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The Digital Asset Review
MAY 29, 2019
What 'Game of Thrones' and the Crypto Market Have in Common

"As in Westeros, the crypto landscape does not behave according to Nash equilibrium. There are too few individuals controlling the fate of the market, making it difficult for others to fairly pursue their own rewards. However, if Nash equilibrium were present, these impediments to the pursuit of individual reward would be eliminated. "

Openfinance to Provide Security Token Access to Non-Accredited US Investors

"OpenFinance Network is reportedly set to allow non-accredited US investors to access security tokens in Q2 2019. It will happen as the required holding period for two tokenized securities has expired and it will allow increased investor access for the first time in the US. The announcement was made during a presentation given by the company’s founder and CEO, Juan Hernandez, at Consensus 2019. "

IBM Blockchain Finance Lead Jesse Lund is Leaving the Firm

He spearheaded IBM’s World Wire payment network which used the Steller blockchain to help banks remove pain points from cross border payments. Lund, previously a senior vice president of innovation at Wells Fargo, had enticed six banks onto the World Wire platform including Philippines-based RCBC, Brazil’s Banco Bradesco, and Bank Busan of South Korea. "

SETI@Home: E.T.'s Home Phone Turns 20
"SETI@home was the brainchild of a UC Berkeley grad student named David Gedye, who came up with the concept of using personal computers for scientific purposes in 1995.

'That was the point where a lot of home computers were on the internet,' says Berkeley research scientist David Anderson, Gedye’s grad advisor and the cofounder of SETI@home. 'Also the point where personal computers were becoming fast enough that they could potentially do number-crunching for scientific purposes.'”

Everything You Need to Know About the ATO's Crypto Tax Crackdown

"The ATO can now obtain data from service providers which facilitate the buying, selling and transfer of cryptocurrency, including Australian-based exchanges and over-the-counter providers, via its data-matching program.

The ATO is also likely to access information from foreign-based financial institutions involved with cryptocurrency, via automatic exchange of information rules such as the Common Reporting Standard, which requires organisations to collect information about users’ identities and share the information with the relevant tax revenue authority. "

A Cornell University Crypto Professor is Launching His Own Coin

"Emin Gun Sirer, one of the higher-profile academic experts on blockchain technologies, is launching his own cryptocurrency coin and network with funding from some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field.

Sirer, the co-director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts at Cornell University, said the Ava network will offer high throughput, fast confirmation times of transactions, and support applications ranging from supply-chain tracking to keeping tabs on securities and gold. "

Ethereum Foundation Reveals Its Development Plans for the Next Year

The Ethereum Foundation has redefined its strategy to do what is best for the ecosystem focusing on where the most value can be added and allowing others to add value based on their expertise.

Under the philosophy of “subtraction,” the Foundation is moving away from “growing and accumulating value within themselves.” Instead, they have been distributing opportunities to the community, pushing resources out to teams across the ecosystem, and encouraging other organizations to improve the Ethereum blockchain so that it can become more decentralized and sustainable. "