Westport Woman's Club Bulletin
Westport Woman's Club
Board of Directors 2017-2018
President  Dorothy M. Packer;   1st VP Special Interests   Jeannette Tewey; 
2nd VP Finance   Barbara Stemmer;  3rd VP Ways & Means   Suzan Murphy & Karen Kleine;  Secretary   Cheryl Bliss; Treasurer   Barbara Szefc; 
Communications  Anne Hunt & Pattie Takita;   Community Services Sarah Menchaca; Curio Cottage  Susan Loselle ;  Grounds  Cornelia Olsen ; House  Deborah Fratino; Membership  Robin Clark; Parliamentary Advisor  Susan Fox; Programs  Ana Hitri; Rentals  Mira Auxier & Adriana Cvetkov;  
YDF  Kim Reichert & Christina McVaney;  Past President   Dorothy E. Curran.

Dear Ladies,

Welcome back to an exciting new season at the Westport Woman's Club! Many of you have been working over the summer so we can begin this year strong and prepared to raise the necessary funds for our Grants, Scholarships, Food Closet Program and Holiday Meals.

Club Day, September 11, will be the second Monday of the month.  By then our new audio-visual system should be completed, installed and ready to operate with simplified, commercial components, housed and easily accessible in a new podium.  Many thanks to those who helped with the AV project:  Lorraine Feliciano, Ana Hitri, Deb Fratino, Mira Auxier, Adriana Cvetkov, Vesna Herman and our Office Manager, Elizabeth Greenawalt.  Deb Fratino also supervised refinishing our hardwood floors in Bedford Hall.  Plan to see it all at September Club Day on the 11th.

We are now gratefully receiving your gently-used clothing donations for our Clothing Tag Sale.  If you are cleaning out and re-organizing your closets, please bring us any and all Ladies, Men's and Children's clothing and accessories that you no longer need.  And, don't forget those winter coats...with your generosity, they will keep someone warm and protected this winter.  You may drop off your donated clothes at the Coat Room at the Club.  Tax-deductible donation slips will be on the counter.

Also, please order your Westport Woman's Club Canvas Tote Bags today. Priced at $35.00 each, these large classic heavy-duty canvas bags will be serviceable for years.  You can place your order by submitting your check payable to WWC, with our Office Manager, Elizabeth, who has a sample tote bag in the Office for you to see. Let's show our pride and support for our Club.  This is an easy fundraiser we can all support. 

Thanks to Past President Jo Fuchs Luscombe and her dedicated committee who made our August LobsterFest a relaxed, fun and delicious event down at Compo Marina.  See the wonderful photos Pattie Takita took and Lorraine Feliciano posted on our website...thank you, all.
And, lastly, please don't forget to renew your membership by sending your annual dues check to the Office or bring it with you on Club Day.

Be safe and enjoy these final days of summer.  I'll look forward to seeing you at September Club Day!

With love and thanks to all, 

Dorothy M. Packer
In this Issue
Sunshine Girls
Our Sunshine Girl for the month of September is Bobbie Herman.
Still Needed: Sunshine Volunteers for the Months of December, May, June, July and August.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Jeannette Tewey 1stVP, jtewey@optonline.net 203-227-5089

Office Hours  
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (  Lunch)
Office Manager,
Elizabeth Greenawalt
Resident House Manager,
Lilibet Rojas

September 2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Labor Day
1:00-4:00 pm
9:30 am
10 11 12 13
15 16
10:00 am
1:00 - 4:00 pm
9:30 am
4:00-5:30 pm
18 19
20 21
10:00 am
11:30 am

7:00 pm
10:30 am

1:00 - 4:00 pm
9:30 am

1:00 pm
25 26
27 28
1:00 pm
12:30 pm
1:00 - 4:00 pm

9:30 am

Proposed Amendment to the Westport Woman's Club Bylaws

To allow the Nominating Committee and Board of Directors to consider newer members for Board positions, the Board of Directors has approved and recommends the Bylaws be amended as follows: 

Article III  Section 2
... Active:  Active members shall have the right to vote, serve on committees, participate in activities of departments, and receive the Bulletin and annual Membership Directory.  They shall become eligible for office after one year's membership.  All members are expected to contribute their time, talent, and energies to the community service and fund-raising activities of the Club.

