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Westport Woman's Club
MARCH 2018
Board of Directors 2017-2018
President  Dorothy M. Packer;   1st VP Special Interests   Jeannette Tewey; 
2nd VP Finance   Barbara Stemmer;  3rd VP Ways & Means   Suzan Murphy & Karen Kleine;  Secretary   Cheryl Bliss; Treasurer   Barbara Szefc; 
Communications  Anne Hunt & Pattie Takita;   Community Services Sarah Menchaca; Curio Cottage  Susan Loselle ;  Grounds  Cornelia Olsen ; House  Deborah Fratino; Membership  Robin Clark; Parliamentary Advisor  Susan Fox; Programs  Ana Hitri; Rentals  Mira Auxier & Adriana Cvetkov;  
YDF  Kim Reichert & Christina McVaney;  Past President   Dorothy E. Curran


Dear Ladies,

Lots of fundraiser activity going on!  Our successful DNR fundraiser rocked away the frigid weather with a memorable evening of dancing to our favorite classics.  Special thanks to Bobbie Herman who introduced the idea and organized the event.  Thanks also to those who donated to the fundraiser, those who worked, and those who attended.  Together we raised cash for our scholarships and had a good time doing so.
And, please mark your calendars for these additional fundraisers coming up this Spring, including:

         Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29
         Wednesday, May 2 
         Saturday, June 9

And last but not least, we are in the planning stages for YANKEE DOODLE FAIR 2018, our largest fundraiser of all.  When the time comes, please sell as many Raffle Tickets as you can and be sure to sign up as a volunteer for the  Fair...the happiest days of the year at the WWC! 

Also, Donna Richardson has done a great job of bringing Club Members together to play Canasta, our newest Special Interest Group.  If you have not yet connected with Donna and are interested in playing, additional details are in the Canasta article below. Thanks, Donna!

Happy Spring, everyone!  I'm looking forward to seeing you at all of our upcoming events. 
With love and thanks to all, 

Dorothy M. Packer

In this Issue

Sunshine Girls
Thanks to our February Sunshine Girl,  Leah Scherzer.

Our Sunshine Girl for the month of March is Carol Goetz, 203-502-2663 
Jeannette Tewey 1st VP
jtewey@optonline.net 203-227-5089


Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Woman's Club Member, Julia Mally.  Julia was the daughter of long time Member Mary Lang. 
And also, our condolences to the family of Member Molly Small who recently passed away.

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Resident House Manager,
Lilibet Rojas

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1:00 - 4:00 pm
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Date:   Monday, March 5
Time:  11:30 am - Refreshments
            12:00 pm - Lunch

We look forward to having you join us on Monday, March 5, for Club Day, hosted by the Garden Department, chaired by Vivian Rosenberg.

Please plan to arrive by 11:30 am to enjoy A Dash of Salt's "Comfort Food," Grilled Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper on multigrain bread, Tomato Basil Soup and green salad.  Dessert will be Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting.

Also, be sure to make your reservation by 1:00 pm on the Wednesday before Club Day.

If you have a serious food allergy or are a vegetarian, please let me know.  And, if you need to cancel a reservation, you must do so by Wednesday, March 29, to avoid being charged.

Jeannette Tewey,  jtewey@optonline.net , 203-227-5089

The Staples High School Jazz Band

March Club Day entertainment will be provided by the Staples High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Nicholas Mariconda.  The Band is a performing ensemble of musicians chosen by audition from the school's  core groups: band, orchestra and choir. 

The Jazz Band consists of the traditional big band instrumentation of saxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythm section. They perform at school events and competitions throughout the school year. 

Some of their selections this year include: " Blues for the Knight" - a medium swing selection;  "Spain" - a Latin style selection;  and " Perdido" - a  Duke Ellington favorite.

Ana Hitri, anahi3@icloud.com, 203-349-5732


Date:   Thursday, March 15
Time:  1:00 pm
Place:  Living Room

On September 11, 2001, thirty-eight jetliners bound for the United States were forced to land at Gander International Airport in Canada due to the closing of U.S. air space. This books recounts the story of the people of Gander and how their kindness touched the lives of thousands of people.
Please join us to discuss this inspiring true story.

The book is available at the Library for you to borrow.

