What could be easier than taking off your shoes and socks, while reclining in a
Zero Gravity chair along with a blanket and some relaxing music you ask? 
That's right, Nothing!!!

Do You Wanna Get to Know My Chair?
Well my Chair wants to get to know you!

The LaFuma Chair is geared for comfort and care.  The reason for using the Zero Gravity chair is to reduce any pressure points on the spine for maximum relaxation and increase circulation by elevating the legs so your heart doesn't have to work as hard.  This chair is rated to hold a certain amount of weight, giving the client a very secure and safe place to receive a treatment.


I have been seeing Stacie for approximately 5 years now. My job is high stress and I have found having regular reflexology treatments helps a lot with my stress levels. It has also done wonders with my insomnia. Of course just having the relaxation benefits are wonderful. Stacie is a great people person with a caring heart. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always trying to advance herself. I would never use anyone else.


Hand Reflexology
Hand Reflexology has a wonderful effect on our emotions. Just by working on the hands we see how we can affect many areas of the body.  Everyone enjoys a Hand Reflexology treatment, finding it pleasant and relaxing.

Ear Reflexology
Ear Reflexology is commonly used with  foot and Hand Reflexology, or can be used as its own treatment.  The ear has a rich nerve supply and multiple connections with the central nervous, which brings about a rapid and beneficial response in the body. 
"The Sole Whisperer"

Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and aids the body in healing.  Your Body, Mind and Spirit will feel Rejuvenated and Relaxed.  The goal is to provide a Full Hour Reflexology treatment specific to your needs!  Your body will start to crave it!

Stacie Peters
"The Sole Whisperer"

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