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What Churches Must Do Now to  Help Save Black Communities
Jan. 1, 2018

Reprint from Nov. 19, 2014
By Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris

"People perish for the lack of knowledge." What exactly is the meaning of this statement?" It is a complex way of saying,  "What you don't know can kill you!"  It means that churches need to set up 
community forums and  educate the community about  available resources .   

Do you need insight on developing community forums? Whether you are a mega pastor, a pastor of a smaller church or a pastor that just opened your doors, the goal is to become a visionary pastor and wake up the people because without food, clothing and shelter - people can't survive.

This article is written to give churches and other establishments that have physical addresses vital information on how to set up community forums to empower the people

First of all we need to understand that churches will never get back to where they were in the 60's when they totally took care of the community. But with all the misinformation, old wives tales and urban legends that have caused people to sink deeper into despair and hopelessness today - it is time for every church, organization, or group to at least provide regular forums to educate the community.

One would hope that they could get all the information they need on TV, in newspapers and on the internet, but that is definitely not the case, so therefore, churches can serve as a major information dissemination point for their communities.
If you are a pastor thinking about setting up forums then this makes you a visionary and proactive pastor. We have many pastors out there who feel they don't have the resources or contacts to pull off educating the community, but that is definitely not true.  


First of all in order to set up forums in the community you will need three (3) things: 1) A church or a building, 2) Electricity, and 3) Parking (People will not come out to forums if they do not have sufficient and SAFE parking -- especially women).

Next you will need to decide if you will take on this responsibility yourself or assign a program director or someone else from your church to relay back to you all the relevant information on the forums.
Then you want to decide which type of forums to set up. There are two types of forums that work well in church settings:

1) You can set up a forum and invite an expert from the community who will be speaking on relevant topics to empower people in your church and community. They could speak for any time limit (30 minutes to an hour), but remember the goal is to provide sufficient time for questions from the audience. And remember many people who have questions will be intimidated to ask questions so make it easier for them by providing as much information as possible.
2) You can also set up panel discussions and invite more than one expert. You can invite a panel of experts (4 - 6 people or more) to give the latest updates on relevant issues and answer questions from the audience. With panel discussions you will need a moderator who could be one of the experts sitting on the panel or someone you appoint to move the questions and answers back and forth to the audience. A moderator is simply a person who presides over a panel discussion.  

After you decide what type of forums you are going to set up - decide what time  and dates you will be setting up these forums.  Will they be every week, once a month, or twice a month? 

Decide on the topics of your forums. Some of the main issues in the community at this time include:
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Political Empowerment
  • Housing Industry
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • The Criminal Justice System 
An effective leader such as a pastor should be knowledgeable about history, must not be afraid to touch it and should respect all segments of the community from grassroots, youth, elderly, business proprietors, professionals, laborers, and other clergy.   


First of all you need to realize that you do not know everything and it will be important to bring in the right people to your church to help educate your congregation and the community.  
In deciding what experts to invite - most of them should have their own websites, which will make it easier for you to see exactly what they are doing and what services and products they are offering the community -- so them and conduct research before inviting them.

Community Experts:  
An expert is a person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field. You will see these experts in community newspapers, on t.v. and on the internet. Many will be speakers with services or products such as books, booklets, pamphlets, CD's, DVD's, Special Reports, etc.  

A speaker is a person who speaks formally before an audience. There are two (2) types of speakers - professional or public speakers.  A professional speaker spends most of their time speaking for a living. A public speaker is a person who delivers a speech. Politicians are public speakers. Most speakers make good moderators and panelists.
Support church members and your local legislators by allowing them to participate:
Church Members :
Some of these experts can be members of your
congregation so support them by allowing them to participate in these forums.  But just make sure they are not involved in any type of
negative or false advertising such as
Network or 
(aka Pyramid Schemes)
such as (Noni-juice, Melaleuca, Primerica, Pre-paid Legal/Legal Shied, YTB Travel, Ameriplan, ACN, Ignite Energy, Ambit Energy, Amway/Quixtar, Body Magic, Herballife, Karatbars Intl., USANA Health Services, World Financial Group, Juice Plus, Warm Spirits, 5linx, Young Living, (MCA) Motorclub of America, etc.)  

