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North Korean defector and Columbia University student Yeonmi Park drew considerable media attention for her comments earlier this month equating academic freedom at America’s Ivy League schools to North Korea.

Ms. Park’s comments recall those of another dissident from a communist country who spoke at another Ivy League school 43 years ago this month - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

But Solzhenitsyn angered his hearers by claiming that if one looked back to the root, to the very fountainhead, of Western liberty one would find not a greatness to reclaim but rather a fundamental mistake necessitating repentance.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

A middle-aged NK man recently came to one of our discipleship bases for the very first time.

What did we teach him about Jesus? What materials or methods did we use to disciple him?

Over and over again, the testimony of the martyrs throughout the centuries is that "God's Word is sufficient."

They have found that in their most difficult moments, Christ was fully present to them through the Word of God.

Some people think this means that the Bible is like a "Pop-Up" book in that Jesus "jumps off" the pages of Scripture! But . . . the Bible isn't like a "Pop-Up" book.

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Please pray for one of our NK interns serving in China:
The authorities have questioned her and begun to crack-down on NK ministry in general. Despite this, she is courageous and has continued to faithfully minister to other NK ladies in her area. 
Pray for VOMK visitation partner Missionary B:
VOMK partner Missionary B used to help North Koreans defect from North Korea in China. Now she is realizing that many of them are living sinful lives in South Korea, so she is visiting them for the sole purpose of discipleship and evangelism. Please pray for her and for the North Koreans she meets.