Project Updates - March 2020
Muskoka Wharf Revitalization Plan  Drafted 

The draft plan to revitalize the Muskoka Wharf has been completed. The plan includes an introduction to the Wharf, an overview of the data and key findings from the consultation process, and a comprehensive plan which includes a vision, mission, goals, market position, rationale, and summary of strategic actions.  

We are excited to share the highlights of the plan here: 
The Muskoka Wharf will become a year-round shopping and recreation destination for tourists and residents.

Increase number of visitors, stays, and spending by situating the Wharf as a tourism destination and integral part of Gravenhurst's commercial core.


1. Increase number & types of businesses

2. Create more things to do & reasons to visit
3. Reduce seasonality & extend hours of operation
4. Revitalize physical layout & appearance
5. Enhance on-site experience & increase promotion

6. Strengthen two-way links to other areas of Gravenhurst

7. Unify leadership & management 

The 7 goals are supported by 13 objectives. You can find an overview of the vision, mission, goals and objectives in the draft Executive Summary

Next Steps

The draft plan is currently in the final stages of consultation. Following this process, the plan will be presented at an upcoming  Council meeting.

Do you think the goals and objectives listed above have captured everything? Do you have suggestions? There is still time to let us know by emailing Leanne

To confirm upcoming meeting dates and times, subscribe  to the  Council Calendar on the  Town of Gravenhurst website. 
Wharf Fun Facts! 

Launched in 1915, Wanda III is a unique historic yacht that was owned by the Eaton family, founders of the Eaton Department Store chain. It was commissioned by Margaret Eaton, wife of Timothy Eaton,  who wanted to have the fastest boat on the Muskoka Lakes!

The Wanda III will be electrified, restored, and displayed in a dedicated wet slip as part of the $3 million Stanley Meek Steam Era Exhibit. For more information about this exciting project visit the Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre website.  
Project Background

The Town of Gravenhurst is leading an eight-month project to develop a plan to outline potential goals and strategic actions to revitalize the Muskoka Wharf.  R ead the  media release  to learn about the project background.  


Contact the Wharf Revitalization Coordinator:
Leanne Fetterley
705-687-3412 x 271