What Better Way to Celebrate than with Pancakes flying?  

You might wonder what it takes to move and grow a ministry from 13,000 sq. ft in two buildings to 22,000 sq. feet in a new facility, increase life skills attendance, and add medical services.   That's what we set out to do in our Building for Life Campaign, and when we started, we thought it would take $7.6 Million, raised over four years, from 2015 to 2018.   But it actually cost less and we met all of our goals and were able to keep our doors open while doing it - raising $7.5 Million by the close of 2018!

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Cooking With Class

Our Life Skills program teaches a cooking class once a month and our last class focused on processing fresh vegetables....

Local Branding  

Incipio Workforce solutions has pledged to partner with BsideU for Life over the next two years as part of their own internal "community building" initiative....

Her Choice To Heal
I have seen women carry the guilt, shame, and regret of abortion for years. As they come through the support ministry, they experience freedom and healing at a deep level that can only be found in Jesus Christ...
                                       Prayers and Praises        
  • Our Lord Jesus who conquered the grave!!
  • Increased awareness of abortion through the movie "Unplanned"
  • Returning clients
  • Saved babies!!! 
  • Health of staff and their family members, many who are dealing with chronic or terminal conditions.
  • Playground plans to come together.  We've wanted a playground in our sunken courtyard since we purchased the building, but it will require delicate work to manage drainage and grading so water doesn't enter the basement during or after construction. 
  • For clients who make their appointments for pregnancy tests and counseling to keep their appointments. 
  • For the sidewalk outside of EMW which grows increasingly contentious and even violent, as a recent patient at the abortion clinic knocked down an 82-year old long-time sidewalk counselor Donna during an afternoon prayer time with 40 Days for Life.  Pray for Donna's recovery from surgery to repair her broken hip.