The last thing you want to do is to continue to march people off cliffs and bringing the wrong person to your church could mean others will stop coming. Remember the goal is to empower -- not weaken the community. You also want to be careful of Non-Profits, which are doing nothing but begging for money.
Also look for legislators to come in and speak at your forums. Start with the legislators in your area  and have others who are doing great work in the community.
Legislators are responsible for many things that happen in the community. 
They are responsible for dispersing funds and making laws, therefore, it is important to work with these individuals. It is always good to build relationships with legislators in the community, but do not get so friendly with them that you lose touch -- when they do not do the right thing. 
Too often church families think they cannot make a difference in our voting system. It is true that according to IRS regulations, a church should not endorse any political candidate or political party nor should a church distribute campaign literature, raise money for candidates, or do anything to persuade churchgoers to vote a particular way. However, this does not mean churches cannot make a difference. A church can sponsor debates or forums and register voters by supporting the "Get Out the Vote" campaigns. 
Other groups you can invite include: 1) Attorneys, 2) Educators, 3) Community Leaders, and 4) Community Banks so the community can support them.

You would not believe how many people set up forums in the community, but do not have a way to inform the community about these forums. If you have the same people coming out to your forums, you need to conduct more advertising

Remember your forums should be an invitation for everyone to come out and get educated so the goal is to e xpand your audience attendance.
To inform everyone you are educating the community, you need to form business alliances and strategic partnerships with media entities.  Sometimes these media entities can be members of your church or they can be local publishers, editors, or reporters with community newspapers, producers and hosts of radio shows including internet radio shows, TV shows including community public television.  
Inviting media entities out will help you get more exposure for your forums because if they are the guest speaker, part of a panel discussion, moderators or if they cover the forums, then chances are you will get more exposure for your community forum. 
If you are having FREE forums then there is a good chance media entities will place your announcement about your forum in their outlets for free, but again everything depends on w hat type business alliances and relationships you have formed with media outlets. 

If you are charging a fee for a community forum, then it is only business and you might have to pay to advertise your forums. Most of these media entities prefer that you send them a press release -- either by email or hand it to them in person so you can get to know them. 
You also want to post your forums in your weekly church bulletins, on church bulletin boards, and have your members spread the word by telling others ("Word of Mouth") and passing out flyers.  

Flyers are always the cheapest way to advertise, but building relationships with media outlets will save you a lot of money in the long run because they can cover a much wider area. 

Remember radio has the greatest potential to reach more people so utilize community and internet radio for your announcements. When the community find out that you are providing this great information in your forums, then chances are they will want to be a part of your congregation
You can also ask for donations at these forums that can help pay for any resources you give out to the community and help to pay any bills associated with the church.

Other steps that your church can take to empower your congregation and the community include:
  • Churches can become a Community Resource Center. They can put together a list or directory of resources in the community
  • Join local Chambers of Commerce so you can see what businesses are coming into the community and form business alliances and strategic partnerships with other businesses.
  • Create a Business Directory/Create Chamber of Commerce in Church and have Saturday's Entrepreneurship Day, where members and the community support church entrepreneurs especially youth entrepreneurs.
  • Create an Apprenticeship/Mentorship Program.
  • Create a Business Training School or Institute.
  • Give regular Youth and Adult Business/Job Fairs.
  • Bring Legislators, Speakers and Trainers in to train and empower your congregation and community.
  • Set up Computer Labs and Internet Satellite Centers.
  • Motivate Young People by Creating a Church Band.
  • Create a Speaker's Bureau for Young People - Orators Competition similar to the ACT-SO program in the NAACP.
  • Create Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting Groups.
  • Open a Church Fitness Gym & Basketball Court.
  • Give Regular Aerobic, Yoga and Meditation Classes.
  • Create Walking Clubs and Walking Trails.
  • Start your own Grocery and Health Food Stores.
  • Create Thrift Stores/Clothing Drives (Drop-offs & Pick Up)
  • Set up Food Pantries (Donations & Pick Up)
  • Create your own Credit Union for your Members and the Community.
There are a ton of community resources out there and sometimes having community forums will be the best way to educate the community on how to find them. 

Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Advice Columnist at, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Business and Self-Publishing Coach and the non-fiction author of 25 non-fiction books. She is available for seminars and workshops and can be contacted through her empowerment company, Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:, Email:

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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Jan. 1, 2018

Angels Press
Attn: Cathy Harris, CEO and President
P.O. Box 19282
Austin, TX 78760
(512) 909-7365
Cathy Harris Launches 3
rd Movement Within One Year
"Mobile Learning Clubs" 
for 2018
After forming two movements in 2017, a women's movement "The Essential Women's Movement for African American Women" ( and a food movement "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" (, Cathy Harris, an Austin business woman, has launched another movement "Mobile Learning Clubs" ( for black communities in Austin, Killeen, San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.
Cathy's will be working with black families to turn their homes and businesses into "learning clubs". She will volunteer to come in and show families how to set up empowerment events right there in their own homes and businesses by using the social media platform or she will be giving consultations by phone.

