April 1, 2021
Principal News
Happy Friday,

What a week! We've missed our kids that have been out on quarantine but will be glad to welcome all back next week. Thanks to our families for working with us this week to track attendance. With so many students out it's been a busy week coordinating return dates and I truly appreciate your assistance with this task.

Please make sure to check out the information regarding class placements in the School News section. Our teacher teams will begin the process of putting together classes in May and we appreciate your feedback.

We've begun the process of planning for the 5th-grade end-of-year celebration and as the plan solidifies we will be sharing the events. We are also looking at opportunities for our RLA students to participate with us! More to come soon.

Please join us on Friday, April 9 for our next Westmoor PTO meeting at 2:20 via Zoom.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all our families that celebrate. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Calendar of Events
Friday 4/2
  • Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 4/4
  • Deadline to place order for WM PTO pizza pick up & decorate a donut fundraiser

Thursday 4/6
  • WM PTO pizza pick up & decorate a donut fundraiser ~ 5:30-6:00pm
  • 12:00pm Deadline to Order Marla's lunch for the first week on 4/16

Friday 4/9

Wednesday 4/14
  • RLA Materials Pick Up at 4:30-5:30

Friday 4/16
  • First Day of Marla's Lunch
  • WM Spiritwear Day
Student Quote of the Week
Student Quote of the Week:
We love featuring our student quotes of the week in the Westmoor Weekly. Please use the link below to submit one and we will use it in the WM Weekly.
Thank you Paige for submitting your student quote!
Thank you Marie for submitting your student quote!
School News
2021-22 Class Placement Input (DUE BY APRIL 30th)

It's time for us to begin thinking about class placements for the next school year. We invite parents to provide input on their child's placement by submitting an email to me at msturgill@northbrook28.net. E-mails are optional and will be kept confidential. If you don't have concerns about your child's placement, there's no need to send input. If you do opt to send an email, please abide by the following parameters:

  • Please do not request specific teachers. If you have had personal experience with a teacher, you can give input on that relationship, otherwise, please only include information about the type of classroom environment that you believe would benefit your child.
  • You may make a request to separate your child from another child whom he/she was in class this year. Please note, if you make a "separate from" request, this will take top priority in placing your child. If you have a "separate from" request for a child who is NOT currently in your child's class, please explain the extenuating circumstances behind this request.
  • You may suggest multiple students who may be a good match to be placed with your child. We make our best effort to place students with at least one friend, typically from their current class. If your child has close friends outside of their current class placement, please let us know! This is particularly important after a year with remote learning and smaller class sizes due to the pandemic. We can't guarantee that we will be able to place students based on friend requests, but we'll try to use the information whenever possible.

We take class placement decisions very seriously and our teachers dedicate a great deal of time to putting together balanced groups. Please also feel free to have conversations with your child's teacher to discuss placement for next year.

ALL PARENT INPUT IS DUE TO ME/TEACHERS BY APRIL 30th. Information received after that date may not be included in placement discussions.
State Assessment Schedule 3rd-5th Grade:
The schedule for the Illinois State Assessments has been finalized. Please see below for a list of times/days we will be assessing after spring break. Our Remote Learning students will be assessed on-site for all tests.

In-Person Students:
3rd Grade
April 26th & 27th- English Language Arts
May 3rd-5th-Math

4th Grade
April 26th & 27th- English Language Arts
May 3rd-5th- Math

5th Grade
April 19th-21st- Science
April 28th & 29th- English Language Arts
May 6th & 7th & 10th- Math

Remote Learning Acadamy:
3rd Grade
April 22nd & 23rd- English Language Arts
May 3rd-5th-Math

4th Grade
April 26th & 27th- English Language Arts
April 28th-30th- Math

5th Grade
April 20th & 21st- Science
April 26th & 27th- English Language Arts
April 28th-30th- Math
From the Nurse's Office
Update on the Quarantine States:
Please see the information listed below for an update on the emergency travel orders. All 'yellow' states DO NOT require a quarantine.

Dental Examination Reminder 
As a reminder, all children in kindergarten, second, sixth and ninth grades are required to submit evidence of a dental examination. The State of Illinois Proof of School Dental Form must be completed within 18 months prior to May 15, 2021 when it is required to be on file at school. 

Please contact your school nurse with any questions.
Remote Learning Academy News
State Assessments for Grades 3 - 5
Please mark your calendars with our upcoming state assessment dates. As a reminder, your child will take the assessments on-site at the designated school location.

We will send a health self-certification form to be completed the morning before each scheduled testing date. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you have about the tests. 
District News
NB28 Children's Choir Performs in Virtual Concert
Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the NB28 Children's Choir this year!

Greenbriar Music Teacher and choir director Jeremy Bartunek did an amazing job creating a video 'concert' from all-remote student participation.

Check out 'Hot Chocolate' on Youtube.

View the full concert or more individual songs from the 'Jeremy Bartunek' YouTube channel.
Summer School and Extended School Year Registration

The District is pleased to be able to offer a summer school enrichment and Extended School Year program this year. All students and staff will be required to follow safety protocols by wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing. This will impact the number of students who will be able to participate, so registration will be limited. There are still some spots remaining, but they are filling up fast! Visit the Summer School webpage for details. Student services case managers will be reaching out to families about Extended School Year registration for those students who qualify.
Help a Family In Need
Friends and family have organized a fundraiser in loving memory of LIA ROGERS on behalf of her beloved daughter NEVAEH ROGERS. Lia was a Westmoor School PTO volunteer and involved in the community in many ways. A GoFundMe page was established to help Lia's family alleviate lingering medical costs and provide assistance for Nevaeh's future (necessities, schooling, extra-curricular activities, counseling, etc...). All funds will go directly to an account set up for Nevaeh. Visit the Nevaeh Rogers GoFundMe Page to learn more.
PTO News and Events
Click HERE for more information. Place your order on www.westmoorpto.com before midnight, Tuesday, April 6
The only dilemma you will have, if any, is: to fold or not to fold?
Starting Friday, April 16th, Marla’s Lunch returns!
Starting Friday, April 16th, Marla’s Lunch returns!
To receive lunch the first week, orders must be placed by Tuesday April 6th at 12pm.
Special Lunches will be offered 3x a week (M, W, F). 
Lunches will come packed complete & closed, with nothing on the side to minimize handling of food. These ready-to-go lunches will go directly to the classrooms where the children are eating at their desks or respective areas.
Marla’s Lunch will be working with local restaurants that are currently open and serving the community during Covid.
For details on how to order, please click here.
www.westmoorpto.com will also re-direct you to the Marla’s Lunch site.
Any questions, please contact wmpto28@gmail.com.
Please submit requests from the Ad Hoc fund to wmpto28@gmail.com
by April 8th, 2021. If you wish to be part of the Ad Hoc Committee, please also email wmpto28@gmail.com as well.
If you have other questions, feel free to email us at wmpto28@gmail.com
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