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An article I ran across recommending reducing one's possessions in life was a factor in my decision to move to Argentina a few years ago.

I'd considered the possibility of this move for a few years and resisted, at least to some degree, because of my attachment to my auto racing activities in New Hampshire. As I read this article in December 2015, it occurred to me that, as much as I enjoyed the racing, when I was in Argentina (I'd been visiting during the northern winter for a few years) I didn't miss the racing. I felt very fulfilled here far away from my material possessions, other than what I could carry in a suitcase. The people, which are a big part of the enjoyment of any activity, I can stay in touch with. My race car and associated gear, and other material accumulations, were becoming extra baggage in my life! Time to shed them? I decided so, after careful analysis (I apologize - this is a bit difficult to follow if you're interested in my comments - the Excel spreadsheet got pulled apart in creating the PDF). I confess I do keep a set of golf clubs in my son's basement!

Having dissociated myself from most of the physical activity of racing (I still get peripherally involved when I visit the U.S.) I find that other things fill my life here and it's just as rich and enjoyable as ever. Skype allows me to keep up with my grandchildren's progress and maintain a sense of personal attachment to those most important to me.

Rose Walker, a recent LinkedIn new acquaintance, posted in her blog a few months ago about cleaning out a closet of clothes no longer liked, that no longer fit, or for whatever reason are not worn much. It's a cleansing thing to do, both for the neatness of the closet and the uncluttering of the mind and soul.

She then extends that idea to cleansing one's life of unwanted or toxic people.

For me this often seems to happen naturally. The people whose ideas and attitudes no longer fit well with my and my core group's approaches to life gradually drift to the edge and melt away - as I'm sure we seem to for the drifters-away. This of course must be allowed to happen - don't make an effort to keep people included who don't really fit.

Here are Rose's observations and thoughts on cleansing your life at various levels.


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