Whaling Museum featured films
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Nantucket and Bones of History
Nantucket , a film by documentary filmmaker Ric Burns, captures the unparalleled beauty of the island and explores Nantucket’s global significance in this remarkable gateway film.
Created exclusively for the NHA.
Bones of History , created exclusively for the NHA by filmmaker John Stanton, documents the events surrounding the sperm whale that washed up on the eastern end of Nantucket in 1998 and now hangs as the centerpiece of Gosnell Hall at the Whaling Museum.
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Digitization & Transcription
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Follow along on this voyage and others from the comfort of your home by helping us transcribe our logbook collection.
“I was born, no matter where; my parents were, no matter who, my disposition to roam having carried me to Boston…” So begins the “Whim Whams and Opinions of M. E. Morrell,” written “by himself, for his own amusement” during a voyage aboard the ship Hero of Nantucket.

Though only 30 pages long, this journal makes for quite an interesting read! Morrell opens with an indigenous history of Nantucket before whisking us back to Nantucket as a whaling port in the 1820s as he gets ready to set sail.
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digitization and transcription project. 

In Celebration of Women's History Month

A Paper Trail: Piecing Together
the Life of Phebe Hanaford
By Lisa M. Tetrault

In the first decade of the twentieth century, Phebe Hanaford was asked to help officiate at the funeral services for two leading women’s rights activists of the nineteenth century: the feminist philosopher Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the woman-suffrage organizer Susan B. Anthony. The two friends, who had shared a life of labor, died within four years of each other, and Hanaford knew them both well. One of the nation’s first female ministers, an author, feminist, and Nantucket native, Hanaford was intimately involved in the early women’s rights campaign for nearly the entire span of the seventy-five-year movement. The invitation in her old age to preside at the funerals of arguably the most famous women of the nineteenth century testified to Hanaford’s own prominence. Yet, for complicated reasons, this extraordinary woman is almost forgotten today.

Photo Phebe Hanaford, 1860's, P14374
Artifact of the Week
Silver Porringer 
Benjamin Bunker   
Gift of the Friends of the NHA 

One of only ten porringers positively identified as the work of Bunker, this lovely vessel is a testament to the elegantly simple, well-proportioned style favored by Nantucketers based on mainland examples. The inscription ELC stands for Edward (1738–1812) and Lydia Cary (1745–1814), originally from Charlestown, Massachusetts, who moved to Nantucket during the Revolution to avoid persecution as Tories.

The Carys owned and operated a prosperous rope-making business and invested heavily in the whaling trades. They were the parents of Nantucket China trader James Cary.. The couple’s beautiful gravestones are in Old North Cemetery, Edward’s bearing the verse inscription: Learn then ye living! by these mouths be taught Of all these sepulchres instruction true, That soon or late, death is your lot, And the next opening grave may yawn for you!
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This flame stitch wallet from our collection is a technique of stitching also known as an Irish , Hungarian, Florentine, and bargello stitch, which indicates the uncertainty of its origins. This pattern was also used for pillows, stools, and fire screens.

These wallets were carried by both men and women during the last half of the eighteenth century.

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Item of the Week:
Tony Sarg's Nantucket Map Puzzle

The perfect at home activity!
This 200 piece puzzle is the famous Tony Sarg Nantucket map made exclusively for the Nantucket Historical Association.
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