Amend the  underlined sentence to read:

T hey shall become eligible for office after one year's membership, or at the discretion of the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors.

A vote will be taken on Club Day, September 11, 2017.  If you do not expect to attend, you may copy the section above and submit your vote (approve or oppose) by regular mail or drop it off at the office.

Our mailing address is:   The Westport Woman's Club
                                         44 Imperial Avenue
                                         Westport, CT 06880

Thank you.
Susan Fox
Parliamentary Advisor


Please join us for the first Club Day of the season on Monday, September 11.  It will be hosted by the Bunco group, chaired by Wendy McKeon.  

Reservations are due by 1:00 pm the Wednesday before Club Day.  If you would like to be on the Permanent Lunch List, please call the office at 203 227-4240. The cost for lunch is $20.00.
We will continue to use A Dash of Salt as our Caterer.   Plan to arrive by 11:30 am to enjoy Chicken sauteed with lemon and thyme, Zucchini and carrots, Quinoa with dried raisins, cranberries, apricots, fresh mint with a honey citrus dressing, and rolls.  For dessert, Four Layer Mocha Cake. 
If you have a serious food allergy or are a vegetarian, please let me know.   Also, if you need to cancel a reservation, please call the office, 203-227-4240 by 1:00 pm on the Wednesday before Club Day to avoid being charged.
Please help the Food Closet on Club Day.  All you need to do is bring one item to donate.  For suggested items, please refer to the Food Closet article.  If we remember to do this every Club Day, we would be helping many more people in need.
Jeannette Tewey, jtewey@optonline.net, 203-227-5089


The Westport Astronomical Society, the 2017 recipients of our Ruegg Grant, will visit the Westport Women's Club on Club Day to discuss some of the history of the Astronomical Society as well as showing incredible astrophotography taken from right here in the light polluted skies of Westport.

Club president Dan Wright and WAS Board Member Shannon Calvert will provide an entertaining talk with plenty of photos you that will not believe were taken in southern Connecticut! They will also be showing off the solar telescope they purchased with the money from the 2017 Ruegg Grant.

Ana Hitri, anahi3@icloud.com, 203-939-2129


Date:  Monday, September 25
Time:  1:00 pm
Place:  Living Room

Community Services will hold its first meeting of the new year on Monday, September 25, at 1:00 pm. All club members are welcome to attend, so feel free to come see what we are all about.
Sarah Menchaca, sarahdmenchaca@gmail.com, 203-246-1760


Date:   Thursday, September 21
Time:   1:00 pm
Place:   Living Room

We will be meeting in the Living Room at 1:00 pm on Thursday, September 21, to discuss "Spill Simmer Falter Wither," by Sara Baume, which I think you will enjoy.  Copies are on hold and available at the Westport Library.

Baume's debut novel is a tale about Ray, a 57-year-old man, and his dog, beautifully written and poetic at times.  Ray is described as "too old for starting over, too young for giving up."  He is a misfit who has lived an isolated life in a small Irish village by the sea.  The book is divided into four sections, each one a different season, with names the author made up to reflect what Ray is going through:  Spring becomes Spill; Simmer is Summer; Falter is Fall; and Wither is Winter. 

Lee Mennitt, leemennitt@gmail.com,  203-523-0904


Date:   Friday, September 15
Time:  4:00 - 5:30 pm
Place:  Clubhouse Kitchen

BYOB Friday returns, Friday, September 15!

Please plan to stop by the Kitchen, anytime from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.  Bring a friend or come and make a new one!  New members are especially welcome.  

"Bring something to sip and nibbles to share.  It won't be the same if you're not there!"

As always, we operate picnic style, bringing our own set-ups and serving implements, then disappearing without footprints or fingerprints.
Dorothy E. Curran, DorothyECurran@aol.com , 203-246-0543


Date:    Tuesday, September 19
Time:   7:00 pm - "Chat & Chew," 7:30 pm - Game Begins
Cost:    $5.00

Come join us!
All are welcome...no experience necessary.
Come out for a night of food, fun and  fellowship. 