When Cathy holds "in-home" seminars, workshops, consultations/coaching sessions, she will be offering 40% of her book sales to home owners and businesses, and others should do the same with their products and services. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone!
She will continue to come up with weekly or bi-weekly action plans for the entire family through monthly Masterminds, Think Tanks and Classrooms, Virtual Summits, Roundtables, Panel Discussions, Symposiums, Town Hall Meetings, Brainstorming Sessions, and other serious meetings and conferences, as she provide communities with the following:
  • Goal Setting/Dream Mapping/Vision Boards Workshops
  • Personal Development Workshops (Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Grooming/Personal Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Home Buying, Relationship, etc.)
  • Parenting Workshops (School Monitors and Tutoring Programs, Home Learning Centers, Neighborhood Bookclubs, Sistahood/Village Neighborhood Watch Programs, Police Interactions 101, etc.)
  • Natural and Holistic Health Training (Home, Community and School Gardening Projects, Food Co-ops and Food Coalitions)
  • Business Workshops for Youth and Adults
  • Blogging, Articles and Non-fiction Book Writing Workshops 
  • Workplace and Whistleblower Training
  • Train the Trainer Workshops 
The main focus of this new movement will be health and business opportunities. The goal is to become "100% self-sufficient" in our dealings with each other as we grow and build "legitimate" businesses. We will especially focus on matching up "Baby Boomers" with "Generation X's," "Millennials" and "Generation Z's" for mentorship programs.
Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Advice Columnist at, Self-Publishing and Business Coach. She is also the author of 25 non-fiction books including 5 health books and 2 business books, and she provides seminars, workshops, webinars and consultations through her speaking and training platforms at  and can be reach through her empowerment company, Angels Press, CEO, President, Publisher, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760, (512) 909-7365, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:, Email: Events for
"Mobile Learning Clubs, Austin, TX

FREE Vision Board Party
Jan. 7, 2018, Sunday,
2:00-4:00 p.m. (CST),  Austin, TX

FREE Health Workshop
Jan. 14, 2018, Sunday,
2:00-4:00 p.m (CST),
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Everyone all over the country, join this group today and spread the word
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Austin, Killeen, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston Mobile Learning Clubs

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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Oct. 22, 2014
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Attn: Cathy Harris, CEO and President
P.O. Box 5288
Atlanta, GA 31107
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Reasons Kids/Young Adults Should Open Their Own Business:
1.  They should want to grow up into a responsible adult.
2.  They should want to grow up into a great humanitarian.
3.  They should want to help their family out financially.
4.  They should want to pay for their entire college education
5.  They should want to improve the conditions in the community.
6.  Because of the economy, they have no other choice.
Reasons Adults Should Open Their Own Business: 
1.  Families dream of having their own business -- of being self-employed.
2.  Families want more security because of all the downsizing, outsourcing, etc.
3.  Your family needs more money (healthy foods, bills, college, etc.  Remember one out of every two marriages ends because of finances).
4.  Families don't want their kids to be latch key kids.
5.  Families are sick of office politics (workplace abuse, cutthroat co-workers, etc.).
6.  Families are sick of driving in traffic.
7. When a spouse is transferred to another region - the other spouse would rather start a business than find a job.
Alarming U.S. Statistics:
  • 20% of American families do not have one single family member employed at this time.
  • One out of every six men in their prime (25 to 54) do not have a job.
  • More than 20% of children are living in poverty.
  • Over a million public school children are homeless.
  • 53% of wage earners makes less than $30,000 a year.
  • Half of all college graduates are still relying on their parents for financial support even after being out of school for 2 years.
The solutions to all of the above is to look at business ownership for youths and adults as viable options to save families -- especially our youth. Unlike adults, our youth have not been scarred or damaged and many can form thriving futures by learning about business early on - so that they can truly create the lives that they love.
Cathy Harris is available for media interviews.  She is a Speaker, Author, Trainer and is available for business seminars and workshops and can be reached through her empowerment company, Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website: Email:   

"The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs"
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