March 4, 2021
Hello, Westview families, 

I’m going to let you all in on a secret. The Westview School Board of Directors has a clear vision for our school. It is for Westview to be “the best little school on the planet.” The men and women who serve on our board have a long history with The Westview School. Autism is something near and dear to their hearts, and they have a passion for our school’s mission and supporting us in serving our students. Another shared characteristic of this group is success, and they know that passion without a plan is just a wish. 
One of the first tasks that I was assigned by the board was to begin the process of strategic planning for the school. The goal of a strategic plan is to identify priorities that will guide our work for the next 3-5 years.
We have hired Gershenson Consulting to guide us through the development of a strategic plan. We are committed to engaging in an inclusive process in which all voices are heard, and this is going to be an enormous undertaking.
One of the first steps will be to survey staff, families (current and former), students (Upper Elementary and Middle School), and Westview alumni. In addition, our consultants will host focus groups with families and staff to gather more insight into how we are meeting the needs of our community. Our goal is to collect feedback on just about every aspect of the school, from our facilities to our programs. 
A small, core working group will work through the summer to review all of the information collected from our stakeholders and develop a strategic plan to be rolled out in the fall. We are excited about this process, and we hope that this brings excitement to our staff, faculty, and families too. We encourage you to be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.
Exciting things are ahead for Westview!

Head of School
The Westview School
February Wonder Wall Winners
Congratulations to Daniel in ECD2 for being a Mindfulness Master. Daniel is the perfect example of a student that keeps on building his social and emotional skills. This February Wonder Wall Winner is often seen engaging in calm-down methods. When friends are upset, Daniel is quick to offer suggestions such as “take deep breaths, ask nicely, try again, and pray!” We are so proud of the progress he has made in his language, social, and emotional skills! Way to go, Daniel!
Satvik is Out of this World! Satvik is a hard-working Middle School student who asks relevant and insightful questions during class. He is always engaged and fully participates in all classroom activities. Satvik is also a great friend to his fellow classmates. We have seen so much improvement on so many levels this year. He is kind and respectful to everyone around him. We are lucky to have you here at Westview, Satvik! Congratulations on being a February Wonder Wall Winner.
Calendar at a Glance

March 12

March 15-19
  • Spring Break

April 2
  • Good Friday (No School)

Stay Westview Strong
Governor Abbott’s plan to lift the statewide mask mandate does not affect The Westview School’s COVID-19 protocols, including mask usage and health screenings. 
The Texas Education Agency sets the standard of care for children in schools. Yesterday, the agency encouraged schools to continue following recommendations from the CDC and local health departments designed to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 
Our commitment has been to do what we can to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. At a time when vaccines are still not readily available and new variants are being found across the country, we are closely following the recommendations of worldwide public health officials.
Those recommendations continue to be:
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay 6 feet from others
  • Avoid crowds
  • Wash your hands often
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Monitor your health daily
  • Get vaccinated when it is your turn
I am extremely proud of how our families, students, and staff have partnered to ensure the health and safety of all in our community. Our shared commitment to protecting one another has been key to our success in the delivery of our mission and meeting the needs of our students. We will continue to monitor this situation and consult with our Medical Advisory Board before making any adjustments to our current plan.
Travel Reminder for Spring Break (March 15-19)
It is important for us to remind families that our ability to stay open and serve our students on campus depends on all of us doing what we can to stay healthy and avoid contracting and spreading the virus. One of our policies in the Campus Reopening Plan requires a quarantine after travel by airplane, train, bus, etc. 

If you and your family are planning to travel by plane for Spring Break, please let us know so we can plan to transition your student to virtual school after the break. Thank you for your continued attention and dedication to keeping our students safe and healthy.

With Spring Break rapidly approaching, we wanted to share the CDC’s recommendations for minimizing exposure to the virus during travel.
The Fundraising Luncheon Goes to the Movies
One week until The Westview School Fundraising Luncheon is Going to the Movies. Today is the LAST DAY to reserve a spot! We would LOVE to save you a parking spot. Our invitation was extended to friends of The Westview School, we still have about 30 spaces available, and we would LOVE to see you and your family at the movies! Mark your calendars for Friday, March 12 at Moonstruck Drive-In Theatre and RSVP today. All families, children included, are welcome and encouraged to attend this free event to raise money for The Westview School. Families and friends of The Westview School can expect dinner delivered to your vehicle while viewing Disney's new release "Raya & The Last Dragon." We are so excited to be hosting this in-person but socially distanced event. If you are interested in attending, RSVP here.
Westview EDU: The Birds and the Bees and Kids with Special Needs
The Westview School is excited to welcome back Dr. Sarah Mire, Ph.D., from the University of Houston School of Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences on Thursday, March 4, at 7PM via ZOOM for Westview EDU

Your little boy or girl is rapidly growing into a smelly, moody pre-teen. Your pre-teen is all of a sudden a full-blown teenager! How do you cope, especially with the added layer of autism? Please join us for the perennially popular talk on how to prepare yourself and your child for the inevitable – puberty! Dr. Mire will walk you through what to be on the lookout for, how to practice, appropriate social norms for personal hygiene, and much more.

Please RSVP and a ZOOM link will be emailed to you prior to the event. Have questions? Email Penelope Khuri.

Westview Blog: The Why, What, and How of Dealing with Anxiety in Autism
A few weeks prior to Texas being blindsided by an epic winter storm Westview EDU hosted Dr. Sarah Mire, UH faculty and licensed psychologist, to present “Understanding Anxiety in Autism and Helping Kids on the Spectrum.” Now, as many Texas residents have shifted focus to better preparing for the next time a major disruption occurs, the information and strategies Dr. Mire had to share might be just the thing to pack away in our emergency preparedness kits. Visit the Westview Blog for our latest post on The Why, What, and How of Dealing with Anxiety in Autism.

Simply Fresh Kitchen
Did you know that you can send a hot lunch to your child every day at The Westview School? The Simply Fresh Kitchen will send hot, nutritious meals as often as you like; all you need to do is register on their website, look at the menu and make your selections. It’s that simple. Visit the Simply Fresh Kitchen tab under Campus Life on The Westview School website for monthly menus and instructions on how to order.
Westview is Hiring!
Westview is looking to increase our substitute teacher list. Applicants for a substitute teacher at Westview must be over 18 and a high school graduate. Experience working with children is a plus. References are required. As a Westview substitute, you will primarily work as the class assistant for the day. If you or someone you know may be interested in substitute teaching on a preschool, elementary, or middle school level, please email a resume to Russell Avery.
Any additional questions/inquiries regarding job opportunities at The Westview School can be directed to Russell Avery.

Please refer to COVID-19 tab on The Westview School website for the most up to date information regarding our Child First Reopening Plan.

For the Kids