Just sign up on the bulletin board in the foyer and get ready for a great night!

Wendy McKeon, XWAMX50@aol.com , 203-222-0038


Curio Cottage Information Coffee 
Friday, October 6 - 10:00 am 
Everyone Welcome.  Details will be in the October Bulletin.
The expression "it takes a village," is so true for Curio. We would like to thank three of our "behind the scenes" volunteers.
Did you ever wonder why the silver pieces we sell are so shiny? They don't come in that way. This is thanks to Virginia Ferrari and her professional polishing. Next time you see Virginia ask her about the time her polishing uncovered a Tiffany piece! Virginia also researches many of the pieces that she polishes.
We are fortunate to get so many great donations, but pricing some of them takes a person who has a vast knowledge of all antiques, jewelry, and collectibles. That person is Deb Fratino. She is such a huge help to Curio. Thank you Deb for everything that you do.
We are sure that everyone who works at Curio has found that for whatever reason they cannot work their shift. Sending an email to Lorraine Feliciano usually solves the problem. Lorraine emails our sub list and we wait for the replies (thanks to all subs who respond). Big thanks go to Lorraine for taking care of this important matter.
Carol Brezovec, richardbrezovec@gmail.com, 203-221-7688
Susan Loselle, seloselle@gmail.com, 203-454-4171


Date:   Tuesday, September 12
Time:  10:00 am
Place:  PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens
On Tuesday, September 12, the Garden Department will visit the Pepsico Sculpture Gardens in Purchase, New York.  Donald M. Kendall, former Chairman of the Board and CEO, conceived the gardens which bear his name.  He imagined an atmosphere of stability and creativity.  The sculpture collection was started in 1965 and consists of works by major 20th century artists.  Russell Page, the internationally famous garden designer, cultivated the corporate grounds into an arboretum transforming the gardens into a work of art. The sculptures and gardens exist in harmony on a carefully maintained landscape.  

We will meet at the clubhouse at 10:00 a.m.  Our self-guided tour will begin at 11:00 a.m. There is no cost.  Since we will be car pooling for this trip, drivers are always appreciated.
Reservations are requested by September 5.  
Please reply to Jerilyn Deveau, Program Chair.

Vivian Rosenberg, Garden Chair, vivianrose1@gmail.com 203-227-4419
Jerilyn Deveau, Program Chair,  jerilyndeveau@yahoo.com ,  203-372-2920

The volunteers in the Food Closet have fulfilled a tremendous number of requests from Westport families this summer, especially from people with children home from school (thus not receiving free lunches).  Although we received a huge number of food items from the Postal Workers Food Drive at the beginning of May, the shelves of our Food Closet are looking quite bare at this point.
In the past couple of months we have supplied sixteen families (twenty-four adults and twenty-eight children) with 151 bags of groceries and $800.00 in Stop and Shop gift cards to buy perishables.
There definitely will be school PTA food drives later this coming Fall but, until then, the Food Closet lacks many items.  Perhaps you could contribute some of the very much needed canned and packaged foods.  

We suggest the following:
Canned Hams (available at CVS and Rite-Aid)
Canned Chicken
Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Hunt's Manwich
Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper, Tuna Helper
Corned Beef Hash
Canned Fruit
Canned Vegetables (please NO corn or green beans)
Hearty Soups (please NO Chicken Noodle)
Taco Dinner Kits
Large Juices (in plastic bottles)
Pancake Mix or Bisquick
Pancake Syrup
Cereal (please NO Cheerios)
Boxed Mashed Potatoes
Salad Dressing
Strawberry Jam
Grape Jelly
Canned Spaghetti (please NO ravioli)
Sugar (one pound packages)
Microwave Popcorn
Remember -  caring is sharing!

