March 21, 2019 - Issue 19-12

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You may recall that I was just home from hernia surgery when I sent last week's issue. I'm happy to report that recovery is progressing well. Not jumping hurdles yet, but each day brings a little more comfort in moving around. 

A car buyer probably has a reasonable idea of what to expect in the purchase process. Even if it's their first time buying a car, the process is quite transparent.

Same for purchasing service, say an oil change, for that car once they own it.

In these cases, it's likely that a friend or family member can answer most of the questions the new buyer might have. What they get for their money is tangible. Car dealers and service shops can afford to focus on other parts of the customer relationship.

In your business, what does your process look like to a first time client? If you're a business coach, what does your client's process look like to their new clients? After all, coaching is something many, maybe most, people have never experienced. Perhaps in a sports setting, but in business, or life? Not so much. 

Their friends, associates or family members likely have little advice to offer. And coaching is anything but tangible.

Have you stepped back and thought seriously about how a prospective client views what you offer? Have you asked current clients how much they knew before starting to work with you?
  • Do they have a specific issue they're trying to address?
  • Are they just looking for ideas to make a general improvement?
  • What exactly does a coach do?
  • What must they bring to the first meeting with a coach? Company information? Documentation of anything?
  • How will they determine when and if the coaching work is providing benefit?

Here's David Finkel of Maui Mastermind, discussing making life easier for new customers. He uses the example of a yoga studio entertaining beginner yoga students. Again, something many people, and maybe their family members and friends, have never experienced.

John Stevens

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As I transition to life in the Argentine outback, my focus shifts from coaching to helping other business coaches and advisers get their message out to their prospective clients. With my first-hand knowledge of the benefits of effective business coaching, I am uniquely qualified to help business advisers of all stripes convey their message.

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