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The Road to Redemption: Construction Ahead

It Takes a Village

Updated DOJ Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs

Tooth Decay: From Condition of Humanity to Consignment to Medical History?
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We hope you are enjoying the updated version of both the PDF and web versions of the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly ! The publication turned eight years old this year and deserved a fresh look.

July brings us a new President of the Board of the WHCMAA, Maria Whitman, WG’05! Maria has been active on the Board for several years and has also served as a co-producer of the 2016 October WHCMAA Alumni Healthcare Conference. Learn more in the President’s Desk

One of the articles in this issue is about the new (launched less than a year ago) Wharton Digital Health Podcast. The line-up of guests has been quite impressive and also highlights the number of entrepreneurs doing great things in our midst.  WHQ readers have always expressed an interest in hearing about the journey fellow healthcare travelers take. We would love to hear yours – the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, the lessons learned, the joy and excitement, and the passion and dedication to forging your own path and making health and healthcare better and more impactful. Is 2019 the year you decide to share your story so others may learn and be inspired? 

Lastly, the annual WHCMAA Healthcare Conference will be held October 18, and is being chaired by Jeff Voigt, WG’85 (prior WHCMAA Board Chair, organizer of the WHCMAA’s SIRIUS XM Radio slot, and a WHCMAA Service Award winner), which means it will be a blow out success. This year’s theme is “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.” Early-Bird registration ends September 1st, so register soon.

Hope to see you there!

Z. Colette Edwards, WG'84, MD'85
Managing Editor

Contact Colette at:

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In Every Issue
The President's Desk
Contributor: Maria Whitman, WG’05

“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.”
~ Unknown

I will admit now that in the earliest days of my career I acti vely avoide d health care as a calling. I think with a healthcare cons ultant father, speech pathologist mother, hospital administrator uncle, nurse aunt, and on and on, it felt too much like the family business. Within 2 years of graduating university, however, healthcare drew me in – it’s complexity, amazing dichotomy of frustrating inefficiency coupled with genuine promise of innovation and progress, and most of all a common vision towards the noble goal of human health. 

There are key inflection points across our lives and careers, and every alumnus I meet proactively asserts that being part of the WHCM program was one of those defining experiences in their journey. Our alumni continue to be among the most committed and passionate people I know in healthcare. Read more .
The Philosopher’s Corner
Contributor: Maria Whitman, WG’05  

This eclectic standing column features insightful musings, words of wisdom, life lessons, and stepping stones to business success. This month's philosopher is Maria Whitman, WG’05 . Maria is a Principal and a leader in ZS’ strategy and transformation practice, addressing a range of issues from organizational transformation and change to critical capability building and upskilling. She is also the new incoming President of the WHCMAA Board.

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Affidavit: Healthcare and the Law - The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Conflict of Interest Scandal   
Contributor:   Delphine O’Rourke, JD 

The high profile conflict of interest (COI) scandal at The Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center is a call to action for healthcare boards and their members to evaluate their organizations’ conflict of interest oversight. The scandal has become synonymous with egregious and ethically troubling relationships between non-profit health systems and pharma companies - even at the highest levels of one of the most prestigious healthcare institutions in the world. 

Almost nine months after the significant and publically scrutinized COI lapse, the preeminent New York research hospital and institution is still trying to recover from the reputational, leadership, and governance damage. After months of being at the center of this national scandal, Memorial Sloan Kettering and its board of directors overhauled its COI policies to give COIs the attention and oversight they require. Healthcare organizations across the country would be smart to do the same. Read more .
Downloading Success : Leaving the Ladder - Rethinking the Traditional Healthcare Career Path  

For many executives, the rapid increase of matrixed mega-systems has upended the traditional path of advancement. Moving slowly but steadily up the ladder has gone out of fashion. Prepare yourself to change positions more often than you might have once thought, sometimes switching to different departments or areas of focus to broaden your skills and perspectives. Consider the possibility of moving laterally – or even taking a step down – if it prepares you for a more meaningful career and builds your skills for new roles down the road. Read more .
To Your Health: The Ghost in My Pocket 
Contributor:   Rich Butler, MS, USPTA

Canyon Ranch has a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ) that we use to gauge our guests and their lifestyle habits. The questionnaire may differ from the traditional questionnaire that you might fill out with your physician. We ask specific questions about stress levels, exercise types and durations, specific dietary habits, work hours, sleep, alcohol use, and even relaxation or meditation practices. 

I have likely read ~10,000 over the past 20 years, and discovered there are some very common answers over those years. I have selected three of the themes that resonate the most. The good news is that despite what seem to be inevitable challenges in our life, some very practical and applicable acts of movement or exercise can significantly lessen the cost. Read more .
Mind the Gap: The Power of Partnerships in Driving Sustainable Change
Contributor:   Michellene Davis, Esq.

New Jersey is the nation’s most densely-populated and economically diverse state. It is also the third wealthiest state in the nation, yet nearly 3.4 million New Jersey residents cannot afford to meet their basic needs. Over 1.9 million people live in homes that are too expensive, overcrowded, or lack adequate plumbing, and 919,000 New Jerseyans go to bed hungry each night. The cost of living is increasing, and low-wage jobs continue to dominate the landscape. When people cannot afford food, heat, or housing, it significantly affects their health. 

RWJBarnabas Health is dedicated to effectuating meaningful change by addressing the social determinants of health, including economic stability, education, food security, affordable housing and safe living environments. The Social Impact and Community Investment (SICI) Practice was developed to tackle these social, economic and environ-mental conditions that negatively affect health outcomes, reduce life expectancy, and result in higher costs. Read more .
Feature Articles
Four Lessons I Learned from Launching the Wharton Digital Health Podcast

“This is Rohan Siddhanti, and welcome to the Wharton Digital Health Podcast. It’s a podcast where MBAs can connect with the alumni community about the latest trends, company initiatives, and jobs available in the payer/provider, digital health and investing spaces.” That’s been the podcast introduction since it was launched in October 2018. Over 2,000 listens later, the podcast is going strong with new incoming student leadership and many guests in the pipeline. 

As the digital revolution continues to disrupt existing business models and blur the boundaries between vertical industries, the potential for strategic partnerships to reinvent, disrupt, or defend a market position are like none we’ve seen previously. Strategic partnerships have become an important part of the CEO agenda and will continue to play a vital role in healthcare’s transformation. Ping An in China has already demonstrated the efficacy of the partnership model. In the U.S., Amazon could disrupt healthcare by building a connected healthcare ecosystem, while incumbents such as CVS Health can use strategic partnerships to defend their market position.  Read more .
Wharton Around the Globe: Treating Uganda's Medical Transport Troubles  

Over spring break, four team members from the Wharton Global Health Volunteers (WGHV) club traveled to Uganda to partner with LifeNet International . LifeNet operates in East Africa to provide logistics, financing, equipment, and training services to their network of independently run, faith-based health centers. In order to instill robust management standards and engage health center staff in addressing operational challenges, LifeNet partners with health centers to ensure local responsibility and sustainability.

With sustainable operations in place, LifeNet and its network are able to innovate and implement locally-sourced solutions to address health challenges faced by some of the poorest communities. To identify potential opportunities for LifeNet to support future capacity building, the Wharton team was asked to explore and document current challenges and best practices for transportation-related barriers to accessing healthcare in Uganda. Read more .
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