The St. Francis Reader                           October 2015

St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Our mission is committed to ending generational poverty through education, inspiring self-esteem, self-improvement, and strengthening connections to the community. 

Meet Isaiah, prodigy in the Power Project!  Ms. Christi and Isaiah took a selfie!

Count on Me!
What?  We have good news! St. Francis Neighborhood Center (SFNC) is working to improve the quality of life in the next generation in Reservoir Hill with its vital programming for the community. And, we are making a difference in this community that was once known only for its high crime and drug rate. St. Francis' programs are a much needed service as more than 75% of parents with children in the program are single mothers, and 100% live below the poverty line. 

You may already be aware that the mission of SFNC is to end generational poverty through education, art, and improve access to resources to those living in poverty in Reservoir Hill through community connections. In action, the educational programs we offer strengthen the school curriculum, prevent summer learning loss, and improve grades and behavior in students 5-14 years old. 
Along with our recognized afterschool and summer programs, SFNC hosts several community clean ups a year, a neighborhood resource festival, and programs that benefit residents and families. Many of the residents we serve with general community programs are also under-educated and under-employed.  As such, we link individuals to health, financial, and therapeutic services and basic resources to improve well-being. In fact, in response to the uprising in April 2015, SFNC provided food and counseling to residents who wanted and needed additional support.

Children Served in Afterschool Program (October 2014  - May 2015) 
Children Served in Summer Program (June 2015 - September 2015)
Children Enrolled in Afterschool Program currently (with 20 kids on the waiting list)
Connections to Residents through Support Services
Volunteer Hours in 2015 to date with over 250 Volunteers
Dollars Raised represent 101% of goal (calendar year)


*Best Year Ever in Fundraising in 52 years

Note: In this past year, we have been blessed with increased contributions from our new and old friends. We have enjoyed a phenomenal result from an employee giving effort at Exelon organized by one of its top employees. We have also had more foundation awards than ever before. And, generous donors have given personally to help us reach this amazing milestone for our organization. As a result, we have been able to recover from a shortfall in funding at the end of 2014, to exceeding our financial targets for operating programs this year!

Next Steps
Now that our program funding needs are stable, we feel that the time is right to address the need to make improvements to our 3-story brownstone in Reservoir Hill where we operate programs, and return it to its once-sturdy structure. Contributions to the organization will be allocated toward making these overdue, important upgrades; we hope we can count on you.

Will you make your best contribution to help us get started on the first phase of improvements? Your support will keep our existing structure fit for operating programs and services. Donors to this effort will be listed on the website and receive a special invitation to a donor reception to learn more about our 2016 activities, which includes a special announcement.

Here is current wish list and first phase of our renovation:
New Roof
Waterproofing/sealing Basement
The area around us is in Reservoir Hill is experiencing a renaissance with upgrades to apartment buildings and rehabbed properties, a working community garden that sells vegetables to residents on Saturdays, and a beautiful new park on Whitelock and Linden Streets. SFNC wants to help to lead the physical rebirth of Reservoir Hill and we need your support for making necessary improvements to the building.

We know that it takes a village to raise a child as it does to raise funds. With support from the Board of Directors, neighbors, and friends, SFNC can make its building as stable as its programs this year. Can we count on you?  Please donate online at and go to Donate Now at the top of the page.(United Way donation #2974)

If you would like to speak with me personally about our needs, and how we count on you, please call me directly at 410-870-9670 or email me at In the final quarter of 2015, you may be thinking about which charities to support. Please consider a gift to SFNC this year to help us maintain our property and keep kids and community safe while they learn and grow under our roof.
Thank you for your consideration.
Christi Green
Executive Director


St. Francis Neighborhood Center
2405 Linden Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217  
Christi Green, Executive Director 
Jessica Childress, Youth Program Manager
Richard Davis, Janitor & Maintenance
William Drew, Teaching Instructor
Brianna Faulkner, Teaching Instructor
Jenna Gray, Lead Teaching Instructor
Torbin Green, Outreach & Program Director