December 3, 2020

That is what Julie Walker called her class of 2015. There are multiple reasons why. That year a nest of baby squirrels was found in the classroom ceiling during the first week of school, but mostly that group of boys could get a little “squirrely” in the afternoons. The name stuck, and four of those students are now in middle school. Given the chance, they still enjoy popping into Mrs. Walker’s classroom to ask about Mario, the one-legged parakeet, and pull back the curtain covering her books to search for the deluxe version of The Cat in the Hat. 
Westview hails dozens upon dozens of stories just like this. At the heart of these anecdotes is the thing that makes Westview so successful. Connection. 

Every Westview family has a unique and personal autism story. Early red flags. Words that weren't spoken. Teachers who couldn't connect. Different challenges lead families to The Westview School. And more than likely, your path didn't have anything to do with your child's learning. The early challenges had to do with difficulty forming connections, so your child was able to learn.

Westview staff know that when it comes to learning... relationships matter. In fact, in the early 1900s, a Soviet psychologist named Lev Vygotsky studied cognitive development in children. The simplest explanation for what he found is that learning is relational. Research shows that strong relationships between teachers and their students support higher academic achievement.

Each week, I spend time visiting classrooms and am delighted to see our teachers putting this theory into practice. Our teachers take the time to learn about what the kids are interested in, and they really learn. Mrs. Amanda calls upon her knowledge of PJ Masks to encourage her PreK friends to use their "Super Cat Speed" while engaging in a game of chase on the playground. Mr. G. greets his Middle School math class with a "what's up, Gamers" and can easily engage students in conversation about Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. 
Our teachers also work to foster relationships among students. With our youngest kids, teachers instruct them how to invite a friend to play or how to ask to join a group. By the time students progress to the elementary level, our students have become a supportive community of learners. They cheer each other on during PE class and readily compliment a classmate's project well done. And, just like our four students pictured above, Carter, Finley, Julian, and Noah, our students form lifelong friendships during their time at The Westview School.
Westview is a place where our students are genuinely excited to come to school. I see this every morning as I greet our students arriving at carpool. Westview is a place where they are loved, respected, supported, and affirmed. I am proud of the environment of love and learning that The Westview School provides your children. 

Head of School
The Westview School
Buddies since lower elementary, Drew and Joe are no longer in the same class. But that does not stop them from connecting on their way to class. A sign of the times, Joe calls over to Drew, “socially-distanced hugs, Drew!”  
Playground time is a great opportunity for teachers to encourage reciprocal play and build relationships between students.
Mrs. Amanda engages with her friend Owen during recess. Owen is a big fan of PJ Masks.
During a submarine escape room challenge, Mr. G reviews positive and negative integers with his Middle School math group.
Calendar at a Glance

December 3
  • WestviewEDU: When Is Your Child Ready for Mainstreaming?

December 17
  • Home for the Holidays: A Virtual Holiday Play

December 21 to January 1
  • Winter Holiday Break

January 4
  • Students Return

January 14
  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day (Virtual Event)

January 18
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)
Home for the Holidays - Pictures Needed
We cannot wait to share our virtual holiday play with our families. Our music department is hard at work, putting everything together for its big, virtual debut. "Home for the Holidays: A Virtual Holiday Play" will be released on Thursday, December 17. We are so excited to share the fun students have been up to during music. 

Reminder: If you haven't already, don't forget to send in a picture of your child "home for the holidays" by this Friday, December 4. We are looking for a photograph of just your child participating in a holiday tradition at home. Pictures from the previous year's winter holidays will work. Please email your photo to your child's teacher or Sarah Chauvin.
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WestviewEDU: Is Your Child Ready for Mainstreaming?
Parents face many challenges when deciding whether to move their children from a “special needs” environment to a “mainstream” setting in a public or private school. Join us tonight, Thursday, December 3 at 7 pm for our next Westview EDU.

Michael McKee, Ed.S., LSSP, NCSP will share the differences between as well as tips, tricks, and tools for navigating either setting with your child with ASD and/or special needs. This presentation will help you better understand when your child is ready to mainstream and prepare and be successful in the mainstream classroom. Please RSVP, and a Zoom link will be emailed to you before the event.

Alex's 5K Run/Walk & Kids K
Alex's 5K Run/Walk & Kids K for 2020 is happening now. This year's event is a little different in that it is virtual. Participants can run or walk a 5k at any time or place between Nov. 20 to Dec. 20, 2020. The virtual race means you will set your own start time, date, and course. 

Alex's 5K is a yearly event presented by The Bayou City Road Runners (BCRR) to honor the life of Alex Jamrich. Lower elementary assistant Juliana Arce was a former nanny to Alex.

The proceeds from Alex's 5K support three Autism-related charities: Autism Speaks,  Avondale House, and The Westview School. We are so thankful for their generosity.

For more information and to register for the event, visit the official Alex's FiveK website.

Westview is Hiring!
Westview is currently accepting applications for a Middle School Math teaching assistant. If you are or know someone who might be interested in a middle school math teaching assistant role, please email a resume to Russell Avery. 

Westview is looking to increase our substitute teacher list. Applicants for a substitute teacher at Westview must be over 18 and a high school graduate. Experience working with children is a plus. References are required. As a Westview substitute, you will primarily work as the class assistant for the day. If you or someone you know may be interested in substitute teaching on a preschool, elementary, or middle school level, please email a resume to Russell Avery.
Any additional questions/inquiries regarding job opportunities at The Westview School can be directed to Russell Avery.

Please refer to COVID-19 tab on The Westview School website for the most up to date information regarding our Child First Reopening Plan.

For the Kids

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