November 23, 2018
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November 27
Giving Tuesday

November 28
Honor Roll Assembly--Grades 3-8 (B/T)

November 29
Hoe Down for 5th & 6th Grades

November 30

December 7
6th Grade Play
Mary Poppins

School News
7th Graders Rock The Taming of the Shrew
Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for a rocking and rolling performance of The Taming of the Shrew! A cast of delightfully funny and charming characters danced their way into our hearts. Check our facebook page for more pics from Friday and Saturday night's casts. Thanks to Ms. Glazier for choreographing some great dance numbers and to Mr. Shipman and Mr. Dasek for creating a magnificent set with a stained-glass jukebox at its heart. A big thank-you to Mr. Glover for once again inspiring the students to such great heights. Check out our facebook page for more pics!
Creativity Abounds at 26th Annual Hat Day
The 26th annual Hat Day celebration took place on the day before the fall break. Hat Day is based on an old French tradition in France known as St. Catherine's Day. On Saint Catherine's Day, unmarried ladies over the age of 25 would go to town in hats that were decorated to reflect their interests. This tradition is no longer practiced in France for obvious reasons! However, it is a fun way for our students to showcase their interests while practicing their French speaking skills.

This year, Mme Cagua and the French department decided to incorporate the theme of WORDS into Hat Day. Each grade was given a theme on which to base their individual hats. The students enthusiastically embraced this idea as their hats were more creative than ever!

After spending the day parading their hats and describing them in French class, the school community gathered for the Hat Day assembly where some children spoke on stage about their hats. This assembly also incorporates the idea of gratitude. Students spoke about what they are grateful for and Mr. Glover also brought a few students forward to share some funny jokes. Before dismissal, all students enjoyed a lovely slideshow celebrating the season of autumn and Thanksgiving.

Check out the video below to see all of their wonderful creations!
Preschool Gives Thanks
Hat Day, Friendship Necklace Exchange, and a Thanksgiving Feast all rolled into one day! The preschoolers were quite busy with these three wonderful events the day before the Thanksgiving Break. This was the first year the preschoolers participated in Hat Day and, WOW!, was it successful! Every preschooler arrived at school with a hat that was just as cute and charming as they are! Miss Horner declared Hat Day as her new favorite tradition!  

After walking in an impromptu parade to show off their hats, the preschoolers exchanged salt dough bead necklaces (that they made and painted) with each other as a sign of friendship. It certainly makes our hearts smile when we see these friendships blossom.

The very busy morning ended with The Griffin Academy's Annual Thanksgiving Feast. This tradition began nine years ago, as a small way of showing the children how thankful we are to have them in our lives. The staff provides the feast (chicken nuggets, apple sauce, corn, macaroni and cheese, bread, and a cookie for dessert). Let's not forget the decorations. The feast would not be complete without the holiday decor and confetti!
Upper-School Students Write Short Stories
The upper-school English curriculum at Westminster School is certainly elevated and rich. The students in Mrs. Le Moigne's classes recently produced some impressive projects based on their reading.

8th Grade Short Stories :

After studying Edgar Allan Poe's thrilling short stories and poems, the 8th grade students strove to emulate the renowned author with scary stories of their own. From a secretive Japanese tea store owner to a lonely orphan to a doctor fascinated by perfection, their inventive tales demonstrate impressive creativity and storytelling skills!

7th Grade "Diaries of a Soul :"

In the seventh grade, students read Dante's famed epic poem, "The Inferno," and took on the voice of its eternally-punished souls. Lamenting their foolish crimes in life and bemoaning their painful, endless punishments, these souls' diaries are cautionary tales that incite empathy in their readers.
Alumni News
Class of 2001 Gather for Classmate's Wedding
Buddies from the Class of 2001 recently gathered to celebrate the wedding of their Westminster classmate, David West.

From left to right: William West, Robert Klugerman, Conor Owens, Adam Magill, David West, David Beach, and Kayvan Farchadi

Thank you to Adam for sending us this photo. It makes our hearts so happy to see you together after so many years. Congratulations to David and his lovely bride, Hannah! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and hope that your Westminster friends will continue to be a part of future milestones.
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Word of the Week


adjective: congruous
in agreement or harmony.
This explanation is congruous with earlier observations."

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Did You Know?

Congruous has been used in English since at least 1599, when it appeared in the following description: "All the parts of his bodie were in good proportion, and congruous as a man could wish." It has remained more or less true to its Latin roots: it is derived from Latin congruus, an adjective that comes from the verb "congruere," which means "to come together" or "to agree." Another familiar "congruere" descendant in English is "congruent," which first appeared at least a century earlier with the same meaning as "congruous." We also acquired "congrue," a verb meaning "to be in harmony" or "to agree," from "congruere," but it has since become obsolete.
Food for Thought
Keeping with the theme of gratitude, we share this article about raising kids to be kind. The practical suggestions made by a Harvard psychologist address the "whys" and "hows" for parents.
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