Westside Avenue Action Plan - Project Update 
March 2019
Coffee with the Contractor

Citizens and businesses are invited to attend an informal update by the project contractor Wildcat Construction which will include a recap of progress to date and a "look ahead" of upcoming spring construction activities and impacts related to the Westside Avenue Action Plan project. 
Project Completion

Project Substantial Completion  June 2019 Since the project began construction in January 2017, additional property acquisition has been needed, utility conflicts caused delays, impacts arose from last year's flooding, unforeseen buried items were uncovered, and additional work was needed on the project as well as in the surrounding area resulting in a longer duration needed to complete the project than originally planned. Wildcat, the project contractor, is working to complete the project as quickly as possible with crews often working extended hours during evenings and weekends when required.
Construction Update

The Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) is a multi-jurisdiction infrastructure project to improve safety and mobility and provide a long-range economic vision for the 1.5-mile corridor along W. Colorado/Manitou Avenue (from 31 st   Street to the U.S. 24 Interchange), between the two vibrant historic districts of Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs. Construction started in January 2017. 
Goals and Objectives of 
Westside Avenue Action Plan
  • Provide for safe and efficient transportation along the corridor
  • Create a compatible link between the two vibrant historic districts, Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs
  • Serve as a catalyst for economic revitalization and other future corridor improvements
  • Provide Fountain Creek improvements to mitigate any future flooding
Contact Us
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Project Hotline: 719-301-3801

Active Construction Zone
Please Drive Safely
Speed Limits Enforced
This is an active construction area with no sidewalks. Please use the designated pathways when walking or biking through the construction site.  Slow down, avoid distractions, and pay attention while driving through the Construction Zone.  
Please be patient and mindful of pedestrians, bicyclists, school children 
and construction workers.  Allow extra time for your commute. Plan for an average delay of 10 minutes during working hours. Delays can be up to 15 minutes long. 
Optional detours are in place but businesses are open.
Multi-jurisdiction Project
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Initial Project Plot Map
*Plans are subject to change.
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WAAP Progress Recap

The Westside Avenue Action Plan project team has made substantial progress on the project over the past two years, while also recognizing the project has had considerable impact on the community. The duration of the work necessary to complete this highly complicated construction project is stretching longer than originally anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances. We continue to appreciate the support of the community and ask for your continued patience. We are anticipating a project ribbon cutting this summer.  

Waterline Work - The new 12" water main is complete from the US-24 interchange to the Adams Crossing bridge and a new 16" line is complete from Columbia Road to 33rd St. The new water main has been tested and approved, and crews have transferred over existing water services to the new main.  

Structural Wall/Plaza Area (Located at the Ridge Road/ Colorado Avenue Intersection) - Wall 9 (a retaining wall along Pikes Peak Avenue) and Wall 10 (a screening wall at Mecca Motel) are mostly complete, less some aesthetic treatments and safety attenuators. A sewer line in the area was in conflict with the Wall 9 foundation and the infrastructure was relocated.  

Paving - All bottom mat paving, curb, and gutter west of the New Adams Crossing bridge is complete. Curb, gutter, driveways, and bottom mat paving are also complete on the westbound portion of future Colorado Avenue from the bridge to 33rd St. Traffic has been shifted to this area to allow for work on the south side of the road to begin. This should allow for less traffic impacts and a smoother ride.  

Historic Wall -  Foundation and cobble wall to replace the historic Stonewall Cottages wall located at Columbia Road is complete. A wooden privacy fence located on the top of the rock wall will need to be installed.  

Overhead Utility Lines and Utility Poles - Removal of overhead utility line and utility poles west of Adams Crossing Bridge is nearly complete. The undergrounding of the electric and telecom utilities is now complete in the Manitou Springs portion. The remaining overhead communication and electric lines are being removed by their owners, and only a few poles remain to be pulled.  

New Adams Crossing Bridge - Crews removed remaining existing Fountain Creek bridge. Installation of infrastructure for Abutment 1 and fish panel is complete.  

Fountain Creek -  The creek has been diverted to the north to install new 12" water and 8" sanitary sewer lines across  Fountain Creek.
Coffee with the Contractor

Citizens and businesses are invited to attend an informal update by the project contractor Wildcat Construction which will include a recap of progress to date and a "look ahead" of upcoming spring construction activities and impacts related to the Westside Avenue Action Plan project. 
Time: 5 - 6:30 p.m.
(note, this time is per request of citizens
 for early evening meetings)
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Location: Memorial Hall at 
Manitou Springs City Hall
606 Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

For more information or special ADA accommodations, call 719-488-5908.
45 Day Look Ahead
March - April 2019

The following construction impacts are anticipated, weather permitting:
Sidewalks With the removal of the power poles, work is stating on completing the sidewalks in the Manitou Springs portion of the project. This work requires certain temperatures to perform, so it is heavily dependent upon the weather.  

Structural Walls - Work will continue on Walls 10, 9, Wall 8 (an architectural retaining wall at the Transit and   Pedestrian Plaza). Work on the crash barrier system and ADA accessibility work to tie in the plaza and roadway system will be mostly complete in late March.  

Fountain Creek Reconstruction - North of the new Adams Crossing Bridge crews continue to rebuild the stream bed and boulder retaining walls (retaining
wall along Colorado Avenue) to Garden of the Gods RV Resort property line. Work will continue in this area until April 2019.  

Adams Crossing Bridge: Installation of new 12" water and 8" sanitary sewer lines across Fountain Creek where the old bridge existed will tie into the already placed new infrastructure. Work will continue until April 2019.  

Historic Wall - A wooden privacy fence will be placed on top of the wall. Work will continue on the historic walls through Spring 2019 as weather permits.  

32nd Street and Colorado Intersection - Storm sewer work to place a trunk line across Colorado Avenue will   require some traffic impacts in this area in late April. This line will assist in resolving past flooding issues at this   intersection.  

Pikes Peak Avenue will be fully open by early April. Pikes Peak Avenue had to be shut down for the installation of the retaining walls along the southern edge of the road, as allowing traffic through this area with the hillside excavated would be extremely dangerous. Reopening is contingent upon completion of the work which is very much weather dependent for enabling concrete placement and paving work to take place. The goal is to have one lane of Pikes Peak Avenue reopen in early March to help traffic congestion. During this time, work will still be taking place  to install crash barrier attenuation systems along the southern edge of the roadway.
Project Milestones Over Past Two Years

Removal of the final girders on west side of Fountain Creek Bridge.

Northern portion of the bridge complete, south sidewalks and railings to be completed.

Demolition of existing bridge deck - March 2018

Historic sign removal and replacement - April 2017

Demolition of Sunflower Motel - April 2017

Groundbreaking of WAAP Project - Dec. 2016