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What Defines You?
"What do you think I am doing with my life: do you think I am trying to win the approval of people or the favor of God? Or do you think I am trying to please men and women, or make human beings happy with me? If I were still worried about what people thought of me, or trying to get the approval of humankind, I would not be a friend of Christ."
Galatians 1:10
Everyone is defined by something... in fact discovering the things in our life that define who we are and who we will become tends to be a lifelong journey.
In the world, people tend to base their value and importance on what they do, how much education they have or don't have, who they know, what they know, what kind of clothes they wear, how they look, their job title, if people like them or not and the list goes on. If worldly standards determine your sense of self-worth, you'll always be striving to please people, and this will derail you from your God-given destiny!
Everyone is defined by something!
Jesus is defined as the "Savior of the world."
Donald Trump is defined by the phrase, "Make America Great Again."
Mother Theresa is defined by "giving her life" to the lepers of India.
Billy Graham is defined as "America's Evangelist.
Paul is defined as the person who "started the church."
What does it mean to be defined?
It means to clarify what YOUR LIFE stands for!!!
What do those closest to you say defines you?
Would you want that etched on your tombstone?
If you could think of one word or one phrase that defines you, what would it be? Go ahead and WRITE IT DOWN!
Now ask your, spouse, family, friends, fellow employees and church members, "What do you think defines me?"...Then WRITE IT DOWN!
Are they different... do others see what you see?
Nothing has real value if you can't find the real you. The enemy does not want you to know who you are in Christ. He seeks to devour your identity of being in Christ.
Let me share 3 things that will define you:
1. The Crowd around You.
Who do you surround yourself with? Who are your closest friends? In many ways you will be defined by those you "hang out" with! Look at their characters; are they going to take you higher or lower?
You need to be careful whom you allow into your circle of influence because they will begin to define you.
The principle is simple, "By Beholding you become changed!
2. The Circumstances that surround you
All of us go through junk in our life... all of us face problems and troubling moments... these moments do NOT have to define us! Our past does not have to determine our present or the future, when we find our identity in Christ. Forgiveness and transformation In Him gives you a new start.
The apostle Paul when he was Saul was one of the worst persecutors of God's people that ever lived. Then he found his identity in Christ and was beaten, jailed, whipped, shipwrecked, bitten by a poisonous snake, stoned and imprisoned but None of this Defined him. He never played the victim role. He always got back on his feet and followed Christ. Is that you or do you play the victim role and allow life's circumstances or your past to define you?
The situations that Paul faced made him stronger in his faith and wiser in his walk! Can this be said of you? Whatever you face in life can strengthen you if you decide to let it. Your circumstances or your past can really be a stepping-stone to a deeper life In Christ.
3. The Christ Over You
The Christ OVER YOU determines the character within you and this character ultimately becomes your identity. Letting Christ have His will and way in your life will eventually bring you into the identity that Christ has for you. We will all ultimately be defined by allowing the world and its ways or Christ and His ways to rule over us.
So what defines you? What are you choosing? What is it that people think of when they think of you? Is it Christ? If it's something besides Him, no matter how good it might be, there is still time to change your identity.
Devoted to God,
Jim & Sally
                              You Can Choose What Defines You?
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