Westside Avenue Action Plan - Project Update 
April 2020
Project Information

The Westside Avenue Action Plan (WAAP) is a multi-jurisdiction infrastructure project to improve safety and mobility and provide a long-range economic vision for the 1.5-mile corridor along W. Colorado/Manitou Avenue (from 31 st   Street to the U.S. 24 Interchange), between the two vibrant historic districts of Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs.
Goals and Objectives of 
Westside Avenue Action Plan
  • Provide for safe and efficient transportation along the corridor
  • Create a compatible link between the two vibrant historic districts, Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs
  • Serve as a catalyst for economic revitalization and other future corridor improvements
  • Provide Fountain Creek improvements to mitigate any future flooding
Midland Trail Update
  • Pikes Peak Avenue is striped with bike lanes. 
  • The new pedestrian bridge access (excluding the underpass) is open. 
  • The Midland Trail under Colorado Avenue on the southside is still closed while the contractor works to complete grading and pour concrete. Anticipated completion is late May.
Contact Us
Project Hotline: 719-301-3801

Multi-jurisdiction Project
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Initial Project Plot Map
*Plans are subject to change.
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We recognize there may be questions from the community as to whether or not contractors are still working on the WAAP project during this time of responding to COVID-19. Projects are excluded from the Stay-at-Home order enacted by the state as long as workers comply with social distancing guidelines. Here is what El Paso County is doing for the safety of the public and our workers: 

Having contractors update their project safety management plans to include steps they are taking to help protect against and prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as:
  • Protocols for cleaning and sanitizing practices for hands, equipment, tools, etc.
  • Provisions and protocols for washing hands or other means of hand sanitizing
  • Protocols for remote meetings/social distancing
  • Protocols to alter shift work to minimize interpersonal contact between crews
  • Protocols on reporting of potential and confirmed infections to project staff
  • Protocols for identifying and protecting vulnerable individuals
All project meetings are to be held remote. If we absolutely need to physically meet for a meeting then we are taking the following steps:
  • Limiting the number of people attending the meeting
  • Trying to hold the meeting outdoors
  • Trying to keep a 6 feet minimum distance between all attendees
  • Limiting hand-outs/passing around items/documents
  • Avoiding contact with other attendees (i.e. handshakes, etc.)
As for how the virus is impacting the West Colorado Avenue project specifically, Wildcat is still working hard to keep up with their schedule. Wildcat crews and/or their subcontractors have been onsite performing work. There is the chance that the virus could impact subcontractors or material suppliers in the future but currently we do not know of any major impacts. As of this time, we are hopeful that we can stay on schedule.
Wrap-up Work Projected to be Complete 
by Memorial Day Holiday Weekend
Major construction activities for the Westside Avenue Action Plan were completed last fall leaving wrap-up work to be completed over the winter. Work is projected to be complete within the next 45 days.  The project team and contractor, Wildcat Construction, thanks the community and citizens for your ongoing patience as we work to put the finishing touches on the project.

The following construction impacts are anticipated during the next 45 days, weather permitting:

Fountain Creek: Sediment from rain and snow events will be removed between the pedestrian bridge and the Timber Lodge. 

Midland Trail:  Grading will be completed for the Midland Trail system and concrete will be poured to complete the south side. 

Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority (MSURA) pocket park is scheduled for completion by late May. 

Traffic Signals: Crews will be working on completing the necessary punch work items needed to turn on the traffic signal at 32nd Street.

Final Striping:  The epoxy striping will be refreshed at the end of the project to give a more finished look.

Additional Projects:

Water Quality Pond at Ridge Road and Colorado
Wildcat is preparing to start the water quality pond construction in the coming days. This work is expected to continue into late May.

Construction Work at West 33rd Street
Colorado Springs Utilities is replacing an outdated water intake structure and pump station on Fountain Creek at West 33rd Street. This site is located behind the Safeway complex on West Colorado, along the Midland Trail. Motorists are advised to watch for trucks entering and exiting the site at the driveway between Safeway and the La Unica Autentico Mexican food restaurant. Construction will continue through March 2021. This project is not associated with the WAAP Project.
WAAP Progress Recap

Paving  - Final paving complete.

Sidewalk -  Sidewalks, amenity zones (the area between the back of curb and the sidewalk) and tying in the driveways and new sidewalks to the existing properties are complete.

Waterline Work - The new water mains have been tested and approved, and crews have transferred over existing water services to the new main.

Structural Wall/Plaza Area  - Complete

Historic Wall The historic cobblestone wall along Columbia Road is complete. A wooden privacy fence has been constructed on top of the wall for added privacy.

Overhead Utility Lines and Utility Poles All under grounding of the electric and telecom utilities is complete and all overhead utilities have been removed. 

New Adams Crossing Bridge - C omplete.

Fountain Creek -  The 12" water main and 8" sanitary sewer line crossing under the creek are complete. The pedestrian bridge across Fountain Creek has been installed.
Project Photos From Past 30 Days

Hand rail and sidewalk installed at Ridge Road trail -
Pikes Peak to Colorado Avenues

AFTER: Colorado Avenue and Columbia Road intersection - 2020

BEFORE: Colorado Avenue and Columbia Road intersection - 2017