Dear Parents of Middle and High School Students,
I hope you are savoring the Fall!  After all, can you believe Christmas is only seven weeks away?  Before we head into what's typically a busy season, allow me to update you on a few exciting developments con cerning ministry among our sons and daughters.
As you know, one of our core commitments as a church is toward reaching and growing this generation of students in Christ.  Conside ring Generation Z is the  largest generation in human history  and deemed the  first generation in America  born into a post-Christian society, challenges and opportunities abound!  Our aim is clear: that the next generation might know the truth of the Gospel, "so that they should set their hope in God" (Psalm 78:6-7).
With students in mind, eighteen months ago, our leaders began sensing a need for greater collaboration, shared vision, and increased support among all our age-graded ministries (birth to 18). Additionally, the desire to better equip parents for the task of shepherding their children amidst a rapidly changing culture was intensified.  One response, in faith, was to invest in a new staff position: 
Student Life Pastor.
The Student Life Pastor will offer critical support for our Westov e r Kids, IMPACT, and FU SE staff leaders, helping them to lead the charge in the  a bove  n eed s. We're confident  this role will further position all our next-generation ministri es for Kingdom g rowth.  After months of dialogue, our elders identified and  called  Aaron Riddle  to serve in this role, being uniquely gifted and prepared for su ch a task.  As one who has worked closely with and  benefited  personally from Aaron, I know none better equipped in heart and skill to lead in this capacity. Please pray for Aaron (along with his family) as he steps into this role by faith and with excitement.
With this shift, an obvious question arises: "What does this mean for our ministry among middle and high school students?"  Allow me to speak to each.
First,  high school . As we follow the Lord into another school year and through an extensive High School Pastor search process, Aaron will be providing increased transitional leadership with FUSE. Together with incredible staff ( PJ Harvey  and  Alexis Howard ) and volunteer teams, we will continue to advance our high school ministries. Aaron and others will be updating you in the days ahead on all that's taking place as we move forward!
Secondly,  middle school . During the past year, with Aaron offering oversight to our high school ministry,  Anna Lilly  has been providing higher levels of leadership over IMPACT. Aaron would be the first to tell you, Anna has been an effective, driving force behind much of our middle school ministry over this season, as her love for students and volunteers shines brightly. Witnessing her fruitful leadership and sensing greater potential for effective ministry, our staff and elder leadership have enthusiastically affirmed Anna to lead IMPACT as the  Middle School Director .  Of course, Anna will be teaming with a dynamic volunteer team and hiring a Middle School Associate (who will provide additional programming support, volunteer development, and student care) all the while being supported by  Aaron as our Student Life Pastor. 
These are exciting days ... with greater days to come!  Feel free to email  Aaron or  Anna a note of encouragement as they continue to reach toward, labor for, and love on the students of Westover Church and the city of Greensboro.
If you have any questions, feel free to con tact me by phone or email.

Chris Lewis
Teaching Pastor