September 21, 2018
Welcome to this edition of The Westminster Weekly, where you will learn about what's been happening recently at Westminster School! We welcome story suggestions from parents, students, teachers, and alumni. Please email your news to Mrs. Nancy Schuler .
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September 22
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September 24
"Life After Westminster"
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September 28
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6th Graders Hone Their Observation Skills
The sixth-graders recently had a "picture game" in history class, a technique Mrs. Jacobson uses frequently. 

In order to introduce a discussion of the culture and daily life of the Germanic tribes at the beginning of the Middle Ages, she showed the class the picture above. 
The students were given 15-20 seconds to look all over the image and absorb as many details from it without taking down any written notes.

The image was then removed from the screen and the students were presented with four questions asking about details in the image. This fun game tests and improves their powers of visual observation and memory, and begins to familiarize them with and get them excited about learning about the topic - the "barbarians," as the Romans called them.

What a great way to encourage the students to pay attention to details and to hone their memorization skills!

We encourage parents to play this game at home with your kids!

New Math Enrichment Class for 7th/8th Grades
The brand new Upper-School Math Enrichment classes aim to deepen students’ comprehension of and appreciation for the history of mathematics and its application both in the classroom and in daily life. Students will experience mathematics in new ways by utilizing the methods and philosophies of classical mathematicians and the technology and creativity of modern mathematicians.

Seventh grade students will focus on the history of mathematics and what the important mathematicians can teach us about being a student. Eighth grade students will then turn their focus to the application of mathematics across multiple topics in daily life. The students will work together to tackle real-world problems with a project-based learning approach. These classes are not graded. They are meant to foster a deep understanding of mathematics and its applications. This is accomplished in true Westminster fashion – through curiosity, discussion, and trial and error.
The students began by brainstorming on the broad topic of "What is Mathematics?" and then, "What are the Qualities of a Good Mathematician?" Check out their thoughtful answers on the board! The students are certainly being challenged while also having fun in Miss Schmidt's class.
2nd Grade Visits Homestead Farm
On Monday, September 17 the second grade braved the wet weather and visited Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD. This annual field trip is always a favorite for both students and teachers, and this year’s trip proved no exception. 

Despite the damp weather. everyone enjoyed a day filled with various adventures found on a working farm. The students were delighted to meet farm animals including an alpaca, baby pigs, chickens, and goats. The entire group then climbed aboard a wagon filled with straw and enjoyed a ride deep into the orchard. Each child filled a bag with freshly picked apples which will be used at school for math and science activities. 

After a picnic lunch, the group enjoyed reading together from “Sarah, Plain and Tall”, our first chapter book of the year, which is set on a farm. Thank you to Mr. Branum for arranging this trip which is sure to be a treasured memory for the students.
Preschool News
The preschoolers have had a great first month of school. The 18 new students to our program have been welcomed in and everyone is becoming fast friends. 
In discussing the five senses, the Pixie class used their sense of taste to participate in a Taste Test. The four tastes were salty (pretzels), bitter (cocoa powder), sweet (sugar), and lemonade powder mix (sour). 
To no surprise, salty and sweet were the favorite tastes. It's always good to have a camera ready for the sour taste! 
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Cash Prizes
1st Place--$250
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Alumni News
Samira Abbasi, Class of 2018, and a freshman at The Potomac School, participated in her very first speech tournament on September 15, 2018. Samira competed at the Yale University Invitational with other members of Potomac’s Speech and Debate Team, a nationally-competitive program.

Incredibly, Samira advanced to the Octafinal Round from a field of over 130 competitors with her Original Oratory piece, before bowing out. Yale is always a very competitive tournament, drawing entries from all over the United States, and to advance in her first competition ever is truly impressive!
Word of the Week
noun:  rigmarole ; plural noun:  rigmaroles
  1. a lengthy and complicated procedure."he went through the rigmarole of securing the front door"
  2. synonyms:fuss, bother, trouble, palaver, ado, pother, song and dance, performance, to-do, pantomime, hassle, folderol"the rigmarole of dressing up"
  • a long, rambling story or statement.
  • synonyms:tale, saga, yarn, shaggy-dog story; informalspiel
  • "that rigmarole about the house being haunted"


mid 18th century: apparently an alteration of  ragman roll , originally denoting a legal document recording a list of offenses.
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