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Westward Whiskey Unveils Pinot Noir Cask, Complete Portfolio Redesign
Westward Whiskey is celebrating the launch of its third permanent expression—Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask, which joins the original Westward American Single Malt and Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask. All three expressions are now available nationwide, with a stunning new look, which includes a custom bottle design and logo that pays homage to the whiskey’s Northwest provenance and indelible link to the culture, climate and natural ingredients of the American Northwest. (
Tattersall Launches Two Bottled in Bond Bourbons
Minneapolis-based Tattersall Distilling announced the launch of two bottled in bond bourbons—High-Rye Bourbon and Wheated Bourbon. Tattersall says this marks the first bottled in bond spirits made in Minnesota since before Prohibition. (
Survey: Health and Safety Measures at ACSA's Annual Convention
As we plan for ACSA's Annual Distillers' Convention & Vendor Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in late July of 2021, we are keeping your health and safety top of mind. We'd like to hear your thoughts on safety measures that would make you most comfortable when attending the convention. Please click below to take this short, two-question survey.
Show Off Your Creativity & Win Free Registration or Discounted Booth Space at ACSA's 8th Annual Distillers' Convention and Vendor Trade Show
This year, ACSA is turning to its members to find the best convention theme and logo for our 8th Annual Distillers' Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Louisville this summer.

Put your creativity to the test and submit both a theme and logo by Dec. 1, 2020. Please submit a vector image (EPS file) of the logo as well as a PDF. The convention committee will vote on the designs and the winning DSP or affiliate member* will earn either complimentary ACSA registration for up to three people or $500 off booth space! Additionally the winner will be highlighted on ACSA's social media channels.

Things to consider:
  • Capture a bit of the industry zeitgeist
  • Tie the theme to Louisville, a city with such strong craft roots
  • It should speak and connect with attendees (DSP members, Industry, etc)
  • Concise and to the point
  • Consistent with image and branding of American Craft Spirits Association
  • Avoid use of obvious trademarks

If you have any questions contact

*Must be a member in good standing to enter.
Virginia Distilleries Offer Promotional Specials on DtC Shipping
To help put a little extra spirit in our season, Virginia distilleries are stepping up to offer promotional shipping and delivery discounts to Virginia residents for holiday purchases this November and December. (
Poll: Who handles your local delivery?
If you are allowed to deliver products locally, who handles your delivery?
In-house staff & distillery-owned/leased vehicles
Third-party carrier
Violet Crown Spirits Releases Texas Wildflower Trio
Violet Crown Spirits of Bastrop, Texas, has launched a new way to enjoy the distillery’s Jasmine, Elderflower and Midnight Marigold liqueurs in one triple-threat collection: the Texas Wildflower Trio. (
Mad River Distillers Releases Whiskey Aged in Cabernet Barrels
Mad River Distillers of Warren, Vermont, announces the release of Mad River Rye Whiskey Finished in Silver Oak Cellars Barrels. (
Copperworks Announces American Single Malt Release 033
Copperworks Distilling Co. of Seattle recently announced that Copperworks American Single Malt Release 033 is available. Release 033 is a single cask whiskey matured in a cask that was previously used to produce fino sherry. (
Sagamore Spirit in Quest to Give Away a Barrel of Rye Whiskey
Baltimore-based Sagamore Spirit is dangling a chance to win an entire barrel of its rye whiskey. The occasion is the award-winning American whiskey brand’s celebration of “RyeDay the 13th”, its moniker for the calendar phenomenon known to most as Friday the 13th, which came back around this November. (
Catoctin Creek Scores Big at Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards
Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. of Purcellville, Virginia, scored three separate awards at the annual Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards 2020. Earlier in the year, the distillery was named finalist in the category of “Main Street Business” and won that category at the chamber gala. (
Join Us for Craft Spirits Live on Instagram
Join ACSA for Craft Spirits Live, our Instagram Live show. In each episode, a leading craft spirits producer invites us into their distillery for 30 minutes of engaging conversation and a virtual tour—as well as an opportunity to answer all of your burning questions.

November 25th: David Weglarz, StilL 630
December 2nd: Lisa Wicker, Widow Jane Distillery
December 9th: Gary Hinegardner, Wood Hat Spirits
December 16th: Heather Greene, Provision Spirits
December 23rd: No Craft Spirits Live
December 30th: No Craft Spirits Live
January 6th: Alex Laufer, One Eight Distilling

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Wilderness Trail Earns Kentucky Distillers Association's Highest Rank
Wilderness Trail Distillery of Danville, Kentucky, has achieved the rank of Heritage member with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. This is the highest level in the non-profit group that unites and leads the state’s signature bourbon and spirits industry. (
Flavorman Creates Drink to Represent 2020
If 2020 was a drink, what would it taste like? Experts at Flavorman, a Louisville, Kentucky-based beverage development company, got together to find out. (
ROOT Crafted Rolls Out Holiday Gift Packs
ROOT Crafted, a woman-owned organic cocktail mixer company from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, unveiled a line of five gift packs just in time for the upcoming holiday season. (
Reminder: Importance of Registering Sanitizer
Recently, ACSA leadership met with the FDA and the biggest takeaways were the importance of following current FDA guidelines and the necessity to register if you are producing hand sanitizer, packaging or labeling for distribution (either for sale or donation). You must also register with the FDA if you are manufacturing ethanol for use by others in making sanitizer.

If you believe a distillery is producing or distributing hand sanitizer or ethanol in a manner that is inconsistent with recent federal regulations and guidelines published for use during the COVID-19 public health emergency, please click here.

And if you haven't already added your distillery to our list of DSPs producing hand sanitizers, click here.

Additionally, FDA recently announced that it is providing a laboratory testing method to assess the quality of finished hand sanitizer products.

This testing method can be used to help assure hand sanitizers contain the correct ingredients and do not contain harmful levels of impurities. To read the full bulletin on the FDA's laboratory testing method, click here.
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In these challenging times, seek advice and lend your knowledge in ACSA's online forums. Our main forum topics include crisis management, services, TTB, safety, technical, equipment & materials, legislation, business and marketplace.
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