Pat Vezendy, pvezendy@gamil.com,  203-226-9869, for Lee Mennitt


Date:    Tuesday, March 13
Time:   7:00 pm - Chat and Chew,   7:30 pm - Game Begins
Cost:    $5.00

When you get "three of a kind" of the number you are currently rolling, this is a  BUNCO !!!
According to Wikipedia, "Bunco is a social dice game involving 100% luck  - there are no decisions to be made."   What they did not mention is that it's also a lot of fun!   So, come join us!

All are welcome...no experience necessary.
Come out for a night of food, fun and  fellowship. 

Just sign up on the bulletin board in the foyer and get ready for a great night!

Wendy McKeon, XWAMX50@aol.com , 203-222-0038


Date:  Friday, March 16
Time:  4:00 - 5:30 pm
Place:  Club Kitchen

" Bring something to sip and nibbles to share;
It won't be the same if you're not there!"
As Spring approaches, think green!  Please join us on Friday, March 16, for BYOB in the WWC Kitchen to celebrate Winter's final Friday with glee. 

Bring Yourself Over Briefly, to say hello (or linger longer), anytime between 4:00 to 5:30 pm! Yes, Bring Your Own Beverage of choice and nibbles to share. Whether you are new to the WWC or a member since "forever," this is an easy and festive way to meet fellow members, trade tips on how to survive until May without the Farmer's Market and enjoy that sunset now happens AFTER we finish at 5:30 pm!

As always, we operate picnic/tailgate style, bringing our own simple set-ups and serving implements, then disappearing without footprints or fingerprints.

Dorothy E. Curran, DorothyECurran@aol.com , 203-246-0543


Date:  Tuesdays
Time:  1:00 - 4:00 pm
Place:  Living Room

We play on Tuesdays from 1:00 - 4:00 pm - if there is a minimum of four players.  Emails are sent out at the beginning of each week to Members who are interested in playing.  If you want to be included in these weekly emails, please contact me to put your name on that list.  

All players are welcome, regardless of skill level and experience.  You do not need to have your own Canasta cards and tray but, if you do, please bring them.

Lessons are given, also on Tuesdays from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, to Members who would like to learn to play the game or haven't played in years but want to brush up on their skills. Please contact me if you are interested.

Donna Richardson, donnarichardson4@yahoo.com, 203-354-8743


Date:  Monday, March 26
Time:  1:00 pm
Place:  Living Room

The Community Services Committee has completed its review of the thirty-five grant applications we received.  Our recommendations will now go to the Board for approval.  And, in May, we will hold our Grants Presentation Breakfast at which time many deserving local non-profit agencies will again receive support from the Westport Woman's Club.  Many thanks to all who participated in this important process.

The Ruegg Grant Committee is currently meeting to review the proposals we have received for this $5,000 grant, which will be awarded to a local non-profit agency in support of a project where our donation can have a meaningful impact.

All Club members are welcome to attend our meetings.

Sarah Menchaca, sarahdmenchaca@gmail.com, 203-221-1952


TO ALL MEMBERS - Whether you have just joined or have been a Member for many years, the Curio Cottage Thrift Shop needs your help. 
We have a few volunteer opportunities to work one shift a month-which is only 2-1/2 hours!  Why not give it a try.   

Contact Susan Loselle to get more information.  
Thank you. 

Carol Brezovec, richardbrezovec@gmail.com , 203-221-7688
Susann Loselle, seloselle@gmail.com, 203-454-4171


Date:   Tuesday, March 13
Time:   1:30 pm

On Tuesday, March 13, at 1:30 pm, the Garden Department will welcome Alison Wachstein, Master Photographer. Alison will teach techniques for photographing flowers and gardens. Participants will learn how to take their photographs to a new level, whether with a digital single-lens reflex or a point and shoot camera. Tips on how to use lighting will be included. 

Alison is an award-winning professional photographer and photojournalist. She has taught photography at several universities throughout the Northeast, including Fairfield University and Seton Hall, and is the creator of the book "Pregnant Moments."  Collections containing her works include the International Center of Photography in New York.  Of special significance is that Alison is also a Master Gardener. Audience members will benefit from her wealth of experience in the garden as well as through a camera lens.

This program is open to all WWC members.  Reservations are required, as refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to Vivian Rosenberg, by Tuesday, March 6.

