August 7, 2019 - Issue 19-32

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What  causes people to make a decision to buy something? The competent sales people among you surely know the answer to that.

Here's an article from Inc. magazine suggesting an answer to that question. Those of us newer to sales may find this quite enlightening. In my case, since these are things I'm learning, it helps me to write about them. (Most of my career has been dedicated to producing stuff that other people sold.) think the answer is:

Explaining how the product or service works?
Describing the features of it?
Describing what the product or service will do for them?

None of those things matter much in the decision to buy.  People really care only about how they   imagine they'll feel,   enjoying the benefits brought by the product or service.  

Your job as a salesperson is to cause that imagination to happen for them. 

Later on, they'll be more interested in the details and functions of what they've bought.

The example used in this article is Disney, who sells people memories of their childhood. The movies themselves may never be mentioned.

Other well-known examples are:
  • Does BMW sell cars? No, they sell the "driving experience".
  • Do residential real estate salespeople sell houses? No, they sell how people will feel relaxing in the home of their dreams.
  • Does Serta sell mattresses? No, they sell the feeling of sleeping well and waking up well-rested.

So find what customers and clients want to feel. They probably don't know, so you have to tell them - subliminally, of course! (Do you think Disney customers know they want to relive those memories? Only a few might.) 

Now you've found the key to selling more of your product or service! 

John Stevens

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As I transition to life in the Argentine outback, my focus shifts from coaching to helping other business coaches and advisers get their message out to their prospective clients. With my first-hand knowledge of the benefits of effective business coaching, I am uniquely qualified to help business advisers of all stripes convey their message.

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