Wendy McKeon, xwamx50@aol.com, 203-222-0038
Kim Reichert, kim.reichert@gmail.com , 203-227-4590


Date:    Tuesday, September 19
Time:   11:30 am
Place :   Bedford Hall 

The Gourmet Group's first meeting of the new season will be held on Tuesday, September 19,  at 11:30 am, in Bedford Hall.  Cooks this month are Lisa Allison, Lica Cole, Barbara Gladnick and Kim Reichert, who will be preparing a German-themed luncheon with Beef Sauerbroten, Potato Rosti and Braised Red Cabbage.  Dessert will be a German Apple Cake.   Gourmet Group members who wish to attend should RSVP by email to Lisa Allison by Thursday, September 7. 

Dues will be $45.00 again this season and members should either bring a check to the meeting made out to our Treasurer, Anne Hunt, or mail it to Anne Hunt at her home address. Any other WWC member who would like to join the group should also contact Lisa Allison. The Group usually meets for lunch and conversation on the third Tuesday of every month except January.  Each member is expected to form part of a cooking, set up and clean up group once during the season which runs from September to May, and we also have a couple of pot lucks. If you would like to try one meeting to see if Gourmet Group is for you, the guest fee is $20.00, which is refundable if you join the group and pay dues.

Lisa Allison, liallison@optonline.net, 203-227-9563
Barbara Gladnick, bagladnick@optonline.net , 203-854-0424


Date:  Tuesday, September 26  
Time:  12:30 pm   
Place:  Old Post Tavern, 418 Post Road, Fairfield
             (corner of Unquowa Road) 

Granting the wishes of several of our "regular" attendees, we will return to the Old Post Tavern, one of my favorites.  I have been there many times and have always loved what I've had.  They offer a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, small plates, pizzas and burgers. Reviews on Yelp have been generally excellent.   You can find their menu at https://www.oldposttavern.com/menus.

Please let me know by Friday, September 21, if you'll be joining us so I can tell them how many to expect.  And, as always, I ask that you email or call me as I may not remember if you tell me in person.

Bobbie Herman, sangazure1@aol.com, 203-255-1577


Time:  1:00 - 4:00 pm
Date:   Wednesdays
Place:  Living Room

We play on Wednesdays from 1:00 - 4:00 pm - if there is a minimum of 3 or 4 players.  Emails are sent out at the beginning of each week to members who are interested in playing.  If you want to be included in these weekly emails, please contact me to put your name on that list. All players are welcome, regardless of skill level and experience.  You do not need to have your own Mah Jongg set, but if you have one, please bring it.

Lessons are being given, also on Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 pm, to members who would like to learn to play the game.  Please contact me if you are interested in this beginner's class.

Audrey Rabinowitz, bxiteb4@aol.com
, 227-6010


If you have not already done so, please return your completed membership forms and annual dues check to the Office as soon as possible in order to be included in our 2017-18 Membership Directory.   Better still, bring it with you on Club Day, if not before.  

Robin Clark, rclark@westportnational.com, 203-231-2109


CLOTHING SALE CHANGE OF DATES - The dates for this sale have been changed pending another fundraiser we are considering for late October.  We'll have more information on that soon.   Updated Clothing Sale information is as follows:

Set-Up Days:   Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday     November 7, 8, 9
Sale Days:        Friday-Saturday-Sunday               November 10, 11, 12

Please bring in all your (still wonderful, gently used) clothes!  They can be dropped off, in bags, in the coat room at your convenience.

Wednesday, September 20 at 10:30 am  
Everyone is welcome, please bring your ideas with you!

Suzan Murphy, murphy05@aol.com, 203-222-9117
Karen Kleine, kkleine3@gmail.com, 203-858-4010


Now that YDF 2017 is over, we can relax and take a breather for a while before looking ahead to Yankee Doodle Fair 2018! 
Would you please be so kind as to check your cars, houses, and garages just in case you have any YDF lawn signs that have not yet been returned?  Thanks so much.

Kim Reichert, kim.reichert@gmail.com, 203-227-4590
Christina McVaney, cmcvaney@yahoo.com , 203-292-8138
44 Imperial Ave 
Westport, CT 06880