Vivian Rosenberg, Garden Chair , vivianrose1@gmail.com 203-227-4419
Jerilyn Deveau, Program Chair,  jerilyndeveau@yahoo.com ,  203-372-2920


This winter the WWC Food Closet has had a steady demand from Westport individuals and families who are in need of food asistance.  Our supply of canned and packaged foods is still good, except for the following items:

Powdered milk
Cold cereal
Chicken Helper
Tuna Helper
Hamburger Helper
Pancake syrup
Muffin mixes
Boxed mashed potatoes
Oatmeal (packets)

If you could kindly drop off one or some of these items on March Club Day, or at the clubhouse office, that would be wonderful. We so appreciate your generosity in helping us keep a full supply of various foods so we can 'spring' into action whenever Town Hall calls us with a request.

Wendy McKeon, xwamx50@aol.com, 203-222-0038 
Kim Reichert, kim.reichert@gmail.com , 203-227-4590


Date:  Tuesday, March 20
Time:  11:30 am
Place:  Club Kitchen

Gourmet Group will meet at 11:30 am on Tuesday, March 20,  in the Club House. This month, Ralph Hunt and John Zline will join us to provide another wonderful demonstration, showing us how to make authentic Gumbo. 

Members Bev McArthur, Pam Kesselman, Patty Doyle, Bobbie Herman and Carol Asquith will provide appetizers, salad and desserts. 

Please RSVP to Lisa Allison by March 13, if you plan to attend.

Lisa Allison, liallison@optonline.net , 203-227-9563
Barbara Gladnick, bagladnick@optonline.net , 203-854-0424

Date:       Tuesday, March 27
Time:       12:30 pm
Address:  2316 Post Road, Fairfield

Martel is a little jewel box of a place, serving a variety of dishes - sandwiches, burgers, salads and seafood, and offer s a $15.00 prix fixe.  It has received excellent reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor. You can view the menu at:
Please let me know by Friday, March 23,  if you'll be joining us, so I may tell them how many to expect.  And, as always, I ask that you email or call me as I may not remember if you tell me in person.
Bobbie Herman, sangazure1@aol.com , 203-255-1577


Time:  1:00 - 4:00 pm
Date:   Wednesdays
Place:  Living Room

We play on Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 pm - if there is a minimum of 3 or 4 players.  Emails are sent out at the beginning of each week to Members who are interested in playing.  If you want to be included in these weekly emails, please contact me to put your name on that list.  

All players are welcome, regardless of skill level and experience.  You do not need to have your own Mah Jongg set, but if you have one, please bring it.

Lessons are given, also on Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 pm, to members who would like to learn to play the game or haven't played in years but want to brush up on their skills. Please contact me if you are interested.

Audrey Rabinowitz, bxiteb4@aol.com ,  203-227-6010

Our new 2017-2018 Membership Directory is now available.
Please be sure to pick up your copy at the office.

Robin Clark, rclark@westportnational.com, 203-231-2109


Date:  Wednesday, March 21
Time:  10:30 am

Thanks to all of you who helped to make our DNR fundraiser a success.  Special thanks go to Bobbie Herman for her enthusiasm and leadership!

We hope you will join us for our next fundraiser, the Art Show on Saturday, April 28 from  5:00 - 8:00 pm, and Sunday, April 29, from 12:00 - 4:00 pm.

Also, please mark your calendars for Painting with a Twist on Wednesday evening, May 2, and bring your heirlooms and jewelry to our Antique Appraisal Day on Saturday, June 9. 

Our next meeting will be held on March 21, at 10:30 am.  All are welcome. 

Suzan Murphy, murphy05@aol.com, 203-222-9117
Karen Kleine, kkleine3@gmail.com, 203-858-4010


Date:  Wednesday, March 7
Time:  10:00 am
Place:  Living Room  

It is rewarding to see the interest and the enthusiasm for Yankee Doodle Fair 2018 exhibited by both 'old' and new WWC Members. 
At our most recent planning meeting, we dealt with soliciting willing sponsors and finding some exciting raffle prizes. When the raffle tickets are distributed at Club Day later this spring, we need ALL of you to SELL, SELL, SELL. Aside from the ride tickets, our raffle ticket sales are our biggest source of revenue for the scholarships and grants that our club awards. The raffle tickets are our rain insurance!
Why not plan to attend the next YDF 2018 planning meeting on Wednesday, March 7, at 10:00 am, in the living room? Whether you're a new Member or have belonged to the Club for ages, you too can be part of the fun and support your Club at the same time!

Christina McVaney, cmcvaney@yahoo.com , 203-292-8138
Kim Reichert,  kim.reichert@gmail.com 203-227-4590

44 Imperial Avenue 
Westport, CT 06880