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WGC February 2017 Member Newsletter
Dear Oldways Whole Grains Council members,

Our whole grain recipe section is one of the most popular parts of our Whole Grains Council website, which draws around 2 million visitors annually. Many of the recipes we feature online and in our consumer newsletters come from chefs, dietitians and food manufacturers. 

If you'd like us to include a favorite recipe of yours, send it our way and include a few high-res images. Although we keep recipe ingredients unbranded, we'll credit your company (and include a link to your website) at the bottom of the recipe. Keep in mind that all the recipes on our site make at least half their grain whole grain!

Tell Us Your Plans for Participating in Sampling Day March 29th, 2017 

March 29th is Whole Grain Sampling Day and events will be popping up at restaurants, supermarkets, universities and non-profits all over the country. This is the perfect time to draw extra attention to your whole grain products.

If you know you want to get involved, but you're still unsure how to participate, take a look at these ideas for whole grain manufacturers and start planning! You can offer giveaways every hour on Facebook and Instagram like Bob's Red Mill, or pass out samples at a local after-school care program and teach kids about whole grains like Upfront Foods is doing. Or, follow in Riceland Foods' footsteps and organize a whole-grain potluck lunch at your office and share pictures and recipes on your social media pages. Let us hear your ideas -- reach out to Kelly Toups ( kelly@oldwayspt.org) with your specifics, and we'll publicize them on our website and on social media.

In addition to manufacturers and restaurants, we already have 105 different grocery stores and 45 colleges and universities across the country planning Whole Grain Sampling Day events, with new plans and promotions popping up every day. Thank you to the many WGC members (15 and counting!) who are donating product through our supermarket matchmaking service. Many of your products will be featured in recipes or tasting stations at stores like Coborn's, Giant Food, Hy-Vee, Martin's Super Markets, Shop Rite, and Weis Markets. 
When Will the New 50%+ Stamp Appear on Your Products? We Want to Tell Shoppers!   
We will be launching our consumer education campaign about the new 50%+ Stamp in June and July, as products using the new graphic multiply on grocery shelves.

If you've got new products that have just been approved for the 50%+ Stamp, or you're in the midst of updating your existing packaging to include the new Stamp, let us know when you expect the new packaging to start appearing in stores so that we can give early adopters a shout-out in our campaign. Contact Caroline (caroline@oldwayspt.org) to keep us in the loop!
Caroline's Tip: Join Our Grain Sourcing Lists so that We Can Help Connect You to Consumers and Manufacturers

Does your company produce and sell popped or puffed grains? Do you offer intact grains and whole grain flours? Have you considered joining our grain sourcing pages?

We receive frequent requests from consumers and manufacturers looking for whole grain ingredients of all kinds, especially puffed and popped grains, and we'd love to be able to help them connect with you. Please let us know if you would like your company to be added to our Mail Order Grain Sources page and/or our Wholesale Ingredient Sources page so that we can direct consumers and manufacturers to your products and contact information more easily. 
10% Discount to Join Our Oldways Nutrition Exchange (ONE) Directory

Oldways, the Whole Grains Council's parent organization, helps companies marketing healthy foods connect with supermarket dietitians and other health professionals. Our ONE-Stop Directory funnels dietitians directly to health professional resources and key contacts at your company. 

Right now, we are offering our WGC members a special 10% discount to join our ONE-Stop Resource Directory. If you'd like to take advantage of this great opportunity and find out more about how your company can participate in the Directory, contact Lara Bertoia by calling 617-896-4880 or emailing lara@oldwayspt.org.
Caroline Sluyter
Stamp Program Manager

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN
Program Director

Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies

... and from all of the Oldways and Whole Grains Council staff
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