Vacations are meant to help us rest, relax and refresh. However, I have learned that as much as you plan in advance to enjoy your vacation, things happen that sabotage your plans. Before we know it, our well-intentioned desires to rest went by the wayside. Can you relate to this?

I certainly can! Often it is not your own doing. I had great plans to enjoy my vacation at a cottage but instead found myself having to work way more than I had hoped to. This left me frustrated and feeling sorry for myself.

So, when I returned from my vacation I sat down and did an inventory and some major reflection to make sure that never happens again. So, with a bit of help from my family, friends and a good podcast, I began to slowly make some changes.
I think one of the keys is delegation and communication and having others hold you accountable. I have booked mini- vacations each month for the rest of the calendar year. I also decided to outsource some tasks that I currently am doing myself: my gardening, housekeeping and window washing. I also delegated three of my current work tasks to others.
If I found myself in this condition, others also have had their vacations sabotaged. So, we decided to give our staff an additional week of vacation and also their birthdays off and have encouraged staff to work summer hours. We are also working on a bit of vacation during our work day. Our staff even took a summer sail on Lake Ontario, and had a summer BBQ. We know that for us to do our best, we have to be the best version of ourselves. That will only happen if we have taken time to rest, relax and refresh!
We hope you are enjoying your summer. If you find your summer vacation leaving you weary, let us take your safeguarding initiatives of policy writing, training and screening off your plate. We have the team in place to help you.

As a gift to you, we are providing a 25% discount off our private bookings on training during the month of August.

We have just the team to do it!

Meet Mollie, our Program Lead for Training!
Mollie Sitwell is an effective educator, a seasoned facilitator, and a life-long learner. Mollie works tirelessly at making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she is blessed to know and meet. Driven by her love for people, she enjoys the on-going relationships that she has with many colleagues and students – past and present. In March of 2020, Mollie took on the incredibly daunting challenge of climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp with a former student, now friend. She loves adventures and thrives to tackle obstacles while working closely with others. 
Educationally, Mollie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University. She is a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers and has recently earned a Human Resources Post Graduate Diploma from Loyalist College.
Mollie, and her husband Craig, have raised three amazing daughters into adulthood. Last year she moved to Toronto to live with and care for her aging mother. One of the many benefits of this is that she now lives walking distance from her one-year-old granddaughter, whom she sees several times a week! As she starts in her role as Lead of Training for Plan to Protect, she is excited to draw from her rich experiences, education, and acquired knowledge base to help this organization move forward during this unprecedented time. Much like she did in Nepal, she plans on working diligently, one step at a time, to reach new heights both personally and professionally. She is eager to meet and serve beside our Plan to Protect clients.
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Check out our Training in August!
August 03, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time Elder Abuse Awareness

A one-hour seminar designed to raise the awareness of Elder Abuse. During this community event, we will learn what Elder Abuse is, how to recognize and respond to it. Everyone is welcome! Let's plan to protect!

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August 09, 2022
12:30pm-1:00pm Eastern Time

Learn the basics and standard of Plan to Protect. This is a complimentary webinar. Register to participate LIVE with Q&A time, or to receive access to an instant replay.

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August 18, 2022
8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

This webinar is great for individuals and groups who need to be refreshed in Plan to Protect® policies and procedures.

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August 20, 2022
1:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time

Join us for this 2 hour orientation training covering awareness of abuse and so much more!

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One of the comments we have heard as we stand at exhibit tables, is “Our abuse prevention training is so boring!” That should NEVER be!

Last month we shared with you what constitutes a qualified trainer. We now want to share with you why you should use a qualified trainer. What difference does it make?
Considering safeguarding training is an annual requirement to qualify for abuse coverage with your insurance company, a good trainer will make all the difference! No longer will you hear a comment like “This is so boring!” “I have heard this every year!” and “Here we go again, let’s get this over again.”

Instead you will hear comments such as the ones received by our National Trainers:
Lynda, “I always look forward to Plan to Protect® training, I learn something new every year! The Plan to Protect® training is always new and different and they teach me in a way that fits my learning style. This year I learned about the different methods of discovery of abuse.”
Joelle, “The trainer did an excellent job raising awareness of abuse and the importance of prevention and protection. She gave a lot of information, followed by many different examples and statistics, always bringing things back to 'why' we need to be so proactive. She kept you engaged by asking questions, inviting discussion, and creating space for critical thinking through different scenarios. I also really appreciated the sensitivity to people's response to the incredibly difficult information shared, recognizing that many people have experienced abuse in their own lives.”
Maddie, “I felt the statistical proof of abuse was a great way of really showing how this training is urgent and needed, as well as using case studies to engage in this awareness in a different way. I appreciated how much energy the trainer had in her voice, tone, and body language throughout the training that kept me engaged. The way that the trainer talks about our collective commitment to being safe people and our collective responsibility and duty of care to the folks we serve really hits on the big picture and purpose behind policies and procedures.”
Peter, “The trainer did a good job to use stories along with explaining the relevant information to make the types of abuse relatable and I can easily imagine myself facing these potential situations.Trainer consistently reminds of the "why" behind the "what"."
Kathy, “The trainer did an excellent job of helping us understand their responsibility in regards to abuse prevention by using positive reinforcements such as "Our responsibility is motivated by love and care". This helped the presentation become about compassionate responsibility rather than a list of do's and dont's."

Brenda, “The trainer was very knowledgeable about the subject and was able to translate her knowledge about abuse to me through her examples and slides. She kept me engaged by the real life stores, the break out groups, the case studies and interesting (but not overly busy) slides. The trainer was good to keep going back to policies and procedures in order to keep them fresh in my mind. She was very clear to explain the points.”
If you don’t have a qualified trainer within your organization, reach out to Plan to Protect today to book either an onsite or LIVE private webinar with one of our National Trainers. Book and pay for a private training during the month of August and receive 25% off either an Orientation or Refresher Training.

Special*: 25% off private webinars and on-site training

*Some conditions apply:
  • Book an Orientation, Refresher, Youth, or Board Training
  • Book either an onsite or a private LIVE webinar
  • Dates will be scheduled based on your need and the availability of a National Trainer
  • No other discounts apply
  • Training may be booked for anytime during August to December 2022 but must be booked and paid for during August 2022 to receive 25% discount on the training.