you were like a mother to us in your unfaltering commitment to our class. Whether it was helping with our school work or guiding us through personal issues, all of our interactions with you were colored by your humorous personality. You gave us so much of your time, even as you were a busy parent and a devoted professional, preparing lessons for the next day. We would like to thank you for supporting us through all times, good and bad, and instilling in us a love for learning. For that we are truly grateful."
Sports Day is a Blast!
These fifth-graders had the honor of running the torch for the Torch Ceremony to kick off the festivities.
Teams are made up of children from various grades, which really makes the day all the more special.
Teamwork was a very important component to this Pass-the-Hoop game.
The 8th graders were feeling the love during their last week, which is filled with so many special events.
A good old-fashioned sack race with pretty fancy sacks was one of the favorite games.
The day ended with a volleyball game between the staff vs. the 8th graders.
Alumni News
Class of 2010 Grads Return to Take Pics at Westminster School
These five grads from the Class of 2010 went to four different high schools and recently graduated from five different universities, but through it all, they have remained the best of friends. Four of the five met in kindergarten at Westminster. The fifth joined the class in 2nd grade. That means this friendship is 15-17 years strong. Their Westminster experience bonded them for life; they know that they will always have each other's backs. Lifelong friendships are just one beautiful thing that comes from growing up at Westminster School; it may even be the best thing.
It touched our hearts that Westminster means so much to these young women that, unbeknownst to us, they gathered here in their caps and gowns, to take a picture in front of their Alma Mater. From left to right:

Madeleine Schuler--Christopher Newport University, Hyunji Lee--Boston University, Caroline Ackerman--College of William & Mary, Andrea Admana--James Madison University. Jessica Schuler--Virginia Commonwealth University
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