Whale shark season is here! 
And we are seeing them already!!!


ReefCI have teamed up with the Lodge at Big Falls


The Lodge at Big Falls are offering ReefCI guests weekend specials including: 2 nights, breakfast, welcome cocktail, tours to Mayan ruins, river tubing and use of swimming pool, kayaks and mountain bikes. 

Only $315US


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ReefCI are about to release our 2014 annual report - watch this space!

Our guests and staff helped remove over 6,000 Lionfish during 2014!  The stomach contents of 574 lionfish collected from known dive sites around Tom Owens Caye, were analyzed and recorded. 

Want to do a 'marine conservation through the lens' trip?

Book at underwater photography trip with ReefCI and improve your underwater images and go home knowing you have helped the environment that you love.
ReefCI are getting more and more repeat guests

A special shout out to the following people who are on their 2nd, 3rd and even 4th trip with ReefCI during the first quarter of this year:

Danila and Chris
Chris Tafuri
Terry & Alex
Harley Decker
Brad Herman
Susanne DeMontreuil 
Dakota Warren
'All round 5 star experience'

Harley is back with us now for 8 weeks doing his DM course.  Here is his review from last year.


I''ve been diving over most of the Caribbean for 7 years now, and I have never been diving with safer, more fun, or more knowledgeable instructors/staff than here on Tom Owen's with Reef CI. 


I spent 4 weeks with Reef CI during March of 2014, and completed my Rescue Diver course with them. I learned more, and experience more hands-on work, than I have with any other PADI instructors at multiple facilities. Not to mention, these rates, are the most affordable rates you will ever find (both in the states, and in the Caribbean). 


Now for the diving.... Hands down some of the coolest diving I have ever experienced. From the shallow snorkeling, to the deeper wall dives, and everything in between, there is ALWAYS something interesting to see/study and it NEVER gets old. 


The amount of information gained through the classroom time is a huge plus as well, if you really want to understand the environment around you. Being able to participate in the surveys and lion fish spearing is also very, very cool. It feels great to be able to dive such a beautiful reef system, while at the same time, doing your part to protect it. 


Reef CI is an excellent organization and I highly recommend it, especially for those that have never been diving and would like to give it a shot! I almost forgot to mention...the food is AMAZING. Best fish I have ever had...